Breastfeeding made me depressed

by E

I nursed (and pumped) exclusively for seven months. The first four were awesome, but then I got walloped with depression and lots of tears, frustration, an ill temper... you name it.

At my wit's end, I started seeing a therapist for PPD. Around the start of month 7, I stopped pumping during the work day and only breastfeeding at night (Co sleeper) and... Ta-Daaah! All those bad, im-gonna-lose-my-mind feelings disappeared.

I think there is something to be said for more in-depth research into all the postnatal hormones and physical-chemical reactions that go into BF.

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Aug 28, 2014
Hormones and PPD
by: Onmy4th

I agree that more research is needed on how breastfeeding hormones affect women and our moods ... I've had a similar experience in that I've never felt like myself while breastfeeding--and have felt great relief (mood-wise) almost immediately after giving up nursing each time (just gave birth to my 4th child). I'm not sure that these hormones affect all women in the same way ...

Jun 02, 2018
Breastfeeding made me depressed
by: Anonymous

Breastfeeding also makes me depressed. I’m four months in and can’t wait to quit at six months. The bond that I have with her is incredible, but I can’t seem to perk up my mood.

I get decent sleep and know it is the breastfeeding hormones that are responsible for this. I want to provide my baby with protection, but I’m struggling here. I pray I can make it through two more months.

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