Baby losing weight after 5 months

My baby is losing weight after 5-month exclusive feeding and now poop.
Can I give him oral water or any drug to stop poop or I should start feeding with food?

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Feb 25, 2017
lactation consultant
by: Tracy

I suggest that you visit a lactation consultant as soon as you can. I cant really give any advce here, since I do not know your exact situation.

It might be a tummy bug, in which case breastfeeding is even more important.

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Baby not gaining weight

by Linsay Taylor
(Yorkshire England )

Hi, my partner and I have now four beautiful children, two boys aged 13,10 and then I had a little girl now aged 7. After a wonderful holiday in Jamaica, I conceived again unexpectedly.... am an insulin-independent diabetic, so I am monitored.

My children have all had low birth weights through tight control of my blood sugars. My first son was born through an emergency c- section. My second son was born through elective c-section through medical advice. So after two previous sections, my daughter also was born from an elective.

My first son, I didn't manage to feed him myself for very long. He was a low birth weight and a hungry baby; I didn't read about breastfeeding before his birth, as I thought it comes naturally.

I didn't manage to feed him for very long, peer pressure took over, and he was put on to formula.

My next two children, I breastfed them for 13 months very successfully. I forgot to mention that because I am diabetic, my children are born at 38weeks. Finally, little one number four was born on the 14th November 2012. She was 3weeks preterm and weighed 5lb, and she was only 43cm long.

The c-section was the worst I had ever experienced it took 2 and a half hours, from start to finish. At five days old my little girl had lost 11% of her body weight and became jaundice.

She was treated for her jaundice, and I was given a feeding plan to help. She is now 11weeks old and only weighs 6lb 7oz, the whole regimental feeding I decided to stop as she gained nipple confusion at 4weeks.

Baby blues were at its worst. After persevering she finally latched on again I didn't have her weighed until this week, and to be told she isn't gaining enough weight has put me back to the beginning.

I'm not enjoying the moment as I'm watching her swallowing, and waking her to feed when she falls asleep on the breast. I have started to express to complement the feeding which my partner does on an evening.

she has grown she is now 51cm long, head circumference is normal for her age. I had breast implants in 2009 which were placed behind the muscle. I am so sad at the minute and i am slowly heading towards the formular root again.

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