Blood in stool. What's a mom to do?

by Lulu's mommy

At four months old my baby's poop turned mucousy, foamy, and green with streaks of blood. Dr. Ran test to make sure it wasn't an infection and the test results came back negative.

After cutting dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts out of my diet I started seeing a little improvement, but still occasional streaks of blood and mucus. Continuing the diet for two months still saw some blood and

Dr. Took another stool sample and said looks like possible lactose intolerance. GI Dr. Told me to put my baby on Neocate and stop breastfeeding. I should also mention that baby has about 15 or so wet diapers a day while breastfeeding, but only 6-7 on Neocate.

I don't want to give up breastfeeding. Baby seems fussy on Neocate but not on my breastmilk. She used to be such a happy baby when breastfed. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Jan 19, 2011
My advice...
by: Tracy

The younger a baby is with bloody poop, the more serious it tends to be. Your little girl is already four months old and thriving?

A runny stool is very common in breastfed babies, and so sometimes a healthy baby may bleed a little if the stools are explosive.

In most cases, if a baby is happy and thriving and doesn't fuss too much when stooling, nothing needs to be done.

This type of problem is actually quite common and will usually resolve itself without treatment by the time baby is 6 - 9 months old, this is when baby's immune system starts performing more like an adult's.

The only test I would recommend is to test for iron deficiency. Other than this, I don't think it is necessary for you to give the baby anything other than breast milk.

A mucousy, green, foamy, bloody stool can also be the result of a lactose overload, which is caused by baby drinking too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk; this is easily corrected by allowing baby to finish one breast at a time. Read more on Foremilk, hindmilk imbalance

The doctors these days are too quick to recommend that you stop breastfeeding, breast milk is the best thing you can give your little girl and as you said yourself...she is less fussy when breastfed.

I hope this helps...let me know how things go.

Here is some more info on normal infant stools

Jan 30, 2011
Update on Lulu
by: Lulu's mommy

Hi Tracy. Thank you so much for your info.

I do think my baby has Secondary Lactose Intolerance due to allergies.

My once happy baby has been strictly on Neocate formula for two weeks now. She has no more blood in her stool, but recently has developed a severe rash on her face, abdomen, arms, and bottom that is making her miserable! Along with diarrhea that started yesterday. She is also waking up crying in the middle of the night. She used to sleep through the night. I don't know what to do!

The GI doctor told me to try mixing the rice in her formula. (I have not tried this yet because it doesn't make sense to me.) I have been pumping, but my milk supply is slowly diminishing. ( from 35 oz a day to now only 16 oz a day. I'm so sad for my baby and don't know what to do.

Feb 04, 2011
Secondary lactose intolerance
by: Tracy


I'm sorry to hear you guys are having such a hard time.

Secondary lactose intolerance is temporary. If you can figure out what caused the damage in the first place, then you should be able to continue to breastfeed. Continuing to breastfeed will not harm your baby.

It is sometimes recommended to give a baby a combination of breast milk and formula but only in babies who are malnourished or losing weight.

Human milk is still the best food for baby and will help baby's gut heal.

These artificial kinds of milk have sometimes been found to make the problem worse, which is what I think is happening with your baby (rash etc.) I would maybe see a specialist about changing the formula type if you do decide to continue with formula.

The average recovery time for a gut problem like this is usually no longer than eight weeks...after this you can start to breastfeed again if you decide to formula feed until then.

In the meantime you could maybe hire an electric breast pump...the hospital grade, double action breast pumps will help keep your milk supply up better than any other pumps. You can also use a combination of herbs to help get your milk supply up again.

Herbs that can help.

Hope this helps, hope the baby gets better soon.

Feb 08, 2011
This is crazy!
by: Lulu's mommy

Hi Tracy. Well, Lulu has been on strictly Neocate for almost four weeks now and has dark green, pure water diarrhea 4-10 times a day.

GI dr. Said there is no way she can be allergic to Neocate. He ordered seven more stool sample tests, and she has an appointment on Thursday.

Did I make a mistake to trust the GI Dr.? She has had water poop for three weeks straight now. I'm so lost. What on earth is going on with my baby!?

I don't see any visible blood in her watery stool like she had while nursing, but at least her stool wasn't watery while nursing.

What's worse blood or constant diarrhea? I wonder if it's from the corn syrup solids. I'm so confused!

I'm afraid to nurse again because if she's allergic to this hypoallergenic formula, then I don't even know where to begin on the Elimination diet!

Any more advice would be much appreciated. And sorry for the ranting and raving.

Feb 08, 2011
by: Tracy

Hi, thanks for letting me know how the baby is doing, I was wondering how you guys were doing.

You know it is probably the corn syrup in the formula that is causing the runny stool. Formulas contain three main ingredients: a protein, a fat, and a carb (sugar). The sugar comes either from milk (lactose), table sugar (sucrose) or corn syrup (which is the cheapest option) If you do decide to go with another formula, ask your doc to change to a more expensive formula containing lactose...which is what a baby is meant to digest. Lactose is the sugar that the baby recognizes and is equipped to metabolize.

If it is truly secondary lactose intolerance then maybe baby's gut has healed. I would see a different (breastfeeding friendly) doctor if you can. Ask them to check; most doctors don't care about breastfeeding. Actually, most of them have only had about a half hours training on breastfeeding all together! So they do not know what they are doing when they ask you to stop breastfeeding.

Maybe wait for the results now, then see a different doc.

Please keep me up to date.

Feb 11, 2011
Back from GI appt.
by: Lulu's mommy

Hi Tracy! Lulu had her GI appt yesterday, and Dr. Seems to think Lulu's rash and congestion are not related to the Neocate.

My once happy baby is still so miserable :( all of her still samples show lots of improvement in acidic levels and fat and carb absorption then her levels were on my breastmilk, while on TED. He also seems to think water poop is normal on this formula!

What?! After telling him how miserable my baby is and how badly she has been scratching at her head, he switched her formula to Elecare.

The pharmacy had to order it so it won't be in until Monday. I will keep you posted :)

BTW I'm still pumping but am down to 10 oz a day. Thanks for everything!

Jun 26, 2011
Blood in stools.
by: Tammy

I saw your post after browsing through countless websites to try to figure my son out. He is four months and has had continuous blood in his stools while breastfeeding. I have eliminated dairy, soy, wheat, eggs and eat very bland. The yucky green bloody stools remain. He is gaining and very happy. My doctor and I are still at the beginning stages. I didn't know if you had any recommendations for me?

Aug 10, 2011
Blood, mucus, and stinky stools-but no colic
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if I could get some help too. My baby seems to be having some of the same problems. She has always been a happy baby and is gaining weight (75th percentile in everything!)She is four months now, and about a month ago she started to have bloody mucus in her stools. (She is exclusively breastfed). The bleeding seems to be intermittent- it has only happened three times and lasts for about a day. It seems to be accompanied by diarrhea. Recently its become pretty stinky and more greenish. She's seen the doctor, and they ran tests . . . It was positive for blood, and the reducing substance test showed a lot of undigested carbs . . . So they thought it might be lactose intolerance. So, I've been on a dairy free diet for a week and a half and yesterday she had more blood in her stools . . . They are now referring her to a pediatric GI specialist, and I'm afraid they'll have me stop breastfeeding. I don't know what to do because she seems happy, but bleeding is not normal, right?

Aug 13, 2011
by: Tracy

Hi Anonymous ;-)

There is hardly ever a reason for a baby to stop breastfeeding.

I don't see what the problem is if the baby is happy and thriving?

Have you considered oversupply? Same symptoms with blood in stools...caused when baby drinks too much foremilk...

Read more on oversupply here
Read more on foremilk hindmilk imbalance.

Aug 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

my son is on aspirin for a heart problem and is also having bloody stool; he was drinking pumped breastmilk with milk formula added for him to gain weight (24 cals) about two weeks ago he started having bloody stool, I took him to the Dr. who tested his stool and said everything looked okay.
After a few days of that, he sent me to the Emergency room, and they decided that he's allergic to milk and put him on just Neocate. They also said to stop aspirin till bleeding stops. He refused to drink the Neocate, so I went off his bleeding finally stopped so yesterday I gave him the aspirin, and the bleeding started again! HELP!!! Is he allergic to milk or is it just from the aspirin? He's gaining weight and is happy with my milk! HELP!!

