The Amber Teething Necklace

An amber teething necklace is just the right answer to the most tumultuous time in an infant’s growing up years.

Teething troubles can range from minor pain, swelling and discomfort, to diaper rash and even a straightforward refusal of food, much to a mother’s horror! 

When using an amber necklace, teething pain can be effectively handled through the healing properties of amber, from which the beads are made. These are basically designed to be worn around the neck or as a bracelet by the babies in the teething stage.

It is believed that when using an amber necklace, teething and the related problems are duly addressed. The beads are said to stimulate the thyroid gland to control drooling and also help the baby’s immune system, in reducing the inflammation in the ears, stomach and throat. Interestingly, the amazing beads of the necklace are also claimed to have an energizing effect on your baby.

Being increasingly used by mothers across the world, the amber teething necklaces for babies can considerably reduce the pain and irritability that comes with teething. Amber works best when placed directly on the skin. The amber necklace for teething is the most natural and cost effective way to handle your child’s teething troubles.

When your child wears an amber necklace, the beads release trace amount of a specific oil into the skin, as the beads warm up, owing to the body heat. The oil that is released through these amber teething beads contain succinic acid, which is known to have a series of benefits. Owing to this acid, these amber beads for teething can help reduce the swelling, which is actually causing the pain. This amazing amber will have a calming effect on your baby, act as a pain killer and also help in controlling cough and fever.

As if that weren't enough, an original Baltic amber teething necklace also promotes tissue regeneration and aids the body in its detoxification process. In fact, the healing effect of the Baltic amber necklaces is said to be even stronger than those of the Dominican amber teething accessories.

Interestingly, the original Baltic amber necklaces for teething are a traditional European remedy. The natives depended heavily on the natural analgesic properties of the beads.

Moreover, contrary to the known myth of amber for teething issues, the necklace does not pose a choking hazard for small babies. Each of the beads on the Baltic amber teething accessory is attached to the necklace string. This implies that even if the string breaks off, the beads won’t come off and thus will not be available to the child for chewing. Hence, you can look for a genuine and well-designed amber teething necklace in Canada and other places to ensure maximum child safety.

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By Jasmin Pannu

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