Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding

It is recommended to breastfeed for at least six months before weaning a baby from breast to bottle. Learn more about the benefits of breast milk and why it is so important.

The Reasons of...

Breast to Bottle Feeding

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  • Some mothers feel that this would be best when returning to work.
  • Mothers might want to start switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding solely based on personal preferences. 
  • You might need/want a break every now and then; let somebody else feed your baby.
  • Sometimes the father feels left out and also wants to feed the baby.
  • If a mother feels uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public.
  • You might want to wean your baby from night feedings.
  • Your baby might have lost interest in breastfeeding.
  • Medical issues.

Breastfeeding until baby decides to stop

Weaning from breastfeeding should be done gradually, to make it an easier process for your baby (emotionally) and also it will keep you safe from engorgementplugged ducts, and mastitis.

Breastfeeding can continue while using a bottle.


From Breast to Bottle Feeding 

bottle feeding, breastfeeding to bottle feeding

(partially or completely)

  • Babies that are introduced to bottles earlier on will take an artificial nipple easier, but this should only be done after your breast milk supply is fully established (usually after four to six weeks)
  • Breastfeeding sessions can be replaced one by one, gradually. Two to three feedings skipped per week, in the beginning, is best if possible.
  • Try introducing a cup or spoon before trying the artificial nipples, even small babies can be taught to do this, and you will not need to wean from the bottle again later.
  • Decrease baby’s emotional need to breastfeed by replacing the time spend breastfeeding with fun things done together like reading or playing.
  • Offer the bottle to your baby first then offer the breast.

How to Entice your Baby...

From Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding

  • Put breast milk in the bottle before introducing the formula. This will get your baby accustomed to the bottle first. 
  • Put some breast milk on the teat, if your baby tastes the breast milk, he/she might want to drink more.
  • Feed baby before he becomes too hungry…extreme hunger would just aggravate him further.
  • Get somebody else to feed your baby. Your baby associates you with the breast. Keep out of the vicinity while your baby is feeding, babies can smell breast milk.
  • Let baby play with the bottle and become familiar with it, he/she might start sucking it on their own, helping with the transition from breast to bottle.
  • Try introducing the bottle only during times when your baby is fresh and relaxed and not looking to comfort feed.
  • Try different ways and positions. You could try to mimic breastfeeding or try something completely different like letting baby sit and drink.
  • Try different types of teats (artificial nipples) also with different flows (fast or slow releasing teats) A list of different bottles, that are best to use for breast milk. 
  • Heat the teat before offering it to your baby (pour some hot water over it).

Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding Video

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