Aug 16, 2011
by: Tracy

Hi, to the mom that left the post on aspirin

It sounds to me as though it is the aspirin that is causing the bleeding, have you thought of maybe asking the doc if they can give your baby something other than aspirin for the heart problem?

Aug 25, 2011
Late, but hopefully will help others
by: Dutch1e

Hi all,

I realize that this will be too late for the original poster, but if anyone does feverish googling, it might help!

Our baby was also sensitive to dairy/soy, but it wasn't until I accidentally gave up beef that everything was fine.

I later found out that many babies who have a dairy/soy protein intolerance have an intolerance to anything beef-related.

Worked for us, hope it works for you too.

Sep 05, 2011
bloody stool
by: Kristin

How is everyone now? We are going through the same thing...

Dec 16, 2011
Blood in stool
by: April

I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has gotten anywhere yet as far as answers to what may be causing the bleeding?

My baby girl is three months today and has been having blood for about two months. She is strictly breastfeeding, and they did a test for blood and tests for infections last month. The test was positive for blood but no infections. I have was told it might be milk, so I got off all milk. She seemed better then it started again, so they tested her again, but the test was negative for blood which I don't understand bc she has blood almost every time I change her diaper. And we are still waiting for the test for infections.

I'm so worried and don't know what to do. Just hoping they don't want me to stop nursing :(. Other than the blood she is the happiest baby ever!

Dec 17, 2011
by: Kristin

We have been through the same thing. The blood in the stool began at about 2 months old.

My baby is now almost 8 months old and we are still breastfeeding.

GI doc insisted we stop and switch to Neocate. I trusted my gut, found a Nurse Practitioner to work with that was supportive of my breastfeeding and went on an elimination diet.

His blood was the result of a milk/soy allergy and side effects of the rotavirus vaccine.

Breast milk is the BEST food for your baby! If you are willing to modify your diet you can continue providing your baby with the most nutritious food ever and help his/her gut to heal.

Dec 19, 2011
Blood in Stool
by: Anonymous

Hi Kristin!

Thank you so much for the response!! I am still nursing and plan to continue because it is 100% best thing for her. (I nursed my first until she was 13 months.). I am willing to adjust my diet in whatever way I can to make her better.

It is worth the sacrifice for my little angel!! I've just got to figure out what's going on with her and I've never really dieted before, so all this is very new to me. Milk is in practically everything, and I love love love cheese :). How long did it take for the blood to go away or show any improvement with your baby?

Thanks again for your response!

Dec 20, 2011
About a week to see results....
by: Dutch1e

Just wanted to let you know it took about a week to begin seeing improvements.

Something else to consider: Cranial osteopathy. I haven't tried it for our little guy but I'm considering it as he still gets a little reflux and is kind of a high-needs baby. I've heard really good things about it, and I figure for the cost of a couple of sessions, it's worth a try. Anecdotally, it can help out a lot with allergy/sensitivity symptoms.

Good luck, and remember to read those labels carefully!

Dec 20, 2011
blood in stool
by: Anonymous

My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me. I would be more than happy to talk with you and share my # through email. You can do this!!!

Jan 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi lulu's mom

How is your baby now? We r having the same problem.
Four-month baby exclusively breastfed with blood in stools slow weight gain and reducing substance positive

Jan 28, 2012
7 months, continued intermittent blood in stool since 2 months
by: Anonymous

Hi, just found this site. I've eliminated everything I can think of. Thankfully it is only intermittent but there was one time, I was apprehensive because the amount of blood was 'moderate,' (said the doctor)That was after I had taken medication for a migraine... So, I eliminated that as well (already had stopped all milk products.) And then it occurred after I had some Advil, so I don't take Advil.

I was sure it was each of these things but then it will happen again, and I don't know what to stop eating. I do eat eggs a lot, I have low blood sugar very often and struggle to be 'ok' with that so giving up milk was huge. I don't 'think' it's the eggs because those are so regular, he'd have blood all the time if it were that.

Such a mystery! Our pediatrician seems to be conservative, so we haven't gone to a specialist, and I'm glad to be breastfeeding still. He's thriving also, around 20lbs and tall, and happy.

??? Does everyone here keep detailed logs? I know it's crazy I haven't, but each time I eliminated something I was 'sure' I figured it out. Guess I will start to write everything down that could be relevant.

Feb 02, 2012
streaks of blood in stool
by: mom of two

Just saw streaks of blood in my 2mos baby girl. Stumbled on this site. Crazy how women have to be pleaded with to KEEP NURSING!

Not for a minute, unless medically necessary, should a mother deny her child what's best for him/her! Come on mamas!

Scientifically modified(which makes it fake food) formula shouldn't be pushed on us by dr.'s who make money, might I add, when writing prescriptions and push pharmaceutical products and formulas.

How we have been made so wonderfully to provide our offspring with the very best to keep them alive and healthy, we should want to do any and everything possible to continue this. They DESERVE THE BEST!!

That being said, please find out as much as you can ladies(which I know you are trying to do, or you wouldn't be reading these post's) and do what it takes before you decide on formula or continuous breastfeeding.

If we had side effects from what we eat we would cut it out right? Why would we not want to try for the one we love more than ourselves. This post stems from a lot of "I want my body back" n "I want to smoke n drink when I want" moms around me. You moms are worried about your LO' advice is to KEEP BF while you investigate. Like Lulu's mom said, her LO was a lot less fussy when on the boob, and only more problems came after Lulu was put on formula.

Hope I didn't sound like a drag. Wasn't trying to.

Feb 12, 2012
Stool mix with blood
by: roel

doc. my baby is experiencing soft stool with a mix of blood in it everyday, but not all the time during a day, she still 3 weeks young. she seems happy and healthy, shes not feeling bad. I been to the doctor but she just advice me to a full breast feed but still there's a blood on it,what will i do?

Apr 22, 2012
5 months and figured it out
by: Anonymous

My son is 5 1/2 months old. He has had green stools with streaks of blood since 5 weeks old. I eliminated all traces of dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, caffine, pork, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and still had green poop with blood. I tried block feeding. Still it continued. I read about lactose overload, and that sounded like him. I bought some lactase drops and am giving them in the afternoon, when he tends to begin having problems. They fixed him up immediately.

Apr 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Lactose drops for the baby? I don't think there is a need to give him anything; he's not allergic to lactose he just is getting too much. Lactose overload means he is drinking only fore milk. You are not giving him a chance to drink the hind milk(rich n creamy, less lactose). I feed my 5mos old twice on one breast cause she was having green bms too. Once the fore and the hind mix inside the gut it will no longer be green and the blood usually subsides(if that was the problem). Try it naturally and see, you don't want to affect the way his body digests. I produce a lot, and that's why I nurse twice on one breast before I switch. :)Hope it works.

Apr 25, 2012
by: Anonymous


I had left a comment in Jan... We just did a colonoscopy last month as he was bleeding continuously. Was diagnosed as lymphoid hyperplasia and has been put on Neocate
He's eight months now...also on plain rice cereal and few veggies all homemade. But he's much better now

Thanks all

Jun 14, 2012
Blood in baby's stool
by: Maxine


My daughter is three months old and has blood streaks in her stool for two months. I've seen the pediatrician and was told it is food-induced proctitis/colitis.

Since then I start to elimination dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts, citrus, etc. from my diet, and currently, I am just eating chicken, green leafy veggie, rice, basically an elimination diet. It works when I just started this diet, and today (14th Jun 2012) she has a diaper with a bit more blood streaks.

I feel so lost now. I couldn't afford to see the blood in her stool anymore, so I have the impulse to put her on Neocate. In the meantime, I don't want to stop the breastfeeding as it is undoubtedly the best for the baby.

I am in a state of contradiction, what should I do?

Could someone please shed some lights? Tracey, are you still available to provide some advice on the elimination diet? I would do everything I can to keep breastfeeding while getting my baby healed.

Many thanks!

