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Breastfeeding from only one breast - keep going!

by Laura
(Darlington UK)

I just wanted to say this article was very helpful and I wished I'd seen it earlier.

From the start, my little boy has preferred one breast. I have one nipple a different shape and size and think he latched on quicker to the other. A health visitor also told me they often prefer the left breast as it's nearer the heart and they hear the heart beat more strongly.

I struggled to feed from two breasts until he was six months trying to keep both breasts going, pumping from one side three times a day. A freezer full of milk! All I seemed to be doing was sterilizing, pumping and feeding with no other time for anything else. It was very stressful and time-consuming and looking back I wished I'd just given up on the one breast earlier. People just said he would go to it if I kept the milk going, but he never has.

At six months I gave up worrying about the rejected breast, and at nine months it's almost dried up, he sometimes goes on for a couple of sucks, but I don't worry anymore.

I am lopsided which is a worry for me, but I ware scarfs and different tops to feel more comfortable. I'm told my breasts will return to normal size when he finishes breast feeding. My little boy is healthy and happy, and I'm a much less stressed happy mummy having relaxed about feeding from one side.

When and if I have another baby I will hopefully feed from both sides. Looking back maybe more skin to skin contact in the hospital would have been helpful. Also, I think the fact I got it in my head it was a "bad" breast didn't help as I believe being tense must have been communicated to him, which probably contributed to his dislike of the breast.

For anyone else in this situation keep going with trying both breasts but from experience I wanted to share that you really can feed a baby from one side - Good luck!

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Breastfeeding one side

by nithya
(tamil nadu)


My baby s 7 months old I'm breastfeeding her on one side for past 5 months but the other side of the breast is normal no other symptoms shown. will it affect me if I'm not expressing the milk?

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Jul 02, 2012
one sided breastfeeding
by: Tracy

If you do not feel that it is bothering you, you can leave it. I have been breastfeeding from only one side for seven months now and have not had any problems, the other breast does still produce a little milk, but it does not bother me.

If the breast does ache a little, you can express some milk to make sure that there is not a blocked duct.

Jun 27, 2013
breastfeeding from only one breast
by: Anonymous

My baby is six months, and for the past one month she has been sucking on only one breast cos she refused to take the other. Though the breast she is refusing has become smaller in size it still produces some small milk, can I still feed her with this milk after a long time of not sucking?

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One sided breastfeeding


First I wish I would have found this site when my son was first born.

If I had, I think I would have breastfed longer than three months.

Anyway, I now have a daughter shes six months old and almost exclusively breastfed.

Here is my problem... she seems to favor my left breast. I'm starting to look lopsided on one side, I have an inverted nipple on my right side, but she seems to be able to pull the nipple out with ease.

All my family Dr has suggested is pumping, but I can't seem to get the pump to pump hard enough for me. I've started putting my daughter on my right side at night, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions would be great thanks

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Dec 16, 2010
breastfeeding from only one breast
by: Tracy

Hi, to you too...

Thanks for the comment about the site, it means a lot to me to know that I can help other moms out there with similar breastfeeding problems to what I had.

Have you thought of using a nipple shield on the inverted nipple? That might work since I'm sure you have already introduced a bottle...I don't think the baby would reject it.

It's ironic that you contacted me about an inverted nipple as I have been testing out a product called the Nipplette on my first baby had difficulty latching due to my nipples being flat. I've been using this little device for about three days now, and I think that I already see a change. It's a little suction device that you wear on your nipples for about three months that permanently draws out the nipple. Well, I will keep you posted on this one if you like ;-)

I see you put this comment on my "baby sleeps while breastfeeding page" so I thought maybe you would like to read my page on "refusing one breast
" for some answers to your questions.
Hope that page will answer your questions...

Some points from that page that I thought might help...

'- Try offering the least desired breast first with every feeding.

- Trick baby into drinking from that breast by placing him in the same position as with the other breast. Usually, from cradle hold to football hold.

- Try different breastfeeding positions, especially the lying down positions, which seem to work for some moms in getting babies drinking from the other side.

- Offer the least preferred breast by breastfeeding while walking or in a sling. The motion might encourage feeding on that side.

- Massage your emptier breast (breast with less milk) this will not only increase milk supply but also helps with a more even milk let down on that side.

- Once the baby is full, you can use your less preferred breast for comfort feeding? the sucking and stimulation will help increase your supply.'

About the breast pump, is it a handheld or electric?

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