breast feeding for 2 year old

by jamerl
(chennai India)

my daughter is two years old now and i am trying to stop breast feeding her.

I had stopped during the day but at nights she demands.

I tried giving bottle milk water but it didnt work out.

My husband is not happy in handling this alone. He wants me to work on it.

I am helpless. I feel if i have any lactation suppressants my baby will suck and find no milk and she may leave it.

But my doctor says when.i take that tablet she should not suck and if she does then.milk production will be there. I am worried and upset. Please guide.
kind regards

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Dec 16, 2013
by: Lyssa

Weaning before a child is ready can be very difficult for mother and baby.

Two years is an incredible accomplishment for a breastfeeding mama, and you hould be very proud!

It can be easier to wean with a supportive partner who has the time and patience to comfort the child while the mother dries up, but is not always possible.

Several solutions to help ease the transition include offering another special nighttime routine such as reading a favorite book or singing a special song.

It will no doubt take several days, sometimes even a week or more, for baby to adjust to night time weaning it is best to not give in once you have decided and explained to the child there in no more nursing, as it can cause a lot of confusion for the child.

Stay strong, mama. You can do it. This too shall pass.

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