Jun 18, 2012
hi maxine
by: Anonymous

Hi Maxine

Thanks for sharing. I know how it feels. We went through this horror face for six months. I was on a Dairy, soy, egg nut and wheat elimination and the paed gastro told me it takes minimum 6 to 8 weeks for all these foods to get eliminated from your system. I exclusively breastfed for six months. He bled from 3rd month. Then towards the start of the 6th month, we started Neocate, and homemade rice cereal. He has terrible reflux also. Now he's nine months ... so much better and on neocate and all homemade semi-solid foods (veggies and rice ) I just weaned him off, and now we have to be careful with his food that's all. And now I slowly started eating all that I eliminated :)

Don't worry it will get better btw he had to have a colonoscopy @ six months and was diagnosed with lymphoid hyperplasia of the colon.. means allergic colitis.

Jun 18, 2012
About seeing blood again...
by: Anonymous

Please keep breastfeeding.

It is common for the reactions like blood in the stool to get worse just before they begin to get better. It's almost like the little body pumping the last bad stuff out because now it can use its energy to heal.

If you see blood in the stool again after getting better, it means you are almost at the end of the bad times. Stick with it, don't lose faith now!

Aug 03, 2012
Disheartened with medical profession...
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy to see comments about not giving up on breastfeeding... Doctors are so quick to advise mothers to stop nursing and give babies something synthetic.

It amazes me how insurance companies are paying these doctors to steer parents, people in general, in taking drugs that they don't need.

With our first child who had seizures after vaccination, they put a nine-month-old in an MRI machine, two brain EKG, and medication that caused more seizures.

Luckily my husband is Australian and on our trip there one year she had 6 seizures in one day, we decided to get a second opinion there and without an examination, just with a detailed account of all her episodes that I noted (about 1 1/2 hrs later) the doctor said she was on the wrong medication.

After the switch, she had one seizure, and that was three years ago.

That being said and now with our second child that has recently arrived, we will be heading down under.

Aug 06, 2012
Specks or something else...
by: Maria

When we say blood in poop... My son has specks of blood in his diaper if not at all, which still tests positive at the doctor's office. He said it is microscopic. Is this what everyone is talking about? Or is it something else.

The blood is still there after being on a dairy-free diet for two months, I don't want to bring him to GI, nor do I want to stop breastfeeding. I'm worried, but he's been growing and gaining weight and is a happy baby.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.


Aug 08, 2012
Answering Maria: Microscopic blood in stool
by: Anonymous


For us, things became a lot better with the dairy-free diet too... But it was only when I also eliminated beef and soy that all the problems went away. The proteins in beef and soy are very similar to those in cow's milk.

Do you eat (or does your baby eat) anything from beef?

Congratulations on eliminating dairy. You're doing a great thing for your little one; I'm so glad he is happy and healthy.

Aug 08, 2012 meat
by: Maria

I have stopped eating meat for the past two weeks. I too have heard a lot of (negative) things about cows milk and meat in general. I stopped giving milk to my five-year-old (she gets calcium from other foods), and she doesn't have allergies anymore, and she's not congested anymore, which was a huge problem.

The only concern now is that I'm not sure if my milk has enough in it to hold him, he's been feeding a lot more now that I'm not eating meat.

Thanks for responding so quickly, I appreciate it.

Aug 08, 2012
Maria: Your milk is fine!
by: Anonymous

If you have stopped eating meat and noticed your baby drinking more milk, it could be a couple of reasons:

1. He is going through a growth spurt and needs more milk.

2. At last, drinking milk doesn't make his little tummy hurt, so he is catching up :-)

It is only in VERY rare cases that a mother's milk is not enough to sustain her baby. This is usually when a mother is chronically malnourished (like during times of famine in underdeveloped countries).

There are many vegetarians and vegans who are in perfect health who breastfeed their babies.

Don't worry. Just continue to breastfeed and take no notice of anyone who tells you that breastmilk is not enough.

As long as your baby has a reasonable number of wet diapers, and has the same energy levels, you have nothing to worry about.

Aug 17, 2012
Feeling lost
by: Angie

My daughter has had mucousy stools with blood since she was about two months old (she is 6 1/2 months now).

I've been eating only rice and veggies for 11 days and haven't seen much of an improvement. I'm also holding off on solids for now because I'd like to know if it was the solids or my diet that changes the poops (if they do change).

I still see the blood. She is otherwise happy, growing, gaining wonderfully, and developing. Please help me; I feel like I am starving all the time. I was also eating Rice Krispies for breakfast with rice milk but realized there is corn flour in it.

Can I eat oatmeal instead? So frustrated and discouraged.

One last thing, I did have an oversupply, and the poops were green for about three weeks before I figured out that's what it was and corrected it.

Could there have been damage done from that?
Thanks for reading...

Aug 19, 2012
by: Maria


Please don't stress... I too had a similar experience. But if your baby is thriving don't worry about anything. My baby is almost five months, and I've started him on rice cereal, and I haven't seen any blood or mucous ever since. I too changed my diet, and hope that at my next doctors visit that there won't be any blood in his poop, and hope that it resolves itself with time.

I'm sure there is someone who could help you out better than myself, I didn't want you to be anxious or worried because I understand. I got help from this site.... Thanks to Anonymous!

Take care

Aug 21, 2012
Blood and mucus in stool
by: Zelda Behr

Don't stop breastfeeding!

Eating oatmeal could just be beneficial as it increases breast milk supply. as long as you don't eat it with cows milk.

As long as he is happy and gaining weight I would not be too worried, keep an eye out for fever and vomiting as these are signs of an infection.

The blood could also be a rectal tear from constipation.

Here is more that I found on blood in stool...

Blood in stools

Hope this helps.

Sep 15, 2012
Traces of blood, started solids
by: MrsCF

Hi mums
When my LO was 4mths we introduced water (boiled) about 2 days later - I noticed lots and lots of diarrhea (explosive leaky ones-would change 3 diapers at once at one point!) finally there were streaks of blood- doc said she needed a better sample but it took almost a week to finally get the stools in a container, but my LO was constipated after the visit to the doc!
Tests were negative.
Dr guessed cut in his anus from straining and stressing while pooping- she said "it's normal" I was breastfeeding exclusively, and she encouraged that, but also to add water to help.

2nd time I noticed blood was today(3weeks later) has just turned 5mths and was crying for food! So we put him on rice cereal(just realized it has milk in it Ahh such a dummy! Even tho he LOVED it and gulped the whole bowl-full down) unfortunately the bloody poops are back. Stool consistency is normal- I've noticed he strains, grunts and sometimes even yells out as if he's in pain- this happens hours b4 he poops, right before and right after he poops. He has about 4-5 BM per day which is good.
I will eliminate red meat and all dairy as of today, wait a week and see if anything happens.
But my doc recommended buying Veg based stuff only, keep giving water to him and keep breastfeeding. I am at a loss and hate to see him in pain like this.

Sep 16, 2012
For the mama above with the constipated LO...
by: Anonymous


It's awful seeing your LO in pain. Cutting out anything to do with cow, sheep, or goat is a great start (the milk and the meat).

Just wanted to mention that while you are BFing, it will take you and your LO up to 4 weeks to eliminate any milk/beef proteins. So it's great that you are cutting these things out, but don't feel discouraged if there's no change after a week. It's too soon to know.

Also, the symptoms often get worse for a few days right before they get better, so don't get scared if you see a lot more blood.

Rice cereal is like wallpaper glue - very binding and not very nutritious. It's up to you, but I would stick with only breastmilk. Ounce for ounce, breastmilk has the highest calorie value of anything you can give your LO. Other substances like solids take up valuable space in the tummy without offering proper nutrition.

It's your choice, of course, I'm just sharing my own experiences so you have all the info you can get. Good luck :-)

Sep 18, 2012
by: MrsCF

Hi and thank you for your reply, it means a lot. The reason I was so eager to start him on solids(cereal) was because he was on a feeding frenzy, I.e., he'd get hungry, and I'd nurse him every hr- it got to a point where my nipples were getting sore (just like the good old days!) and so I waited for 4weeks before giving in to cereals. Of course, I was advised to wait until he's 6mths old(he's 5mths now) but I felt like I wasn't producing enough "fulfilling" milk (and he wud empty both then want more) but guess what? I've started producing more and ok it took more than a month for my breasts to get there but I'm happy, and he's happy!
He still feeds often, but at least it's not every single hour!
There's still one question I wish I cud find the answer to and that's him straining and sometimes yelling in pain b4 he poops. I've made an appointment with a ped therapist who I'm hoping can give me answers! I'm thinking colic?
I was so stressed out the other day- wonderful being a mum but oh gosh when something goes wrong it's scary :(
Appreciate the time you put into replying and thanks for listening- so it'll b perfect! Four weeks from now he'll be 6mths, and also I'll know by then if it's my milk that's upsetting him(no dairy or red meat) thanks again =)

Sep 19, 2012
Cluster feeding
by: Dutch1e

Hi again,

I kept posting as anonymous, but it's still me!

