try to breastfeed my next baby

by Ashley

The women out there who can breastfeed their LO's are blessed. It's very aggrevating when you hear a breastfeeding mom complaining that It hurts or that she doesn't think she can keep on and wants to quit for her own sake.

I am expecting my second In October 2012!! I have an eight month old who Is very healthy, happy and never misses A meal :) It was my dream to breastfeed, to give him the best I could but sadly that never worked out.

I cried In the hospital, I cried when I came home. I followed up with lactation consultants for 2 months and nothing I just had to move on and put It behind me and settle with formula. This Is something that sticks with me, A goal I had set that was never accomplished.

I'm going to be strong as I always am and try to breastfeed my next baby. If It doesnt work out..well atleast I tried.

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Jan 04, 2012
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

Hi the

I totally understand what you are saying. I planned to breastfeed my first, born May 2011. But I hardly had any milk and he was losing weight when I just breastfeed. There is a bit more of a story than this and I think I know what went wrong but it is too long to mention here!

Congrats on your pregnancy! We too are now trying for our second. I hope breastfeeding works out better for both you and me next time. You don't mention exactly what went wrong with your breast feeding. I have done so much research into this topic and am attending ABA meetings to learn more.

If you (or anyone else) would like to share what happened with me, feel free to email me ([email protected]) and maybe I could offer some of the many suggestions that I am going to try next time.

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Unable to nurse first baby. can I nurse second?

I was unable to nurse my daughter because my milk never came in.

I did everything I could. I took herbs, pumped, saw a lactation professional 3 times a week and even tried 2 different prescriptions.

Nothing worked and I was heart broken. I was only able to nurse for 3 weeks. I was wondering if there are any other moms out there that were unable to nurse first baby, but went on to nurse second baby?

I plan on having more kids for sure and was just wondering. Thanks.

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Aug 13, 2014
each situation is different
by: Tracy

I would love to be able to tell you that you will definitely be able to breastfeed your next baby, but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way, each situation is different.

I can tell you about my story though, which has a happy ending ;-)

I also struggled to breastfeed my little boy, mostly due to the fact that I had a c-section with him, and that I had flat nipples. So, I did research and learnt that I had a better chance at breastfeeding, if I gave birth naturally and if I found a way to bring my nipples out.

So with my second baby, during the pregnancy I used a little device called the Nipplette, which causes the nipple tissue to elongate. This actually more than doubled the size and length of my nipples. Then I told my doctor that I wanted to give birth naturally and was told that it was impossible, due to the c-section that I had had.

I had done the research and research states that having a second c-section is more dangerous that giving natural birth after a c-section (VBACK)

So, I decided to not go back to the doctor, but get a midwife. Fortunately I was blessed to find a midwife who was willing to do a vback, water birth at home.

I gave birth two days before my due date, at home, in water without any medication. I was in labour for 6 hours and it was an amazing, life changing experience. All women need to experience this!

Anyways, my little girl took to breastfeeding immediately, and I breastfed her exclusively for about two months. My milk supply has always been on the low side so, I then started combination feeding her. Any amount of breast milk is important!! I managed to breastfeed her for two years!

I hope this story will motivate you, but at the same time be realistic, dont beat yourself up if it doesnt work out.

Breastfeed your baby as early as you can, breastfeed as much as you can and lots of skin to skin contact is important. I found that Domperidone worked wonders, also seaweed, oatmeal and boiled fenugreek seed (not the tablets) worked for me.

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Failed Twice...Try a Third?

by Betsy C.
(Madrid, Spain)

As a first time mother I had grand plans of a natural birth, seamless breastfeeding and a beautiful, natural experience all around. Reality? An emergency c-section after 40 hours of labor, a baby with colic who wouldn't latch, breasts that refused to produce milk, and one shattered mom. I drove an hour each way to see a lactation consultant, rented a professional grade pump, went on Fenugreek and then a prescription drug to increase my milk supply and still had a frustrated, hungry baby. I finally gave into exclusive formula after 3 months and I still have trouble forgiving myself.

Enter baby 2. I was determined to "relax" and let breastfeeding work. I spoke extensively with lactation consultants before and after birth, consulted with moms I knew who breastfed successfully, got a hospital grade pump and made a nest for the long haul. My little girl was crying again, all the time, she was starving and losing weight. I did everything I could and had to throw in the towel at 6 weeks.

