Best Breastfeeding Diet

Looking for the Best Breastfeeding Diet?

Here we have listed a few resources for Moms who are breastfeeding and worried about the foods that they eat. These pages explain which foods to eat when wanting to increase the quality and/or quantity of breast milk produced, which foods to avoid (if any) and much more.

Breastfeeding Diet

You do not need a special breastfeeding diet in order to provide the right nutrients in your breast milk, but you do need to eat a well-balanced diet and add an extra 500 cal to your diet daily.

Whether you make nourishing your body a priority or not, your body will still make its main priority milk production. Your baby's needs will be satisfied before yours. In fact, your baby, who weighs only a few pounds, will receive between 500 - 800 calories per day in breast milk! This should explain losing weight while breastfeeding

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How many calories do you burn while breastfeeding?

Use our breastfeeding calorie calculator.

Breastfeeding diet plan for weight loss

My personal diet plan while breastfeeding.

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Is there a list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding?

Most foods are safe to eat while breastfeeding, Mom only needs to start looking at her diet for culprit foods after she has considered other reasons why baby might be cranky. Check out the breastfeeding a fussy infant page to find out whether you should change your diet or change something else.

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Increase Milk Supply With lactogenic Foods

If you have a low milk supply it’s always best to first try to increase milk production naturally through herbs or through your daily food intake.This page will discuss the good food choices that can help increase a mom’s breast milk supply not only by including nutritious foods, but also foods that support the chemistry of lactation.

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Breastfeeding and Food Allergies

Most babies are not fussy as a result of food allergies, but rather some colic, growth spurts, acid reflux or normal baby development.

All breastfeeding moms should try to avoid cow milk products within the first few weeks after birth as all babies have a digestive system that is not fully developed yet.

Moms will notice a difference in baby’s behavior after eating certain foods, but fussiness on its own is not a sign of food sensitivity...

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Specific Food Products/Supplements

Herbs and Breastfeeding Safety and Advice

Most herbs are acceptable for use during breastfeeding, but one should be cautious about herbs that contain alkaloids.

The nourishing qualities of the plants and herbs are amazing and have been used for centuries by breastfeeding mothers.

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Breastfeeding And Iron Intake

It is important for you to know that a healthy breastfeeding mum, should ideally be eating a well-balanced diet, which includes calcium, iron, minerals and other vitamins.

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Calcium Needs whilst Breastfeeding

When thinking about the best breastfeeding diet, calcium is an important mineral, but it is not the only one a mother should consider. Too much calcium, especially in the form of supplements, competes with other minerals and is not a good idea.

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Vitamin D Intake whilst Breastfeeding

Vitamin D deficiency in milk is not a defect in breast milk, but is caused through mom not having enough sunlight exposure and not eating Vitamin D rich foods, as part of the best breastfeeding diet for your needs.

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Caffeine Intake whilst Breastfeeding

Drinking any caffeinated beverages in moderation while breastfeeding will not harm baby. Moms that are tired out from looking after a newborn might want to drink more coffee for energy, the thing to remember is moderation is key.

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Chocolate Intake whilst Breastfeeding

If chocolate is on your favorite list of things, you can continue to eat chocolate as long as you eat in moderation and don’t see any side-effects in baby.

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Benefits of Oatmeal whilst Breastfeeding

Oatmeal contains an amazing array of nutrients like beta-glucans, phytochemicals, protein, fibre, and carbohydrates. This will promote a more lush supply of nourishing milk.

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Eating Fish whilst Breastfeeding

When you are breastfeeding, there is a long list of things that you should not eat. Fish has many nutritional benefits but, is the mercury in the fish worth the many benefits that the fish gives your baby. You have to weigh the benefits of eating fish and breastfeeding.

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Drinking Alcohol whilst breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and drinking alcohol should be avoided until baby is at least three months of age. The reason for this being that an infant's liver cannot metabolize alcohol as easily.

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Drinking Beer whilst Breastfeeding

The polysaccharide can stimulate prolactin secretion in Mom, which will increase milk supply. Even though it may increase supply, some studies have shown a decrease in milk intake by babies, when their Moms consume alcohol.

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Smoking whilst Breastfeeding

It is still better to be smoking and breastfeeding than to smoke and formula feed. Of course it would be best to try and quit, but many moms will find it very hard to make that decision and actually quit. Breastfeeding protects baby against repertory problems that can arise from inhaling secondhand smoke.

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