Breastfeeding In Public

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It’s either breastfeeding in public, being home-bound or being forced to use bottles, why should mothers be punished for doing what’s best for their children? Things are made so difficult for mothers when they are told that they cannot breastfeed in public places, as milk needs to be drained at two to three-hour intervals to prevent mastitis and low milk supply.

It’s a real shame that laws need to be implemented for our mothers to breastfeed in public. Women are being harassed and told to leave public places because of breastfeeding.

Most people hide their children from breastfeeding mothers; what is that suppose to say to your child? That it’s natural or that it’s disgusting? 

Public breastfeeding taboo originates from the sexual associations attached to breasts. People against breastfeeding in public are mostly unaware of what they are doing, that’s why we need to start making it a regular part of life.

The breastfeeding public is helping make breastfeeding a norm. If more mothers breastfed in public, it would help men and women think differently about it. You will be making it easier for other mothers. Start training those men and boys into the awareness of what real breasts are for. Mothers have to stop feeling as if they are going to be “caught breastfeeding in public."

‘Our society is desperately in need of mothers nursing their babies in public openly. We also need books and TV programs featuring breastfeeding mothers. Our children need breastfeeding dolls, not bottle-feeding ones. If a girl grows up thinking that breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby, she will be much more likely to try it, and knowing that a lot of women can do it with no difficulty, she'll have more confidence in herself as a nursing mother.’ At Bottle-feeding culture at

Is Breastfeeding in Public Illegal?

Many states have laws protecting breastfeeding mothers, some do not, but breastfeeding in public is not illegal in any of the states!

Here is a Summary of 50 states breastfeeding laws “breastfeeding in public statistics".

Most countries are so accustomed to their women breastfeeding, that it doesn't bother them anymore, but the Western culture is unfortunately different. Read what other people have to say about nursing in public in their own countries.

Being Discreet while Breastfeeding in Public

For those mothers who would prefer to be discreet...

  • The mother can place a blanket over her baby and her breast or even wear a special top “breastfeeding wear" that covers up what might make other people uncomfortable.
  • Nursing privacy drapes can also be bought and are really convenient as they have a weight on them, so that they do not fall from your shoulder or so that your baby cannot pull it down. 
  • This might get more difficult when your baby gets older, and sometimes a mother will explain to her children that breastfeeding is something that is done at home. This is if you are more comfortable with breastfeeding at home.

Here are some breastfeeding in public tips…

Tips for discreet public breastfeeding

  • Wear a good nursing braOne that can be easily opened and closed for discretion.
  • Get yourself a nursing blanket.
  • Find a calm place to breastfeed: This will help your baby relax and prevent him/her from moving their head every two seconds, which can also draw attention.
  • For the newborn babies: Slings can be used; they are really convenient and allows baby to breastfeed on demand. Breastfeeding your baby in a sling is an easy way to cover up so that nobody even knows you are breastfeeding.
  • Practice at home in front of a mirror.
  • Feed your baby before he/she gets too hungry, to prevent your baby from becoming miserable and drawing unwanted attention.
  • Be confident: The more you stress, the more obvious you are going to be.
  • Breastfeeding clothing: If it’s hot and you do not want to use a blanket, you can always dress in layers and cover your baby with a loose shirt.
  • It helps when you have someone with you that supports you.
  • Find out if the place where you are going has a nursing lounge, most shopping malls have them these days.
  • Get a few tips for breastfeeding in public from other mothers who have experience.

What are the Advantages of Breastfeeding in Public?

  • You do not need to make any bottles.
  • You don’t need to clean any bottles.
  • Your breastmilk is always the right temperature.
  • You can leave the house whenever you please.
  • You don't need to worry about your milk running out before the end of your trip.

Remember always breastfeed your baby with pride, and do not feel that you need to hide the fact that you are breastfeeding, do whatever you are comfortable with.

Apologizing for Breastfeeding in Public

by Peter

"About six years ago I was in a Walmart where a young woman and her mother were shopping. As I went down an aisle, I discovered them. The younger woman was nursing her baby.
As I walked by she turned away and said: "I'm sorry sir."
I couldn't help it.
I stopped and asked "sorry for what?"
She said: "for exposing myself like this."
I thought for a few seconds and said, "I see no unusual exposure or disturbing display from you. You are doing something quite natural, and I find it very beautiful. So stop apologizing. I apologize to you for our stupid society that seeks bars and topless dancing but finds breastfeeding to be distasteful."
I got a thank you from both mother and daughter.
The baby didn't say anything. She was busy. 
I didn't tell her that I was extremely jealous of the baby."

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