Now I am pregnant for the third time. At first I said NO WAY to breastfeeding, but now my family is living in Spain (my husband was assigned here for the military) and I don't have access to a commissary (grocery store on base). I am worried about the quality of formula and starting to panic about feeding my child. I am so worried. Why can't I let go of this need to breastfeed? I hope to come to peace with my decision to formula feed from the beginning. If so, Amazon will make a monthly delivery to my house.

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Sep 05, 2011
by: Elsabe

If I were you, I would try it again. Each pregnancy, each birth and each baby is unique. So is breastfeeding that baby. By the sound of it, your biggest heart's desire is to breastfeed and I think you should go with it. But take it one day at a time. If you were successful that day, give yourself a big pat on the back. If you weren't, sit back, take a deep breathe and be at peace, you tried, you did your best.

I'm sorry I don't have any better advice for you, but I just want to encourage you to not give up. Who knows? Maybe you're third time lucky hehe! Small steps will get you there, making big goals in terms of weeks/months might just not be the right approach for you. You and your children are unique, just as your situation is.

You're still an awesome mother!!!

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second time around

I'm already a mom of one, expecting twins this second time. Breastfeeding was a nightmare with my first.

I was told I had inverted nipples (now I know they are flat). I did not have enough information but I stuck with the pain for a whole year. THANK YOU for your website!!

I've been scouring the internet for help and advice, tips and tools. I have learned SO MUCH just reading this page, that I haven't found anywhere else.

I am determined to breastfeed the twins but I'm just not looking forward to the pain. Your website is helping me get geared up!!

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Oct 07, 2011
by: Tracy

I'm so happy to hear when people say that the info has helped them...that is why I started this site...for ladies like you!

How far are you in your pregnancy? I had flat nipples too, and failed the first time around with breastfeeding as well!

I used a device called the nipplete to pull my nipple was quite painful but it worked, after using it for only 3 days. The only thing is, you can't use after 6 months of pregnancy.

I am now still continuing to breastfeeding my second baby with absolutely no problem, so yes it can be done.;-)

Oct 07, 2011
by: Elsabe

Congrats on your twin pregnancy!! Hope they'll truly be a double joy and blessing to you.

I also have a prince and twincesses and am still breastfeeding my twins, now 14 months. It's quite different from nursing just one baby, but it is even more worth the effort (and yes, pain too).

I'm no expert in flat or inverted nipples, but one thing I can tell you is that having two babies suck on your nipples day and night will most likely help 'pull' out your nipples. I am seriously amazed at the length and direction mine can go, especially now that they are doing gymnurstics and competing to see who can get into the weirdest position... latched on.

Nursing twins is one of those rare, unique and fun experiences, you'll love it.

Good luck Mama!!

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Should I try again?

by maria

Hi all,

I had my first baby 16 years ago and sadly could not breast feed. I tried for 6 weeks and then went on to bottle feed her. I had no help I was feeling terrible.

Two years later my son was born and the same again not enough milk, I tried for 3 weeks, this time there was no one to turn to in fact my midwife was horrid to me.

I am now 8 Weeks pregnant and I really don't know weather to try again or just bottle feed I don't want my baby to go hungry

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Nov 20, 2012
my thoughts
by: Tracy Behr, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hi Maria

Even if you do not produce much milk, any amount of breast milk and especially colostrum (clear milk produced the first few days) is like liquid gold.

Not just that, but the actual act of breastfeeding, can help you bond with your baby and helps for jaw development.

I could give a whole lot of tips, but there is just too much info. Please read through our site map.

Some pages that I recommend you read:

First time breastfeeding

Breastfeeding facts and myths

The benefits of breastfeeding

low milk supply, lactogenic foods and galactogogues

Latching on and breastfeeding positions

Is my baby getting enough milk

The immunity and gut protection of breast milk

Definitely also get in touch with somebody that has some education on breastfeeding, like a breastfeeding counselor.

also try to join a group of breastfeeding moms, even if it is just online; so that you can talk to like minded people.

Nov 20, 2012
Trust your body
by: Jessica Alexander Gillan

A lot of moms think they don't have any milk -- and they do!

