Breastfeeding and Smoking

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Should you Quit Breastfeeding, if you are Smoking? 

Of course it would be best to try and quit, but many Moms will find it very difficult, to make that decision and actually quit. Breastfeeding protects baby against repertory problems that can arise from inhaling second-hand smoke.

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What about Smoking Marijuana and Breastfeeding?

If you are going to continue to smoke marijuana while breastfeeding, it is definitely better to continue to breastfeed than to stop breastfeeding, if it is only occasional. But if you smoke every day, it would be best to either decided to stop smoking or start formula feeding. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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Other Drugs and Substances:

Caffeine Intake while Breastfeeding

Drinking any caffeinated beverages in moderation while breastfeeding, will not harm baby. Moms that are exhausted from looking after a newborn, might want to drink more coffee for energy. The thing to remember is, moderation is key.

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Social Drugs

A list of other social drugs taken while breastfeeding and their safety…

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Alcohol Intake while Breastfeeding

Many moms feel that they need to pump and dump milk after drinking alcohol, but pumping does not speed up the elimination of alcohol from your breast milk...

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Things associated with smoking while Breastfeeding:

Acid Reflux in baby

Mothers who are smoking and breastfeeding, are more likely to see Acid Reflux like symptoms in their babies, than non smoking mothers. 

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Colic in Baby

Mothers who are breastfeeding while smoking, are more likely to have a fussy, colicky baby compared to non smoking mothers. 

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Increased Risk of SIDS

Parents are always advised to prevent all sorts of smoke, from around their babies, pre and postnatal. In fact, SIDS and smoking have always been correlated, with smoke being one of the most common causes of SIDS.

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A Low Milk Supply

Mothers who are breastfeeding and smoking, are more likely to experience a low milk supply while breastfeeding, compared to mothers who do not smoke. 

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An Allergic Reaction

Mothers who are breastfeeding and smoking, are more likely to see some sort of allergic reaction in baby, compared to mothers who do not smoke. 

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