The hourly feeds are normal. It's usually during growth spurts, and it's the baby's way of boosting your milk supply. The more they feed, the more you make.

It's not a sign that your milk isn't rich enough - that's a myth.

I'm glad you're happy with the supply now (and I know, the sore nipples can be a killer until they get used to it!)

The straining is a real puzzler. See how you go with eliminating red meat and milk. If it doesn't change in 4 weeks, you might want to consider the other members of the Top 8 (the foods that are most commonly responsible for a sensitivity). They include wheat, corn, dairy, and a few others.

In the meantime, read labels carefully. Many products say dairy-free, but that only means they are not made with whole milk. Skim milk can legally be labeled dairy-free!

You're looking for anything involving casein and whey. These are the milk proteins that cause the problems.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll figure this out :-)

Sep 20, 2012
Milk Protein Intolerance or Reflux
by: Jenny

So Glad I found this site!!!

This board has been very helpful in my struggle. Three weeks ago my 1-month-old was very fussy, so I took her to the pediatrician to make sure she was ok.

They tested her stool, which was positive for blood. I've since cut out all dairy and soy. I went to the dr. Earlier this week and she still tested positive for blood. Mind you, had they not done the test, I would have no clue because I can't even see any blood whatsoever in her stool.

She also has reflux issues, which we just started medication yesterday for that.
The doctor wanted me to go on a total elimination diet, which I don't think is even possible without my sanity being compromised. Or have her go on alimentum formula.

My question do I know if her fussiness is from the milk protein or some other intolerance/allergy or if it's from the reflux???

Although blood was still in her stool, it had only been 2 1/2 weeks since we first detected it and I've heard it could take a month before it clears out of my system.

Any moms have experience with this? I know blood in stool is not a good thing, but if the reflux meds help and she's happy, do I keep breastfeeding, or go on the formula to get rid of the blood?

Sep 21, 2012
Dont stop....
by: Maria


I'm sure that I'm not the only one to tell you to don't stop breastfeeding! There is nothing more therapeutic than mothers milk. The doctors told me to put my LO on that synthetic formula to stop the bleeding, and in the result, I ended going to the doctors. If the baby is thriving, gaining weight and happily don't worry about blood in stool eventually it will take care of itself.

It goes to show you that our foods are not "good" for us anymore. Everything is fortified, modified, enriched! I had to change my entire lifestyle to make sure kids are healthy.

Good luck and may God give you strength

Sep 21, 2012
Replying to Jenny
by: Dutchie

Never stop breastfeeding in favor of formula. There are properties in breastmilk that will heal her little gut, and the other benefits are too numerous to mention.

Also, there is a high risk that even switching to formula won't help and you'll be changing formulas a lot until you find the right one, which will cause all kinds of problems by itself.

Our little guy had reflux too when we identified his milk protein sensitivity the reflux 'magically' improved about 99%. They are often closely related.

An elimination diet sounds like a huge deal, but I promise you it's not. You will be protein-starved for a while (which feels horrible), but then after four weeks, you can begin adding things back in. I vote to add things like nuts back in first, so if it's not those that your LO is sensitive to, at least you will get some protein and fats in your diet. You'll be craving them!

There's also the incredible feeling of seeing your little one begin to feel better. The pain stops, the sleep improves (well, a bit, they're babies after all! ;-) and the general demeanor becomes more peaceful. Knowing that you have caused those things makes an elimination diet worth it.

I'm glad you have the support of your doctor for an elimination diet. I had to find all that out on my own (thank you Dr. Google!) so to have someone to give you tips is a huge boost. The suggestion that you switch to formula is concerning though. There seems to be a perception that formula is ok to give to otherwise healthy babies. It's not - formula is a wonderful, lifesaving option for babies who do not have access to breastmilk. Your baby is very lucky that she does have your breastmilk, which will give her far more pros than cons.

Give the diet a try just for a month. Striking out the days on a single page of a calendar helps a lot with this, in my own experience.

You can do it, and if it works, you'll be over the moon at how much discomfort you have saved your baby girl. Good luck, let us know how you go.

Sep 22, 2012
Blood in it ok?
by: Jenny

Thank you so much, Maria and Dutchie for responding to my post.
Dutchie - My doctor didn't give me much guidance with the elimination diet. She told me to cut out dairy/soy (which I already did), coconut, nuts, grains, eggs, chocolate and said I could eat meat, fruits, and veggies. Then she told me to google it for more information, which I did. From what I gathered on the Dr. Sears website, I should only be eating a few foods (I think five were listed). Is this the diet you followed? Can you give me any insight on what you did or any helpful websites? I didn't think the elimination diet was feasible because how much chicken can one person eat??? I tried it for a day and had an excruciating headache because I barely ate anything, partly because I have no idea what I can eat, so that day I had a banana and chicken-- not enough.
Thanks so much for your support!

Oct 10, 2012
For above
by: Dutchie

Yeah, hunger is a real problem for the first few weeks.

A full elimination diet is nothing but chicken, rice, and vegetables (although brassicas and legumes like broccoli, cauliflower and beans are out as they can cause intestinal upsets).

The first things to add back in are nut products (not peanuts, they aren't nuts, so they go back in with other legumes). The reason I added these back in first was that I desperately needed the fats and protein. Luckily, nuts weren't a problem.

Then eggs (again for the protein) than wheat products because I missed bread. Corn went in next, I think. And by the time a few months had passed I narrowed his problems down to soy, and anything to do with cow including beef.

It was a hard year, and I was often hungry. The last few months became easy though as I didn't have to read labels so carefully (after he was 12 months old) and although I couldn't eat cheese, ice-cream, beef, etc. I was able to have a few sauces and things that had milk proteins in them.

He is 18 months now and able to eat most dairy products. The thing is that I don't eat anywhere near as much dairy as I used to, and I don't offer him very much at all. I feel much healthier without them, and the taste of milk makes me feel a bit sick. I do like cheese though so eating a few soft kinds of cheese (especially blue cheese) is a lovely treat.

You don't necessarily have to go for a full elimination diet straight away. You can try eliminating only cow products for a month and see what happens. An elimination diet is to see if they have multiple intolerances.

Also, using probiotics was a big help for us. A little mixed in with his bottle (expressed breast milk or formula as we combination-fed) then later mixed in with his food.

When he got older, I was able to give him natural yogurt (the unsweetened kind loaded with cultures), and kefir milk was excellent too, to get the 'good bacteria' into his little gut; this helped him not only to process any stray milk proteins without pain but also helped his skin problems and wheezing.

If an elimination diet is too scary, try cutting out one group. It's easier than doing everything at once!

Oct 25, 2012
Blood (Not visible) in stool with diarrhea and baby is fussy and in pain
by: Anonymous

My son is five weeks old and is gaining weight (birth weight 6 lbs 11 Oz and now at five weeks 8 lbs 15 oz) but is having diarrhea and has become fussy and seems to be in pain.

My ped tested his stool and said she could see blood and in the culture test found out no infection. My pediatrician referred me to a GI, who examined the stool and said no blood and said I can continue to nurse but should avoid Dairy and Soy as the stool was mucusy green and watery.. which I started, and for a couple of days he seemed to get better but yesterday and day before again green mucusy watery stool

( had peanuts and meat(lamb) ) and he seems to be in pain, so went to GI again and she said this time I should stop feeding for two weeks at least and see if he improves and then we will take it from there.. but I want to nurse the baby so badly.

Its very emotional to hear him cry..for breastmilk.. any suggestions .. planning to go to a different GI for second opinion soon

Oct 26, 2012
Dont stop breastfeeding!
by: Tracy Behr, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hi, my message is for anonymous that posted "Blood (Not visible) in stool with diarrhea and baby is fussy and in pain."