There is this idea that woman cannot breastfeed. And they can! Or our species would have died off millions of years ago.

Trust your body, it will not fail you. You are not broken, you ARE able.

Find a good lactation consultant, go to la Leche league meetings and take a few breastfeeding classes.

Have you considered placenta Ecapsulation? It REALLY helps with milk supply and gives mom energy. You should check it out! Much cheaper than formula

Nov 20, 2012
get a local lactation consultant
by: Laura

Get yourself a local lactation consultant.

They're lifesavers: i couldn't have gotten to five weeks breastfeeding without her.

If your problem is low milk supply, try fenugreek herbal supplements and nettle & fennel herbal teas - they all increase milk supply. Not sure if they have any effect during pregnancy, so google it.

It's worth another try if you can get yourself some support - bfing is wonderful once things start going well.

Nov 20, 2012
helped me
by: Ruth

Oatmeal and lots of hydration helped me!

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Thank You I'm Pregnant and have hope to Breastfeed Baby Number Two

by MIS Melanie
(Salem )

Hi! I was so happy when I found this site. I felt so alone in BF... I had a C section 3 years ago and tried EVERYTHING to BF my baby girl. I was pumping almost nothing I felt like the worst mom ever. I cry so much and then gave up I couldn't stand seeing my baby cry for food anymore.

I am now pregnant with another sweetie only 4 months along and I have been worrying about BF. I mean my boobs do hurt. I am praying that I can feed this little one. I really want to. Do not lose hope I haven't. Good luck ladies!

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second baby, second try.

by Sarah z Olson

I'm pregnant with my second baby, and i really want to breast feed this time. My son was a premiee and couldn't latch, he was tube fed. So i couldn't produce enough to even pump. Is it possible this time i could breast feed successfully?

Thank you,

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I want to try again

by Chris

It is reassuring to hear other Moms struggle with this as well.

I have two beautiful girls at home, very healthy and another on the way. I struggled for 2 months with lactation consultants and feeding my daughter through medicine cups, using feeding tubes, taking supplements, pumping, etc. all with no success.

My daughters pediatrician finally told me it was fine and I had done nothing wrong, but the important thing was to give me daughters the nutrition they needed and they would flourish just fine with formula.

I had no pressure from anyone else, other than I know breastmilk is best, but when as a mother you can't produce it, it is the most horrific feeling to know that you can not give this to them.

I want to try again with my third and final pregnancy and have spoken with my doctor to line up help even before the baby comes.

My husband on the other hand knows how emotional this experience has been for me and is really encouraging me to start with formula right away and be ok with it knowing that I am a loving mom who always tries to do what is best for my kids.

I understand where he is coming from,but feel that I need to try because what if this time is different. I just hope that the emotional aspect is not too overwhelming again!

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baby number 3 wants to breastfeed

by Mommyx3
(Delaware, Ohio )

I just recently had baby number 3. After several attempts with the first 2 I gave up on breast feeding, I didn't have the knowledge I needed. Now with baby number 3 he's actually wanting to feed. But still lack all knowledge.

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Success the second time around!

by Kathryn
(Yorkshire, England)

I had my son 9 years ago, and planned to breastfeed him for the first 2 years - I was successful in starting, he latched on straight away and fed like a dream for 13 weeks, but he was born without a hip socket on his left side and was due to have operations on it at 6mths old, after which he would be in a full body cast from his chest down to his ankles - this was to be repeated until it worked, or different operations to correct it, and the body cast back on again.

My health visitor said it would be easier to switch to formula, as it would be extremely difficult to feed him myself whilst he would be in the plaster body cast (and in hindsight, it would have been), and that I would have no time to express whilst looking after him in hospital, and then at home, so sadly I did as I was advised and I was GUTTED! But that's how it was :(

Anyway, I now have a 9 week old baby girl, and plan also to breastfeed her for 2 years, however we have had/are having 'problems' which I am trying to rectify - when she was born, the hospital registered her birth weight as 8lbs 13.5ozs, although I doubted it at the time, as she fit into 7.5lb and newborn baby clothes but I didn't feel confident enough to speak up (you just trust what's said I guess), and when she was weighed at 5 days, her weight was then 7lbs 3ozs, so they ended up sending us back into hospital for 48 hours and we went on a strict feeding plan.

