Breastfeed Adopted New Born

by Mr Cho

what can I do to help breastfeed a newborn baby after adoption?

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Apr 09, 2013
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Are you using an SNS "Supplementary nursing system"?

If, not this can help a great deal, as Mom can breastfeed while supplementing baby with donated breast milk or formula. This gives baby practice time at the breast as well as increases Mom's milk supply while the baby is being supplemented.

Skin to skin contact while breastfeeding can help improve bonding and will help Mom secrete hormones needed during breastfeeding.

Other tips:

* Mom will need to use a reliable breast pump (electric, hospital grade) and use it at least six times daily.

* There are herbs, medications and lactogenic foods that can help increase milk production.

* Breast massage and nipple stimulation can increase supply.

* Breast compressions during breastfeeding can help increase supply.

* Avoid using a pacifier and allow baby to comfort feed.

* Try waking baby at least twice at night for feedings.

Hope this helps

Kind regards


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