Breastfeeding Facts

This page is dedicated to fun breastfeeding facts and exciting facts about breastfeeding that you might not know.

Interesting breastfeeding facts and things you might not have known

  • BF Fact#1 Your breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk that you produce. Some mothers have a larger storage capacity, but all mothers produce about the same amount of milk at one time.
  • BF Fact#2 Formula contains sucrose (sugar), which is harmful to a baby’s teeth. Breast milk contains lactose, which is a simple sugar and cannot harm a baby. In fact, breast milk has been said to improve gum and tooth health.
  • BF Fact#3 A baby can crawl and latch onto your breasts without any help after birth… watch the video here.
  • BF Fact#4 A breastfed baby's stools do not smell as pungent as a formula fed baby's poop.
  • BF Fact#5 Breast milk can be used for many other things, other than feeding a baby.

More Breastfeeding Facts for New Moms

  • BF Fact#1 Your breasts might only fill with milk after day 5! Especially if you are having a c-section.
  • BF Fact#2  A good latch is when most of your nipple and areola is inside baby’s mouth. If your nipples are very sore after the first week of nursing, it is usually a sign that your baby is not latched on correctly.
  • BF Fact#3 Baby should be facing you while breastfeeding, with his/her tummy touching yours. Skin on skin contact also offers many benefits.
  • BF Fact#4 A breast pump cannot replace a baby’s suckling. You can also never “see how much you are producing" by pumping your breast milk. Only your baby can remove milk efficiently.
  • BF Fact#5 Your breasts might feel empty after a few weeks and this is not because your supply is getting less, but this is a sign that your body is getting accustomed to the amount of breastmilk needed.
  • BF Fact#6 Your baby might experience a few growth spurts, which could cause some fluctuation in nursing patterns.
  • BF Fact#7 Your body will produce a clear liquid called colostrum in the first few days, this little amount that is created is enough to satisfy your baby. A baby’s tummy is tiny, and colostrum is more substantial than mature milk. 
  • BF Fact#8 Giving your baby a bottle before 4 to 6 weeks have passed, could cause nipple confusion,  which might interfere with breastfeeding.

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