Anyway the result of that was the hospital (maternity ward) force-feeding my baby girl formula as well as me breastfeeding her every 3hrs and then expressing milk as they said she needed to be back up to her birth weight and it should 'bring my milk in'...(I was EXHAUSTED!!!)

They said I must have had 'delayed lactation' as I'd had a c-section, my baby was drowsy after birth, and some other reason that I now forget.

ANYWAY, after 3 paediatricians checked over the baby, they all came to the conclusion that she couldn't possibly have weighed 8lbs 13.5ozs at birth, as to drop that much body weight she would have been seriously ill - dehydrated and jaundiced - which she wasn't - she was alert and a beautiful colour and her blood tests all showed perfectly fine hydration they made notes on her records as such, and recorded that her birth weight was seriously queried.

But still she isn't gaining weight as fast as she 'should', though she may just have a high metabolism and be generally small built (even though I am far from small lol) I've started drinking fennel tea (lots of it!) and I've bought a new breast pump which I started using Friday (both of these in the hope that I will produce more milk so that my baby girl will drink more and hopefully gain weight faster) and IT'S WORKING!

I've seen a vast increase already, only in a few days, and baby girl is feeding better and sleeping better, and I'm confident that she WILL have gained the 'required' amount when I weigh her on Tuesday - I can guage when I hold her that she is definitely weighing more. My baby girl shows no signs as having the same health problem as my son, and so my plan to feed her for 2 years may actually happen!

I'm so excited, and feeling so very good about it now :) xxx

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Breastfeeding gets easier / successful breastfeeding story

by Katelin Granados
(Houston, TX)

I have two boys, a 4 year old and 3 month old. With my first son I was pregnant at 20 and was so excited, but honestly never really thought about the round the clock care that goes into taking care of a newborn and baby!

I was in for a shock once I gave birth to my 8lb 6oz little man! I struggled to breastfeed when he would not latch on well.

I had such an overabundance of milk I would pump and hand express to save it.

Breast feeding became so frustrating that I would just feed it to him in the bottle. Finally, at about 6 weeks he started to latch on and I would breastfeed at night lying down in bed and during the day he would get formula and some of my pumped milk from the previous day.

I was very stressed out and saddened that I couldn't get him to latch on in the beginning and also suffered from Postpartum depression. I came through the depression and stopped pumping milk at 6 months.

I talked to other moms who told me they exclusively breastfed for the entire first year only having to supplement with formula here and there and some moms never even touched the formula!

I was amazed, because I didn't think it was possible. My supply had decreased dramatically after returning to work after 6 weeks since I would go very long stretches of time without expressing milk.

I told myself that if I did have another child, I would breastfeed for at least a year because I remember what I did wrong and would learn from it.

I became pregnant at 24 and after a very traumatic birth of his coming unexpectedly at home and spending 4 days in the NICU, I was able to visit him and breast feed him every 3 hours. Once we got our Lil man home, I stuck to the feeding schedule established by the NICU and everything seemed to be going well.

My supply, however seemed to be increasing more and more as the days went by. I was pumping both breasts after every feeding and freezing 5-7 ounces a breast. Then the nipple pain arrived.

It felt as if my nipples were being cut off or rubbed between two bricks back and forth and then I became ill with mastitis.

I still continued to breast feed through the pain and eventually called a Lactation consultant to come to the house to help after 2 weeks of searing pain.

She tried to get my little one to latch on deeper and gave me a care plan to ease my discomfort but not even cabbage leaves were helping. She finally suggested trying a bottle for a day to let my nipples heal and rest.

I was so scared that my baby would not want to nurse, that I did not listen and continued through the pain.

After a well child check up and an emotional talk with the pediatrician and attending physician, through my tears they urged me to stop breastfeeding for 2 days and to pump so my milk would not stop, but would decrease enough so I wouldn't have to pump as often.

My baby is now a little over three months and refuses the bottle! Lol! Our problem now is my forceful letdown, which gags and chokes him.

He pulls off after a few minutes and I worry he's not getting enough and the foremilk/ hindmilk imbalance. After much research, especially this site I have learned a few tricks to calm down my letdown lol. He finally took a pacifier today and is napping.

I believe that it's a lot of trial and error. Babies do not come with instructions and you have to learn what works best for your baby.

