Breastfeeding Cover

A breastfeeding cover can offer mother security and comfort when nursing in public, but the bought baby nursing covers are not always suited to all mothers. Some moms prefer to wear special breastfeeding tops.

Here are some tips on discreet breastfeeding in public

Wearing your baby has many advantages, including breastfeeding your baby discreetly. Why not get a breastfeeding sling or wrap that serves the purpose of carrying your baby and nursing.

Advantages of Using a Breastfeeding Cover

  • Covers for breastfeeding allow mothers to breastfeed discreetly wherever they need to.
  • A cover for breastfeeding allows the baby to nurse without distractions.
  • These breastfeeding wrap covers are usually multipurpose and can also cover the baby’s car seat or stroller, to provide the baby with shade when needed.
  • There are a wide variety of breastfeeding covers, which will fit all styles and tastes.

Things to Look out for when Buying a Nursing Cover

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  • Some nursing covers are made double-sided so that a mother has the choice of two different patterns or colors for different occasions.
  • The best breastfeeding cover is made with a soft, comfortable neck strap, which will keep the baby from pulling it down while nursing.
  • Some nursing covers are made with a stiff, open neck design that allows a mother to keep an eye on her baby easily while nursing. This also allows for comfort and airflow.
  • A good nursing breastfeeding cover-up can be folded or rolled into a small compact package for easy storage inside a purse or diaper bag.
  • Nursing covers should not slip off your shoulder while nursing.
  • A heavier breastfeeding blanket will usually have a weight hanging from the end of it so that it does not fall from your shoulder. Breastfeeding blankets are not always the easiest to use but are nice to have during winter months.
  • Buy a breastfeeding cover-up that is of high-quality fabric, and that will keep your baby cool. Make sure that it is fabric that will not scratch your baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton fabrics are best.

Make Your Own Nursing Cover

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