Please don't stop breastfeeding! Breast milk is alive (containing white blood cells, immune boosting substances, anti-inflammatory ingredients, antibodies that fight viruses and pathogens) and made especially for your baby. No formula can compare.

Do you have an oversupply of milk? It sounds to me as if your baby is suffering from foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, not food sensitivity.

The watery green stools and colic symptoms are telltale signs that your baby is drinking too much foremilk (watery milk at the beginning of a feed)

It is a shame that you where advised to stop breastfeeding! Most formulas are made with cows protein, which causes even more problems.

Please read this page on foremilk/hindmilk imbalance...if you feel that your baby has these symptoms, you can try using the advice on "block feeding" to fix the problem. If your baby has an allergy related to something in your milk you can get your baby tested for allergies and try an elimination diet, you do not need to stop breastfeeding.

Oct 27, 2012
Definitely keep breastfeeding!!
by: Dutch1e

Just adding my voice to the above comment.

You were poorly advised and your medical professionals need updated training.

I completely agree that this sounds like a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Do you have a very strong let-down? (Where your milk shoots out instead of dripping out when you feel that let-down tingle?)

You can feed only on one side, to allow your LO to get to the richer, fattier milk that comes in the second part of the feed.

I had that problem with both my children, and with this LO it was challenging to figure out both the foremilk/hindmilk issue AND the milk protein intolerance, but we got there in the end.

Even if you are eating something that your LO reacts to, there are healing properties in breastmilk that ARE NOT present in formula. These go a long way to helping your baby's gut fight off any proteins that are causing pain.

Please listen to your instincts and feed your baby. It's not just milk that is important; it is the strong bond between the two of you that breastfeeding creates and enforces. This lovely comfort (and the sleepy hormones breastfeeding creates in both of you) is very healing.

Oct 27, 2012
Blood (Not visible) in stool with diarrhea and baby is fussy and in pain
by: Sireesha

Thank you so much for the responses Tracy and Dutch1e. I appreciate it.

I was (And still am) so torn in deciding what is right for the baby.

Coming to my supply and foremilk and hindmilk issue. You guys are so right .. the stool used to be green mucousy and watery, and he used to be just fine.. not much of fussiness or pain.
And I avoided dairy and soy as well based on my GI's advise and he was ok for 4-5 days.. but again
as I mentioned one day he didn't nurse properly that night, and everything he drank came out.. and he seemed to be in pain, so we went again and this time GI said I should stop feeding for two weeks.

He was on nutramigen since Thursday afternoon (sep 25th)..that's such an emotional decision to make.
and I spoke to a lactation who advised me to continue the supply for this 2 weeks , so rented a hospital grade pump and on a very strict diet (as I am ready to go on Total elimination diet for him to get breastmilk, as I think after those 4 happy days I ate peanuts and lamb meat)

and I read about foremilk/Hindmilk issue hence started feeding him mostly on one breast at a time to make sure he will get enough hindmilk

Coming to my supply.
I have pain when the let down comes.. and drops of milk come out fast, and I have a couple of letdowns at a single feeding though. But yes my kid comfort nurses too, not sure how much is more.. but I produce 2 oz of milk in each breast ).

The sad part is he is still having a watery stool and had eight bowel movements today .. on nutramigen as well.. so placed an emergency call to the GI in which they said to make sure he is not dehydrated otherwise continue to do what your GI asked you to this weekend.

I have set my mind and tried not to think abt why I can't breastfeed but concentrate on why my DS is in pain.. but now to know/read again that Breastmilk is the best for a kid and cannot cause any damage to him instead even help him heal any gut issue makes me re-think.. God, please show me the right thing to do for my baby.. maybe I will nurse him tonight instead pumping and dumping ( GI asked me to dump my precious Breastmilk)

Again I so appreciate your msgs.. am from India and back home majority of us breastfeed.. so my relatives are surprised that I am being asked not to nurse him.

Apr 30, 2013
Ladies I need help
by: Anonymous

Any of you that posted here last year.

How are your babies doing?

Did they outgrow of this blood in stools soon? How about their allergies?

I am baffled because even after being on soy , milk, nut and egg free diet, my baby has flare-ups of blood in stools and eczema.
He has a trace of occult blood all the time in last three months.
but now we are back to seeing visible blood and nasty rashes on his face

I haven't changed anything in my diet. I am perplexed.

Please advise

Aug 04, 2013
Worried and confused
by: Kirsty

I know this thread is somewhat outdated, but my little boy is having a lot of the same issues. He is 4.5 months old now, and he started having blood in his stools at about two months.

He is breastfed exclusively.

Initially, I went to Gp, and they said because he was happy healthy and gaining weight and no signs of abdominal pain that I should watch it (whatever that should mean) but a few weeks later it got the best of me, and I got a referral to a paed.

The paed dr looked and could see any anal fissures/tears, so we did a stool sample reducing substances test to see if he were lactose intolerant, this came back negative.

I was then advised to go on a dairy fast ( which is completely hard as Everything I usually eat seems to have dairy in it) I have been doing this for a week now, and just when the blood seems to be going away, it comes back.

What confuses me is the sporadic nature of it. When it started, he had it on a Thursday then not again until the next Wednesday. After the last lot cleared up, it was a month between the next episode.

I have in my head some things. Close to when this last episode started (after the month of clear poos) I had eaten a large number of eggs (hubby cooked too many, and I'm the non-waster and had to eat them) he had his 4-month vaccines inc rotavirus OR an anal tear as his poops are very explosive.

His poops are always runny (pretty sure that's normal at least) most times a curry yellow color, sometimes green. I have noticed mucous a few times (looked similar to what you blow out your nose texture wise) and a few frothy ones, but I put that down to it being aired from the wind that came out with it.

Other than that, he's happy, healthy, doesn't ever seem to be in pain, sleeps okay (I say that with slight sarcasm) and is gaining perfect, he's in the 95th percentile lol.

It's just doing my head in, I've spent so many hours researching, and while it seems common, it seems to be a relatively mysterious thing still.

How are all your babies since?

Thanks for listening


Aug 06, 2013
For Kirst
by: Anonymous

My email is [email protected] if you want to talk. I would love to share our experience and I can give you my phone number from there if you want to talk. My name is Kristin. Hang in there... All will be good.

Aug 06, 2013
Kirst... Pls don't worry
by: Maria

I'm one of the moms that had the same issues as you and found some solace within this website. The babies will grow out of it! Pls, don't stop breastfeeding. My baby had a food allergy to milk (dairy) I stopped eating milk products for a bit until eventually, he grew out of it.

Time, that's all they need. Doctors will tell you to stop breastfeeding, give them this alternative fluid which is synthetic. Trust your gut and if you believe... Pray to The Lord He will never let you down.

Be well and many blessings to your little miracle

Aug 06, 2013
Update on my baby!
by: Jenny

I posted a question on her back on Sept. 20, 2012. MY LO had blood in her stool for about 2 1/2 months before it finally cleared.

I first tried cutting out dairy and soy for about a month and a half because I heard it could take a while for baby's gut to heal, but after no progress with the blood, I decided to take drastic measures and eliminated the top 8 allergens plus some others.

I eliminated dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, beef, and corn. I think that's all of them!

Then finally after 2 1/2 months, the blood finally cleared. Now, mind you, the blood was never visible to my naked eye, but it did come up when I took a stool sample to the doctors.

Once she was clear of blood, I slowly added foods back in. One at a time until I went back to the doctors to get it checked again.

I think I started with adding wheat back in first, then eggs. She reacted to eggs (the blood came back), so I think that may have been the culprit. Then I added the others back in leaving dairy for the last thing, and she's been fine.

I've even recently tried eggs, and she's been ok. I tried a couple of months ago with the eggs, and although she didn't get blood in her stool, she did get a slight rash on her rear after she pooped, so I think there was an eggs sensitivity, even a few months ago.

I'm trying eggs again (just tried eating an actual egg today--up until this point I've only eaten foods that contained eggs, never straight eggs) and we'll see how she does. She's now a year old, and I think she's over the sensitivities.

