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I have two children, a little boy (Tyler) born in 2007, and a little girl (Lisa) born 2011.

I'll start my story with my first baby. I was told that he was too "big" to give normal birth to, which I realize now, was a lie. He was only 3,5kg at 38 weeks. So I believed the lady doctor that helped me, and went with it, not knowing any better.

I had a planned C section and everything went smoothly, until I tried to breastfeed him. I had absolutely no help whatsoever, and knew nothing about breastfeeding. I never really gave it a second thought and always assumed that it would be smooth sailing. Well, I struggled to get him latched on, I thought that I was not producing enough milk and then started pumping instead of breastfeeding, to see how much I was producing. Well, it all went downhill from there! I went through depression, because I felt that I had failed him.

I assumed that I had a low milk supply, not knowing about colostrum; nobody explains these things to you. I didn't know that I needed to have my baby physically at the breast to stimulate breast milk production.

I gave up after about three months, thinking that I was less than a woman and a bad mom. After that, I wanted to know why I wasn’t able to produce enough milk, but found no support online. This was the original reason I started this site, but after all the research I did, I realized that there was actually nothing wrong with me (that could not be remedied) and that I was just lacking the info. I was determined to make breastfeeding work the second time around, but at the back of my mind I still doubted that I could successfully breastfeed.

I decided then, that I would find out as much as I could about breastfeeding. This website was started to help myself and other mothers with breastfeeding problems. So I did a lot of research and figured out where I had made my mistakes. I loved learning about breastfeeding and loved being able to help other moms, too.

I knew that I would be better off with a natural birth, if I wanted the best chance at breastfeeding my second baby, so I decided to have a Vback (vaginal birth after c-section) and I wanted a home, water birth. I got what I wanted, without a doctor (none of the doctors would support my decision to have a Vback). I found a wonderful midwife and Doula, who were there for me at the end (unfortunately not during my pregnancy).

I went into labor two days early and when the midwife got there I was already 9cm dilated. I was in labor for a total of six hours. I was very calm and it was the most peaceful, wonderful, empowering experience of my life. The birth was completely natural, with no medication whatsoever.

I had absolutely no problems breastfeeding her - I knew exactly what to do (because of the site and all the research). I am still breastfeeding my little girl at 15 months and I am loving it. (Update - It's now been over three years - Lisa breastfed until she was two).
I am currently studying through Child birth Iiternational as a breastfeeding counselor and birth Doula. I would like to help one mom at a time and make sure that they get what they need and deserve, right through their pregnancies as well as afterwards.

I hope this encourages somebody.

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