Breastfeeding helped me love my baby

by Zelda Behr
(Sasolburg South Africa)

Cailin Behr

When we found out were pregnant my first thoughts were, normal birth and breastfeeding, because that's how God made us and for me and baby it's the most healthy and natural way.

I fought to get my way in a medical world, where a elective c-section is "forced" on us. And so we get everything ready for the arrival of our bundle of joy, 40 weeks came and went and at 42 weeks I had no choice but to go for a c-section.

I told myself you tried and it didn't happen for u it will all be fine but, it wasn't the whole experience was horrible they took him out and I felt nothing, there was no special moment for me he did not feel like my own I felt like a failure.

In pain and unable to hold him properly they kept him at the nurses station only seeing him for feeds and it felt good knowing that I was the only one that could see to that need.

I struggled for a few days with depression and only felt better when he was drinking, every day it became more special for me and being able to breastfeed made me feel like a mommy and without the help of my sister in law creator of this web site I don't think I would have had the knowledge to push trough with breastfeeding, thank you for helping so many woman successfully breastfeed.

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