I have a feeling that it may have been just eggs the whole time, but I didn't know.

I hope that helps! I know it's tough, but I felt BFing my baby was so, so, so crucial for lasting benefits, and it was worth the sacrifice.

BTW...I used to bring a stool sample to the Drs. Office, but someone suggested purchasing the same type of tests for at home use. I think they were $60 for 100 tests, but it's so much more convenient to test the stool at home rather than running to the Drs.

It's called hemoccult tests, and I ordered online from a med supply website. Good luck mama!!!!

Aug 07, 2013
Replying to Kirst
by: Anonymous

Hi Kirst,

Our little guy is now two years four months and doing great. He has outgrown his dairy sensitivity although out of habit we still don't drink cows milk or buy young cheeses. I just don't like the taste anymore.

He (like me) is completely unvaccinated. Controversial, I know, and I do not want to start a vaccine debate here... just picking up on your observation about the 4-month vaccines. Vaccination is strongly linked to digestive and bowel issues - your doctor and pediatrician will brush off this link as scaremongering but as your baby was 4 months before this issue showed up (not typical for purely dairy sensitivity which tends to show up at the 4 - 6 week mark) then it may be something you would like to look at more closely.

If it is vaccine-related - and again, I'm NOT making vaccines the devil, just being honest that all medication has side effects - then an increased sensitivity to food is a common symptom of vaccine damage to the gut (usually gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and corn). These food sensitivities can hide the source of the problem (the vaccine) and will become worse with every shot.

If you are open to alternative therapies, a holistic family doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, or non-vaccinating pediatrician may be able to guide you through the maze of information out there.

Aug 11, 2013
Me too
by: Beth

My little guy is 7.5 weeks and has blood in his stool for the last 5.5 weeks. Started with blood-tinged poo. Five weeks ago he had X-rays to confirm his bowel wasn't perforated/compromised, and I stopped all dairy and soy. He's exclusively breastfed. They tested and confirmed it was blood in the diaper. A week later I dropped eggs, peanuts, and strawberries. I should say that I'm gluten sensitive myself so I don't eat wheat. We thought the blood was subsiding... Down to maybe one diaper with spots in it a day, then in the last week, it has resurfaced. Yesterday his first diaper in the morning was bloody.
Anyway, after reading this, I've stopped beef and think I will stop corn too. He's gaining weight well and generally happy, though my hubby worries that he strains too hard for bowel movements - I think it's a normal baby. He doesn't seem to be in pain. We changed pediatricians and the new one consulted with a pediatric gastroenterologist who said they'd let us keep this up (breastfeeding) for a month or two as long as he keeps gaining weight and doesn't get worse. Is this last week considered "worse"? Can't figure what in my diet is doing it - I keep a food diary. In a month I have to go back to work so breastfeeding will have other challenges (pumping three times a day) but I feel like I should keep going in the meantime. Those hypoallergenic formulas don't sound great. Planning to see a lactation consultant this week. Should I have him seen by GI or a ped allergist? He has his two-month check at ped next week. Thanks for any suggestions or reassurance!

Sep 27, 2013
Don't stop breast-feeding
by: KL

My daughter had the same problem blood in her stool! I was on the special diet- dairy, eggs, nuts gluten free and it was happening anyway. It started around two months and finished when we started a solid food!! During this time she was always a happy baby without any signs of pain or discomfort!!! That made me continuing breast-feeding!!!! Before a solid food her poops were very running like all breast-fed babies! I believe that certain acidic foods made it even worst and that was the problem! I had to be careful with the amount of the fruit or veggies what I ate! I also stopped to take probiotics. She's all good and still breast-fed!!! I hope it may help...

Oct 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I commented about a year ago when I was having the same problems with my daughter when she was exclusively breastfed: mucousy, bloody poop. She was otherwise happy and growing (she was very chubby!). We went through tests, and I went on an elimination diet, and I was miserable. Finally, after a month of being on a diet (and losing too much weight), I finally stopped and just started giving her solid foods (she was seven months by then). As soon as the solid food started, she was fine — normal, healthy poops. My theory was that when I had the hindmilk/foremilk imbalance for weeks, in the beginning, it irritated her bowels, etc. and they never got a chance to fully heal so the breastmilk was running through her too quickly. Once solid foods came around, it slowed things down and gave things a chance to heal. Now, that is just my guess, but I have my gut feeling that that's what it was, especially since she seemed fine otherwise. I hope this helps.

Oct 05, 2013
Update on - Me too from Aug 11 2013
by: Beth

Baby is now nearly four months old and no blood in stools for six weeks (since I have up corn and oats). He's still exclusively breastfed and is big and strong! I'm still on the elimination diet (have added back strawberries and oats) and am adding one item every two weeks. I'm afraid it's probably dairy AND soy AND corn or something like that. Or maybe he just grew out of it...
Hang in there. Ped said give polyvisol to help replace any iron loss, but my baby wouldn't take them. If the baby's not in pain and is growing and you ruled out life-threatening issues, I say keep breastfeeding.
The boards on corn allergies are terrifying!

Nov 06, 2013
blood tinged mucusy loose stools while breastfeeding
by: CIJ

My LO started with 4-5 bowel movements a day which was watery green and had mucus. She was 2.5 months old then. Some days there was a tinge of blood too. Culture tests came out fine, no infection. I stopped milk and eggs and didn't see much difference. I restarted, and she got better. I stopped again after the loosies came back. Unable to find a pattern. I have oversupply issues I guess. Have a forceful letdown too. Plus, she is teething I think. Chews on anything and everything vigorously. She is 3.5 months now. One thing I have noticed is that each bowel movement is when she is at the breast. She stops for a second, pulls herself back, farts and then out comes the frothy greenish yellow poop. Pls, help!

Nov 07, 2013
We are going through the same thing!
by: Jessica

Omg I really can't believe how many baby's have this problem! My son at 5 weeks was swimming in blood I thought he was going to die! Went straight to A&E and stayed in hospital for a few days, they ran tests and came back with milk protein allergy! To cut a long story short we ended up in Crumlin children's hospital, and they said the same thing, dairy protein allergy. But I stopped taking dairy,soy,wheat,nuts,eggs,gluten,sugar, and it was still happening! Not as much but still there! I stopped bf for a week and just gave him neocate a hypoallergenic formula. He was crying all the time it was horrible! So I desired to bf again and hope this will stop happening! Iv talked so much about this to other ppl and I'm getting no where fast. I have decided to carry on despite the blood as he was much happier on Breastmilk than formula. A big problem I have now is my supply is shockingly low so I'm hoping to get it up to scratch so I don't need to bottle feed him anymore! I think Breast is best even with the blood happening. My boy is now 14 weeks so this is going on 9 week. It has stressed me out no end wondering what to do, what's the best thing? I think lady's go with what you want! If you are willing to cut out all these foods and you are happier to feed your baby then go for it! Don't stress about it please! It's not worth it! You are doing the best thing for your baby if you are happy! Bottle or Breast you are fantastic! Xxxxx

Dec 10, 2013
Watch out for toothpaste and mouthwash!!
by: Malasmom

My daughter is severely allergic to dairy. Since she was born small and now has FTT (failure to thrive), GI spec put her on Neocate ($65.00 a can), and I'm pumping/freezing in hopes of returning to nursing when she is at a healthy weight. I thought I had eliminated all dairy and was shocked to find it (and egg) in my toothpaste and mouthwash for dry mouth! I feel hopeless if we'll ever be able to nurse again, as I'm not getting any support from PEd here, and wonder if I should do a TED, as I've read so many stories on here and other sites. Things seemed to get worse after her two mo. Vaccines. I feel like starting a petition to check the safety of these vaccines.

Jan 21, 2014
same problem with blood in stool, unkown reason
by: Madi

Hi! I was thrilled to find this topic; it made me feel that I am not the only one facing this problem.

Here is my story:

I am from Romania, and I have a five months old girl, breastfeeding exclusively.

Since she was two months old, we noticed mucus in her stool and we started to give her probiotics.

At three months old, we also noticed small stripes of blood, we went to emergency at the hospital, run a lot of tests, she was positive for enterovirus, but we were told that the symptoms should go away in 7-10 days. Though, they lasted for other three weeks. Due to the long period of blood in stool, our doctor advised running more tests (including blood tests for severe diseases or allergies), in case the enterovirus was just a coincidence and could have to hide the real cause. All the tests were ok.