I am still learning each and every day and am 3 months strong on the breast feeding even though it hasn't been rainbows and lollipops!!

I will make it to a year because that is the best thing for him and I only want the best for my baby. If you are having trouble, trust me, you are not the only one, determination is key and it will get easier over time. God bless!

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If At First You Don't Breastfeed: A place for hope

by Becky Kiefer
(Ankeny Iowa)

I run a FB page called "If At First You Don't Breastfeed: A place for hope" Where we help women figure out what went wrong to end their breastfeeding careers and how to prevent it from happening again. Your site is one of our favorite resources! Thanks so much!.

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each pregnancy/baby is different

by Amanda

June, I love that you're using a SNS, as baby will still get your milk as well. Also, it's worth remembering that baby's are so much more efficient than any breast pump (indeed, some mothers never do well with a pump but breastfeed with no problems), so I imagine your baby is getting more than you would be able to pump.

For mothers who need to supplement in addition to breastfeeds (or, preferably like June and at the breast), do check out HM4HB (Human Milk 4 Human Babies) so that you will still be giving your baby breastmilk regardless.

Also keep in mind that each pregnancy/baby is different. If you were not able to breastfeed the first time around, you may find you are able to the next time (or at least more than you were able to the first time). Even women with IGT have found this. x

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Better luck 2nd and 3rd time around

by Veronica
(Bethlehem, PA)

My story is similar. With my first child, Abbie, I did everything wrong. It was lack of information, and a midwife who didn't care, and prescribed birth control pills not telling me they would destroy my milk supply.

I too felt inadequate as a woman and a mother. It should be natural to feed your child, but it wasn't.

Abbie was a c-section birth. We just never seemed to be able to get it right. My second child, Sarah, was also a c-section birth, but everything flowed much better with her. She latched on immediately and for 5 months we did beautifully. My third child, Jesse, was also born c section, and he is also nursing successfully.

I just did so many things wrong with Abbie, like not asking for help, and not listening to the help that was offered, and not listening to my own intuition.

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Third times the charm right? NOT!

by Branwyn
(Union, MO)

I have always had small boobs and couldn't wait until they got bigger when I was pregnant for the first time.

I kept waiting and waiting and it never happened. Friends who were pregnant at the same time were telling me how their breasts were much bigger and sore. I had none of that.

When I was pregnant with my first baby I couldn't wait to breastfeed. I bought the expensive medela breast pump, nursing bras, nursing tops, breast pads, freezer storage bags, EVERYTHING a new mom needed to breastfeed her baby.

I was induced at 36 weeks due to high blood pressure. I started nursing him almost immediately after birth, he wasn't the best nurser but did ok with the help of the LC. Then the next day he was starting to get jaundice and the nurses urged me to give him formula... with the help of an SNS.

I was heartbroken because no baby of mine was ever going to drink formula. Little did I know. I started pumping in the hospital thinking it would be over in a few days and I'd go right to breastfeeding once my milk came in.

Once home from the hospital I kept waiting and waiting for my milk to “come in" I was waiting for the fullness and engorgement that every one talks about, thinking that I would wake up from one of my 30 minute naps with huge breasts.

After about a week I called my ob’s office and told them my milk still hadn’t come in even with nursing and pumping like a fool. He prescribed me some Reglan and it did nothing.

After about three weeks I gave up on the hope that my milk would come in. So I nursed him first then gave him a bottle at every feeding. The most I ever pumped was just shy of an ounce. I stopped breastfeeding completely when he was 5 months. I blamed my failure on the nurses forcing me to give my baby formula and or just not knowing what I was doing since it was my first baby.

So when I got pregnant with my second baby I was determined to be a successful breastfeeding mother.

I researched every breastfeeding site on the internet to be as prepared as I could be. But once again still no breast changes during pregnancy. I came across a site that explained about hypo plastic breasts and I was really shocked. I had all the characteristics. Maybe not as severe as what it described but definitely to some degree. I still didn’t believe it and was determined to have a full supply.

I read about breastea and ordered some for myself and began drinking it right after birth. It didn’t help either. After an extremely fast labor and barely making it to the hospital on time I gave birth to another healthy baby boy who I nursed immediately after delivery. He nursed like a champ and was certain this time would be different. The day before we were discharged my baby was starting to get jaundice and once again they suggested I supplement with formula...NOOOO NOT AGAIN!! I was furious. And once again I waited and waited for my milk to come in. It never did but I did have a smidgen more this time than the first.

