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Does the Avent Niplette really work?

by Tracy
(South Africa)

Avent Niplette

"Having flat or inverted nipples is one particularly common breastfeeding problem, this is something that I struggled with in the beginning too...and was one of the foremost reasons, why breastfeeding didn't work out with my first child, my son, Tyler.

When I became pregnant, the second time around I was determined to breastfeed and then found out about the Avent Niplette device. I was very skeptic but decided that the price was worth it. I also always wanted a more feminine look to my breasts. Breasts without nipples are not always attractive to men...in this case my husband.

So, I bought it and managed to use it for three days only, because of the pain! You won’t believe how magnificently this thing worked. I saw a difference right away. For those that are thinking of buying it, be aware that your nipple might pus and maybe even bleed a little, it is painful but not intolerable.

Your nipple heals quite speedily afterward. The manufacturers say you need to wear it for three months, but this wasn't necessary in my case. My nipple was about three times the size it was before I used the Niplette.

The Niplette worked for me, I have now, and am still nursing my second child, Lisa...with no problems, and she latched on perfectly after birth. I'm really very grateful for this wonderful product.

If you have flat or inverted nipples, this product is indeed worth a try, but also bear in mind that breastfeeding itself, will also bring out your nipple after a while. After breastfeeding for about three months, my nipples are again a size larger than what they were after using the Niplette.

I am not an affiliate of this product in any way, I just felt I needed to share my experience with other moms who struggle with similar troubles."

Dec 07, 2012
Relieved now
by: anonymous

"Where can I get it in South Africa?"

Dec 08, 2012
by: Tracy


I could not remember where I bought the Nipplette, so I searched online (I'm also in South Africa)

I noticed that most of the places are now selling the device for R900 (I bought it for R300 about two years ago. Just search "Avent nipplette, South Africa" for an online store in South Africa that sells them, there are a few."


Flat Nipples & Large Breasts

by Melissa
(Macomb, MI USA)

"My first born is 7 years old, she was born at 35 weeks. Due to her prematurity, she was taken immediately to NICU after birth. She had been given a bottle with formula by the nurses before I had even seen her face!

Not willing to give up, I tried breastfeeding with no success for five weeks. I ended up pumping exclusively for six months with enough spare milk for another few months. I longed to breastfeed her and have that bond that breastfeeding mothers always talk about. Her pediatrician said that she was used to the bottle and probably would never take the breast due to her being given a bottle right after birth.

I took a breastfeeding class prior to the birth of my new baby girl. 10 weeks ago I delivered another baby girl at 37.5 weeks. I insisted that I put her to the breast right after birth. I was elated when she began to suck instinctively and felt that I would succeed this time around! But she wasn't latching on...she was only getting the very tip of my nipple.

I had been given a ton of support in the hospital by both lactation consultants and every nurse on each shift during my stay, and one thing was for certain: my baby was not latching on properly.

It was determined that my nipples are flat (they were inverted at birth) and large; my baby's nose was literally covered by my breast tissue. I had to work hard to hold my nipple and areola pinched away from her nose so she could breathe. This, of course, made my concerns grow into fears that I would fall asleep and suffocate her.

So here I am 10 weeks later, pumping every 3 to 4 hours and knowing I am missing out on what comes so easy for so many people...I feel depressed about it and angry, as I WANT to breastfeed and some people won't even try who I feel would be successful...

I wish there was help out there for people like me. :/"

Apr 03, 2012
The Nipplette
by: Claire

"Hi Melissa

I had the same problem. I used the Niplette during my second pregnancy,and it helped a lot. I still need to hold my breast away from my little girl’s nose, but at least now I have a nipple for her to latch on to.

It's excruciating and uncomfortable, but it worked for me."

Apr 03, 2012
Similar situation
by: Tracey

"I was in a similar situation.

I have flat nipples and with all my kids I desperately wanted to breastfeed.

My first daughter had a tongue tie, so there was no luck there, so I ended up pumping.

Second daughter latched on but, it was so painfully I was not enjoying it at all and was in tears and dreading every feed, we gave it a good go and turned to pumping again.

My third I was determined to breastfeed, had a lot of support but, he wouldn't latch on. We gave it a go and ended up pumping again but, still was able to get him on every now and then, but just couldn't do it exclusively.

I still to this day wish I could have done it and feel disappointed and depressed about it. The pumping is so time-consuming, and all I could think of was how much easier it would be to be able to breastfeed.

He is now 8 months, and I haven't been pumping for a few months now but, every now and then I still long for the feeling and get so annoyed with people who have regular nipples and could have an easier time breastfeeding and choose not to.

All I can hold onto is I'm happy I was able to give him some breast milk. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how they get it as long as they get it. Hope you feel better soon about it but, you gave it all you have, and that is great."

Apr 07, 2012
by: Melissa

"Thank you Tracey; you're right, the milk is the MOST important part!

Thank you to Claire; I had never heard of that. It's too late for me now, I assume, but I can tell others. I don't plan on having any more kids, but if a surprise came along.... ;)"


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