Then there was three weeks blood-free.

At four months and a half, the stripes of blood came back, and they are still here, I found a stripe or 2 in her stool every 2-3 days.

So, during the last two months, my husband and I were worrying. We went to pediatric surgery, gastroenterology, run all the possible tests - and nothing.

I also gave up dairy, eggs, pork, cereals.

Other than the bloody stool, my little girl never had any other symptoms. No fever, no diarrhea, she's happy and growing.

To summarize, all the doctors we saw, here in Romania, have no answer, they did not see similar cases. And then I found this topic and felt great; my little girl is not so special after all.

I guess I don't find too many answers in my country because exclusive breastfeeding is still a rare thing. Most of the babies from big cities eat lp, or start eating solid food around four months old. So doctors don't have too much experience with breastfeeding problems, unfortunately.

Following your stories and advice, I am not waiting for this problem to go away by itself.

Feb 08, 2014
For Madi from Romania
by: Anonymous

Hello Madi. I have the same problem as you have with my six-month son. For the last two months, he had blood in his stool.

I am also from Romania, Bucharest. I did all sorts of test, but the doctors don't have an answer. I did blood tests, allergy test (all negative), abdominal eco, and everything seems ok.

The pediatrician suggests that I should feed him with soy formula (he also has Duarte Galactosemia - this means he can not process galactose, a sugar found in milk).

If you want to keep in touch, you can write to me at [email protected]

Feb 09, 2014
blood in stool
by: Anonymous

Just came across this thread. Been dealing with this for the past 5 weeks with my daughter who is now 8 weeks old.

Im off of dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and gluten. Im starting to see some improvement. At this point, she has tiny specks of blood in 1 or 2 diapers a day. Not noticible unless youre really looking for it (I refuse to let my husband change her diapers bc I need to inspect them :) ) my question is--

is it harmful for them to be losing this blood?

Shes gaining weight and is a happy baby (not gassy or fussy) so im not too concerned otherwise. Also when you all talk abt blood in stool- are you talking specks/flecks, streaks or more than that??

Feb 12, 2014
to Anonymous
by: Dutch1e

Losing blood like this won't hurt your baby through blood loss. Sometimes the blood loss is so difficult to detect that samples need to be sent to the lab to figure out if there's blood in it!

The damage isn't from the blood loss - it's from the implied gut damage. This can be from food intolerance and environmental triggers in sensitive babies.

Feb 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your response. Can you explain what you mean by environmental triggers? Would there be any point in going to a pediatric gi dr to rule out anything else?

I've seen improvement from being on this diet but not sure how much longer I can keep it up!

At what point can I start adding these foods back in, one at a time?

Feb 14, 2014
How are they now?
by: Grandma

My four-month-old granddaughter is suffering from this same issue since birth, and now the GI wants to put her under and do a scope of her stomach and a short colon check through the rectum.

I am nervous about them putting her under she is so young. I wonder what is going on with all of your babies now since these posts started in 2011??

Did any of you have to do this with your babies?

GD is thriving, chubby and happy except for this problem. Mom is a little frazzled with the elimination diet and of course, wants to know why her baby still has blood in her stool and why she has these frothy green stools at times.

I hope some of you will respond and let me know how your little ones are now and how things went after your posts. Thanks

Feb 14, 2014
Bloody stools? Have your baby checked and re-checked for tongue tie!
by: Kathryn


Despite being examined by 3 Pediatricians, 2 GI Specialists, and several Lactation Consultants, my five mo. old baby was not diagnosed with tongue tie until a few days ago from my current consultant and an ENT Dr.

My current L. consultant said that because she was not able to effectively drain each breast, she was getting a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, which may also cause a small amount of bleeding.

We have been through heck since she's been born, me going on an elimination diet for her supposed multiple food allergies and having severe nursing pain (C section was NOTHING compared to nursing pain), her being in severe pain on bottles of expensive formula (prescription formula!), and ultimately losing weight from inefficient sucking!

She will now get possible minor surgery to correct it.

Feb 14, 2014
no test for food allergy in babies!
by: Kathryn


I'm responding to the mom from Romania. There is no accurate way to test an infant (until age 2 or 3)for food allergy.

You have to go the hard way and eliminate the top 8 allergens from your diet.

Here they are (dairy is most common).. dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten (in most bread and cereals and some oatmeal), fish, shellfish. I think I listed them all.......

You have to wait at least two weeks to see a change in stools sometimes, as it takes that long for foods to exit your and baby's systems!

You cant re-add more than one food back in at a time to "see what happens".

Please also have your baby checked and re-checked for tongue or lip ties.

My baby just got diagnosed after multiple exams from Dr.'s, specialists, and Lactation Consultants. My current L. consultant thinks she had just foremilk/ hindmilk imbalance which can also cause bloody poops (b/c of insufficient sucking). She was diagnosed by our FOURTH L consultant and an ENT DR.

Feb 18, 2014
to Kathryn
by: Anonymous

Hi Kathryn. I'm Doina, one of the moms from Romania. There are 2 of us, with the same problem and the same tests done on our children. Thank you for your advice. I eliminated dairy, and there was some improvement. For 3 or 4 days the stool was clean. Then again the blood. I thought it was because I gave him mango to eat. Then again three days with no blood and this morning again. I ate some nuts yesterday; I don't know if it has anything to do with it. I will try to eliminate some more foods. Thanks again.

Feb 18, 2014
things should get easier...
by: Kathryn

Hi Doina

You are welcome for the advice. I wish no one has to go through what my daughter and I have been through.

Make sure you have an outstanding Lactation Consultant check for tongue and lip tie. These may also cause blood.

I added dairy and so far no bloody stools.... What amazes me is that my L Consultant who is not even a nurse was right on the money (too bad we met her too late in the game!), and the big Dr.'s and specialists were WRONG!

Feb 19, 2014
For Anonymous (asking about environmental triggers)
by: Dutch1e

When I say environmental triggers, I mean the buildup of potentially damaging chemicals in our air, food, and water supply.

I am also concerned about the ingredient list of vaccines, but I realize that is a hot-button topic, so I don't talk about it as a rule.

Kathryn has also made a great point about undiagnosed tongue tie. At one point in European history, tongue tie was considered so common that midwives would keep one fingernail especially sharpened to snip the frenulum at birth. It sounds awful but having seen a tongue-tie snip; I can see how little it affects the baby, especially if there is a boob waiting for immediate comfort! :-D

Back to the environmental triggers - without wanting to write an essay on DDT, heavy metals, fluoride (swallowed fluoride I mean, not fluoride applied topically to teeth), trace antibiotics in drinking water and food, etc. etc... Some of these compounds have a damaging effect on the human gut, which can be made worse by particular proteins in food (food sensitivities).

Feb 19, 2014
Lip/tongue Tie
by: Doina

Hi Kathryn. I'm wondering - if there's a lip/tongue tie, the blood wouldn't be bright red, it would be much darker because it is digested blood.

My baby's stool has strips of bright red blood. We went again to the pediatrician today, and she told us to go to a surgeon to look at the baby's rectum, to see if there aren't any fissure.

I don't think there is, but we will go anyway. She also said to stop eating almond/nuts/peanuts, pineapple, forest fruit and, of course, diary.

Feb 20, 2014
good posts
by: Kathryn

Hi Doina,

It never hurts to do an elimination diet just in case... make sure you're getting adequate protein.

I lived on chicken, low mercury fish, and sunflower seed foods as these were something I felt my LO was not allergic to.

Green poop could be a sign of lactose overload, so you'd be seeing that if this were the case. If your child has eczema (mine did not), then food allergy is to be expected...

I will pray for you and your baby's recovery; I know its tough!

Good point about toxins, too, to the other post!

My daughter may have tongue tie (and mild lip tie) b/c of my family's midline defect history (all related).

Two other relatives have congenital heart defects so I should be thankful her heart is good so far!!!!!!!!!

Feb 28, 2014
by: Toni

My four months old daughter has eczema, and we have been attending doctors'offices every week with the hope that the doctors will help.

