Breastfeeding a Premature Baby

by Stephanie

(United States)

Breastfeeding a premature baby

I had a baby 4 weeks early, but due to pregnancy complications I didn't have enough amniotic fluid for the baby when pregnant so by 36wks the baby was full grown and healthy NICU nothing, but he weighed and measured a baby 8 wks early.....he is 4wks now and because of his small size in the beginning i couldn't get him to latch on and now at 4 wks I am still having the problem he seals his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

I even have a hard time getting him to take a bottle cause of his tongue....he is the size of a newborn now so should i give more time?

My milk supply is going down more and more and because of my small breasts, the  pump doesn't work at all, I am getting discouraged...I have a very low supply of milk and feel like giving up, but I know it is better for the baby....I try hand expressing, but I still only get about 1 tbsp every 2hrs....please help ....I don’t want to give up....I breastfed all of my other children and had no problem and tons of milk.  I don’t want to give up....I feel like i am failing the baby right now....thank you for listening to my ramble.

please get back asap



by Tracy

Hi stephanie

Congratulations for coming this far and wanting to give the best to your baby, I know how you feel...i had similar problems with my first born. It can get very frustrating.

First of all, you can stop say your milk supply is going down...this is no biggy, why i say this is because as long as you are still producing small amounts of milk, by the time your baby starts latching on properly, you will start producing more milk. Breast milk supply can increase quickly within a few hours, with an increase in demand.

I have now recently reviewed a product called "sacred tea" Have you heard of it? I, myself sometimes struggle with a lower supply...i first tried Fenugreek capsules, but saw almost no difference...then I tried this tea and after the first night I noticed a huge increase. It contains all natural organic ingredients like Fenugreek, alfalfa, blessed thistle... This tea on it's own should increase your supply quite a bit.

Have you taken your son to the pediatrician to check for tongue tie? its actually very common. This is fixed very easily. Read more on tongue tie here.

Are you giving your baby formula at the moment? If so, you can maybe think of using an SNS... read more here.

Also allow your baby to comfort nurse as much as possible.

Hang in there, before you know it, you'll be breastfeeding him just like you did your other children.

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