yet again I am unable to breastfeed

by Zoe

My heart is crying today, this is my third baby and yet again I am unable to breastfeed. My milk never comes in my babies always end up losing weight and never gain it properly.

With each baby it seems to have gotten worse. This time round I couldn't get enough milk out at all. With the other two I did combined feeding and I could deal with that.

This time round I have to give full formula. I'm sick of everyone saying all women can produce milk it's all about supply and demand.

My breasts didn't work the way they should have. It would make me feel better if something was diagnosed to say some women can't produce milk. A reason. Instead of you didn't feed properly or you didn't try hard enough. I feel like a failure

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Oct 01, 2014
Be kind to yourself
by: Christie

I completely understand and feel your pain. Too often we hear that women should be able to breastfeed and if it isn't working right, obviously it must be something the mother is doing wrong.

My question is, is there any research being done to see what might cause some women to not produce? I agree it would be nice to hear an actual diagnosis.

Please stop making moms feel horrible for things not working correctly. I say, after three children and similar experiences, love your children. We love our children and do the best we can each and everyday. This is what we can do for our children and they will grow and flourish, with or without breastmilk.

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