Baby don't want to be fed, what can we do?

by BorcomanMarius BorcomanM

Maybe you can help me, please.
We have an 8 months boy, Mathew, who does not like being fed at all.

Breastfeeding him is a complete struggle, actually he manages to have about 300 ml urine daily and gains very hard in weight. At christmas he weighted 7 kg and now he is the same. In the meantime he lost about 100g and regained them. Carmen, my wife is down down about this thing and things of him having some deep and. hidden tough health issues and goes from a doc to another and wishes he had a second set of blood tests if needed asap.

Mat is always sunny, happy and energized (where does he get it only GOd knows) and frm time to time sleeps more than usual, he got up today at 9 and drunk some bits of milk at the breast with shear difficulty in 3 sessions. At 9.45 he fell asleep. We cry out loud with the baby in our hands sometimes.

When he accepts more milk we are very happy.
We tried to diversify - the war is even bigger. He accepts, only to suck some bread and mulches in his hands anything you have him take. Some clear soups also are accepted about a few spoons. Water as well, he likes to drink.
My wife's breasts are full and he has hardly any hunger for a sip. We try to put him to the breast almost every 2 hrs or even sooner when he gives some signs.

He is otherwise energetic and likes playing with toys and crawling a lot, so we have to protect with pads all our livingroom.

If you are aware of these kind of situations or have some advice, please help us. Marius.

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Jan 15, 2018

by: Tracy

Hi Marius. Is Mathew's urine strong smelling or dark yellow? |Have you had him checked at a "breastfeeding friendly" clinic? Most percentile charts are for bottle fed babies. There could be so many different things - you would have to go to a lactation consultant so that they can see what the issue is while he is breastfeeding.

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