Worried mommy

by Josie
(Alexandria va)

My baby is a month and 2 weeks.

When I pump I'm only able to make almost 2 ounces.

She tugs and pulls when she nurses. I'm only maybe a cup B, I have very small breast.

I feel that I have to supplement.

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Sep 07, 2015
Breast size and pumping
by: Tracy

Hi Josie

Pumping output is not an indication of how much milk you are producing. A baby is able to remove milk much more efficiently than a breast pump. There are mothers who have ample milk, but who cannot remove milk from their breasts with a breast pump.

If you are concerned and wondering if your baby is drinking enough milk you can read this page...

Is my baby drinking enough?

Breast size also has nothing to do with the amount of breast milk that you are able to produce, unless you have hypoplastic breasts (tubular breasts).

Here are two pages to read...

Breast size and breastfeeding

Hypoplastic breasts and breastfeeding

Your little girl may be fussy at the breast for many other reasons...these are discussed here (including low milk supply)

Why is my baby fussy at the breast?

It would be a good idea to see a lactation consultant.

Hope this helps, keep me posted

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