However, everyone says to use hydrocortisone and that they don't have a clue what triggers it. I have been trying to eliminate food, vitamins, etc. anything that I consume.

Also, my baby had blood streaks in her stool, and again, no one knows what the reason was, it wasn't milk, soy, etc.

I have discovered that it was salmon fish that caused all these reactions. When I stop consuming salmon, my baby was doing very well, but two days ago I ate salmon, and her skin became very irritated, eczema got worse, and the blood streaks appeared.

So, I have decided to call her doctors and to write to all of you worried moms and tell you about my experience and hoped that I could help you with that.

Good luck and don't give up, keep trying to find what disturbs your little angel:)

P.S. I have tried herbal cream, and it had irritated her skin immediately so much that we sought doctor's help immediately. Please, don't do anything without doctor's approval, don't take that risk like I did because I was in a desperate position.

Mar 02, 2014
follow up related to one of the little girls from romania
by: Madi


My little girl is now almost seven months old. At six months we started with solid food, luckily she likes the vegetables and eats a lot. In result, her poop changed consistency, and I didn't see stripes of blood anymore. I don't know if it disappeared or if it's merely not visible anymore... but it feels better for us, as parents.

I hope all of you will find a solution as soon as possible; I know how frustrating this problem can be.

Nov 10, 2014
off and on blood in stool
by: Kirsten

Hey ladies,

It has been very comforting to know that others have gone through this. My son has been passing little streaks of blood in his stool off and on now for almost two months (he's nearly six months)

I have been off dairy, soy, and eggs for six weeks, and off gluten for two. Nothing seems to be consistently working. Symptoms will clear up and then come back.

I was wondering if anyone else feels that no matter what they eat the symptoms seem to come and go. And any of you that have gone through this if the baby ended up working it out on his/her own.

I refuse to stop breastfeeding - our GI suggested using formula for a week to help his gut heal, but that doesn't make sense to me, and I am very hesitant to go down that route.

Any info from those of you who have gone through this and the babies have outgrown it would be so helpful.

Thanks, Mommas!!!

Nov 11, 2014
We did Neocate ($$$$) formula, then went back to breastfeeding...
by: Kathryn


I don't know if I mentioned we did Neocate for awhile. I did cheat though and breastfed at times when things got too stressful.

You have to be VERY vigilant w/ using the breast pump and pump as much as baby eats; this is very hard when your baby is frantic, and you have to pump (or do whatever!)

The problem Is, no pump can stimulate as well as the baby, so it's tough to keep up supply like this 24/7!! The Doctors who tell you to do this don't care, and most don't know much about breastfeeding.

My daughter is now 14 months old, and is now nursing like a pro (despite her past gut issues, AND a posterior tongue tie, AND a lip tie)!

She eats all sorts of foods now (esp. her veggies). She very rarely gets sick. I was one of those desperate moms last year who took every protein out except for chicken and sunflower seeds...and I don't eat meat normally! I now no longer choose to eat sunflower seeds...

Nov 12, 2014
for kirsten
by: madi

Hi, Kirsten. My daughter is now one year and three months, and she is a very healthy child. The blood stripes persisted for three months, independent of my diet, and stopped at the age of 6 months when I started to give her solid food.

Never had problems after that, even if I continued breastfeeding. Anyway, I didn't give her too many dairy products, for a long period.

Jan 31, 2015
bloody stool
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this!!! My son has had bloody stools for eight weeks.

I'm dairy, soy, tree nut, corn, gluten, and a few more things free for three weeks.

No change. We used formula to see if it would clear up, and it did, but when I went back to ebf, it was worse. Much worse, there is more blood than poo?

We have an appt with a GI specialist next week, and we are formula feeding for now. It's awful; my supply is suffering. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this!

Feb 12, 2015
Blood in stools first noticed at 3 weeks, dispappeared then got worse at 8 weeks
by: Uk mom

Hi all,
Firstly thanks for all your comments, it's consoling to know how others have fought for bf...

My baby had specks n strings of blood at three weeks went to a&e and was diagnosed as a tiny anal tear.

Applied cream and this disappeared only to reappear at week seven then got worse at week 8

Now I see eight strings and spots of blood every day before poop baby goes red in the face and passes wind and appears to strain...resulting in explosive stools...any advice for a stressed bf mom

Thanks in advance

Feb 15, 2015
Blood in stool
by: Anonymous

My son is almost five months old had the foul odor, mucus, and bloody stools. We have done two stool samples all came back normal, cut out dairy soy and nuts. All I eat is chicken, vegetables, and fruits.

The doctor will not refer us to a g.i specialist even though IBD, Crohns, and colitis run in the family.

What do you women think? We tried the prescription formula for a month my son lost weight on it because he would spit it out. I am at a loss on what to do. We are also on a tiny island with no specialist and limited doctors.

Jun 27, 2015
Blood streaks in poop
by: Shashi

My little one is eight weeks old, noticed mucous and blood streaks in her poop.

We believe that when heat increases in the body this happens, according to Ayurveda every food has heat, cold or neutral attributes, like how the Chinese believe in yin and yang.

Just cutting the spice levels and switching to moong dhal(it's kind of lentil which is cooling for the body) got rid of the blood streaks.

And please diary is essential to get rid of the heat from the body, please don't cut down the that.

When my baby had blood streaks, the previous night I had consumed eggs and a very spicy dinner and just a cup of milk that day, eggs are very heating.

So cut down on eggs and chicken, consume moderately but have milk to balance it during the day. Please do not stop breastfeeding.

Dec 08, 2015
blood in stool
by: Tash

Hi, I am new here :)
I am so pleased to find this daughter started having blood when she was 2 1/2 months. She is a happy and active baby..gaining weight, and her height is all good. Just a bit of blood....dr said its infection, and you need to use cream!

After ten days started again and after three months it continues. Most of the time red blood but sometimes it is darker. Ped told me in Oct to stop dairy, I stopped dairy, soy, egg, nuts, and did not solve the problem...I added wheat as well...still blood.

Sometimes every 3-4 days and sometimes every was all strips or dots of blood....saw GI spesialist....suggested to switch to amino acid based formula, ped agreed as well. I was in tears...I tried many times she refused the bottle.

I saw an allergy specialist..she said food chemical+dairy and soy allergy...I have been on a rigorous elimination diet since three weeks ago...she told me it takes six weeks to clear up, however, blood is more than before.

My baby had clot even in her stool. I am so change whatever I do... don't know what to do. Still bf. I want to start her on solids soon.

Please give me some advice....I am bewildered. I appreciate your support.(she has normal abdomen ultrasound and x-ray)

Dec 14, 2015
BREAST is best
by: Anonymous

Continue breastfeeding! We went through a similar situation but more severe and continued nursing even though the doc said to switch to neixate. This will resolve!

Feb 02, 2016
Blood streaks 4 month old baby
by: Honey

Hello, my baby who is turning five months old in a week has had blood streaks in his stool for around four months. I stopped dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts, peanuts, meat, fish citrus, etc.. but still he gets the blood streaks sometimes during the day. I am anxious; sometimes I feel like I am starving, please suggest me what should I do, how did your babies do .. how long it takes to outgrow the allergy. I don't want to stop bf.
Plz, help :(

Feb 03, 2016
Same issue
by: Honey

Dear Tash, I hope your baby is getting better. I m in the same boat. Exclusive breastfeeding my 4-month-old baby. Eat only rice, avocado, peas, bananas, squash, sweet potato, and potatoes.
Hope it will help

Sep 10, 2017
Good question
by: Anonymous

Hi, I hope this is still active. What foods other than dairy and eggs cause blood. I've been off dairy and eggs for six weeks; my son still has blood. What should I be eating?

Sep 12, 2017
2nd update
by: Anonymous

I posted a couple of times; one was an update.

The mucousy bloody stools stopped when I started my baby on solids.

I also continued breastfeeding her up to almost 2 1/2 years old.

Something interesting, I had another baby, and the same thing was happening. Talk about discouraging and frustrating.

I did try to eliminate dairy again to try, but it didn't help; he was otherwise happy, healthy and growing, just like my daughter was.

Again, started solids and it stopped; I continue to breastfeed him (he is 18 months old now). I don't have an explanation, but everything turned out fine in the end. Hope this helps.

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