I remember pumping just over 2 ounces and I was like whoa that is a lot! For me anyway. I just waited for every time I pumped to fill the bottles, but it never happened. So once again I nursed him first and gave him a bottle afterward. I did this for 10 months when he finally had enough of me.

When I got pregnant with my third I told myself that I would just feed him/her like I had my other 2 and it would all be fine. After all some breast milk is better than none right?

I wanted so badly to have a baby girl after 2 boys and my wish came true. I was induced at 38 weeks because of high blood pressure again and had an extremely rough labor and delivery and I didn’t even want to hold my baby girl I was so exited for.

I nursed her after about an hour even though I was so exhausted and didn’t anything to do with her. I only nursed her twice and than began to use the SNS so hopefully she wouldn’t get jaundice. Fat chance and she got it anyway. Once home I had a really rough start emotionally and I am still very depressed 3 months later.

I should be so happy to have a healthy baby but I just can’t get over not being able to exclusively breast feed her. All I do is cry every time I have to give her a bottle because my body can’t feed her like it’s supposed to. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be a mom and a woman and feed my baby? Every time I go to the water/formula/bottles I cry and think about how much formula and water I use and think about how much milk I’m not making.

I can’t use someone else's’ breast milk because I just can’t think about how some women have an overabundance and I can’t even feed 1 baby. I have extreme hatred for ALL breastfeeding moms including some of my close friends who are currently nursing their babies.

Every time I see a pregnant woman, or woman with a baby, heck even just a baby all I think about is how I bet they are breastfeeding and I get so mad. I relate everything in my life to breastfeeding and when you have a baby it’s EVERYWHERE.

I’m so tired of being emotionally drained.....I know there are women who can’t even have babies and I should be grateful for 3 beautiful ones and I am but I just can’t get over it. And now she cries when I try to feed her but I just can't stop.

If any other moms with this condition would like to talk I would LOVE to be able to connect with other moms who are struggling with themselves so maybe we can be miserable together. : (


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Dec 07, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I don't have the same condition but i do have flat/inverted nipples and i have had 3 babies and tried every time to breast feed exclusively and was never able to accomplish this.

I was and am still like you and have a huge desire to breastfeed. The few times I did have my babies latched on were magical for me. There was no better feeling.

I had low supply issues from day one with all my buns and was pumping with all of them. My supply increased with each baby but still not to the point where I could be exclusive.

I don't know if there is anything I can say that will help. My bub is now 16 months and i still have that urge to breastfeed. I'm not sure if there will be another bub on the way for us and that kinda makes me a little sad to know that I may not get the chance again.

I'm hoping that time will get me through this but I'm the same as you where when i see babies or pregnant women I get that deep feeling in my heart.

I hope you don't put too much pressure on yourself, I get told that a lot, you tried hard and gave it a go. All I look at now is I'm glad they had some breastmilk.

Dec 11, 2012
by: Branwyn

Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you are also having a hard time. I always say to my husband that I cry more about the "death of my boobs" than when people pass. Breastfeeding is the way babies are suppose to eat not with crap in a can but some of have no choice unfortunately. Hopefully time will heal both of our hearts but I'm sure we will still get sad when we see other nursing moms even when we are older. Thanks again for sharing.

Dec 14, 2012
I had low supply trouble too
by: Michelle


I completely understand you wanting to be able to talk to other mums who are in the same boat. I suffered with very low milk supply too and had to use the SNS because my baby was jaundiced and losing weight.

I stopped SNS breastfeeding at 3 months because the emotional strain was too great and I felt inadequate as though I needed a prosthetic breast to feed my son.

I was determined for it to be better second time around. Like you, I have read everything and made a long birth plan and post birth plan ready for success next time. But maybe I will find myself in the same boat again.

Anyway, it took a long time to get pregnant the first time and after no success second time around, we got tests and just found out my husband has 98 - 100% abnormal sperm. So now I don't know if I will get another chance.

There is more to my breastfeeding story/pain but too long for here. I would love to speak to you more so that we can both feel not so alone. Please feel free to email me [email protected]

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