Breastfeeding Boredom

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Ha, I've actually forgotten about how boring it can become at times...

by Elsabe

It was funny to read this and think "Hey, that's what I experienced and did! " Even though I've never bottle fed, I can imagine that women who might have bottle fed a first baby and then breastfeed the second may feel like it's too much.

My own cousin couldn't breastfeed her first, baby was premature and she had a tough pregnancy. So when her second came, she said she wants to try breastfeeding. Think she only did for a month and I was so happy, and one day when I asked her how it was going she said she stopped breastfeeding because it takes too long!! I was so shocked!!

To me, it's way more effort and energy to first prepare bottles, sterilize them, have a screaming baby who wants their feed NOW and you first have to wait for the water to boil and when the power is off you have a problem, and the list goes on.

Breastfeeding, you just pop out the boob, put it in his/her mouth and that's it. Close up your bra afterward, no fuss, no work! Hehe! But yes, everyone is different so what I consider effort, you might not.

Comment by Tracy

Hey Elsabe

I bottle fed one baby and breastfed the other, I must say I think bottle feeding is less work, but I would not exchange breastfeeding for anything in the world.

I feel that breastfeeding, in my experience has kept me busy ALL the time...maybe my baby girl is just very demanding! Read a few interesting breastfeeding articles while you breastfeed...

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