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Why babywearing? Wearing your baby can make your life a whole lot easier, you can even try breastfeeding your baby on the move! Read all the incredible benefits below...

The Babywearing benefits

  • Babywearing provides a safe environment for your baby while shopping or in-between crowds of people.
  • Wearing a baby is convenient because you have your hands free to do and carry whatever you need to. You can shop, read a book, cook, clean and even exercise while holding your baby!
  • A babywearing mother can still play and spend time with her older children while her baby feels secure and comforted.
  • Breastfeeding mothers can breastfeed on the move, and breastfeeding in public is much more discreet in a baby sling.
breastfeeding in a sling
  • Research shows that premature babies gain weight faster when they are held and touched more often, which is what wearing your baby will accomplish.
  • Breastfeeding in a sling can help a mother increase her milk supply by allowing her baby full access to the breast. It is especially great for when a mother is trying to establish a milk supply; in particular, those moms who have adopted their babies.
  • Wearing your toddler in a sling can help soothe him/her during emotional times.
  • Carrying your baby in a sling should help you burn some extra unwanted calories.
  • Most babies are very happy in a sling and cry and fuss less because they feel comfortable and secure. Research has shown that babies who are carried in slings cry about 43% less than other babies.
  • Babywearing is fun. You’ll see all baby’s reactions and have loads of fun together.
  • A good quality sling helps to distribute the weight of a baby so that the mother or father does not end up with back and/or shoulder pain.
  • Slings are economical, as they cost very little compared to strollers and other carriers.
  • Slings can be worn during those times, in which your baby struggles to sleep; most babies will fall asleep with movement.
  • Babywearing can help dads bond with their babies too.
  • Wearing Baby has been proven to decrease postpartum depression and increase bonding.
  • Research suggests that the transition from the womb to the sling is less abrupt and can help a baby transition to life outside the womb easily. They may also develop a stronger sense of security.
  • Babies who are carried in a sling have a busier view than babies who just lie around. They are also spending more time in an alert state, resulting in faster learning and development. 
  • The baby will be held close to the mother or father's face and will hear conversation; leading to faster speech development.
  • The movement helps those babies with acid reflux. 
  • Some babies have less gas issues when being carried upright.
baby wearer, baby-wearing, carry baby in a sling
  • It gives a mother freedom to get some fresh air. Some moms use slings to carry their babies even while hiking.

Types of Babywearer Slings

1. The wraparound sling “wrap slings"

  • A babywearing wrap is a very versatile sling and is probably the most popular one too. These slings are made from a simple piece of cloth that is tied around the mother or father’s body. ( babywearing instructions video below, shows precisely how it’s done)
  • The wraps are usually worn around both shoulders and then around the waist for support, a baby can also be worn on the back or on the hip with this type of baby wrap.
  • The best baby wraps are made from a woven or stretchy fabric for easy access to the baby. They are usually made from silk, wool, linen or hemp. Woven wraps are supportive when wearing a larger baby.
  • The weight of the baby is nicely distributed in a babywearing wrap, but it may be a little difficult to learn how to use it.
pouch sling, pouch breastfeeding sling, kangaroo carePouch Sling

2. The pouch sling

  • Pouch slings are one of the easier slings for a babywearer to use.
  • They are cut and shaped according to a baby’s shape and are easy to use; it's just slipped over the mother or father’s head.
  • These pouches do not have rings, but usually, have zips or press studs for adjusting.
  • Baby is more easily inserted or taken out of these types of slings
  • Not really suitable for older babies, as the extra weight will definitely give Mom or Dad a sore back/shoulders.

3. The ring sling

  • This sling has a piece of cloth that is threaded through two rings, the fabric then wraps around the babywearer’s body from the shoulder to the opposite hip and then back up to the shoulder. The end piece of cloth is then threaded through the ring to give a buckle effect. The weight of the baby causes that the material doesn’t move in the rings, making sure that it doesn't move out of place.

ring sling, baby ring slingRing Sling
  • Your baby can be placed in a sitting or lying position.
  • These slings are usually made from cotton, hemp, silk brocade or lightweight twills. Always make sure before buying one that the rings have been stitched on repeatedly.
  • Ring slings can be used for babies and for toddlers.
  • Breastfeeding babywearing ~ These slings are the best type of nursing slings to use for breastfeeding, as the rings allow for quick adjustment.

4. The soft carrier and backpack

  • These types of slings are usually made for easy usage.
  • They usually have shoulder straps and are ideal for plus size babywearing. They include mei-tai and Chinese inspired slings.

Tips for Buying Baby Carry Slings

  • Make sure you are getting the right sling for your specific needs: Do you need to breastfeed baby discretely? How heavy is your baby?
  • Make sure it’s good quality, you do not want your baby falling out of the sling.
  • Babywearing in summer can get hot! Get fabric that won't create extra heat. And in winter it would be best to get a nice thick fabric for extra warmth.
  • Choose a color sling that you won’t mind wearing each day, unless you can buy more than one! If your baby’s father is going to use it, he might not want to walk around with a flowery pink sling. So that's something to keep in mind. 
  • What size would you need to get? Do you need extra space for large breasts?
  • Is the sling easy to adjust and use?

Babywearing Tips

  • Check your sling regularly to make sure that it is in excellent condition and that you are wearing your baby safely.
  • A new babywearer can try different positions with a sling until they find one position that is comfortable for them.

Babywearing safety

  • Ensure that your baby is not curled up so tightly that his/her chin is touching their chest, this could block your baby's airway. Ensure that there is at least a fingers width space between your baby's chin and chest.
  • A babywearer should check that their baby’s back is supported at all times.
  • Make sure that nothing is covering your baby’s face.

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