Breastfeeding Medical Issues

Breastfeeding Medical Issues and Breastfeeding in Hospital

Mom's medical issues

Medical Issues

Baby's medical issues

Safe medication while breastfeeding

Factors that influence drugs found in breast milk

Things to remember if the mother is breastfeeding in hospital.

  • Make sure that the baby is put to the breast right after birth without delays. If there is a problem with this, then the mother can pump her milk for the first few days, until her baby can start breastfeeding. Breast stimulation is necessary to stimulate milk production.
  • The earlier you start breastfeeding, the quicker your milk supply will “come in.”
  • Ask somebody for assistance if you are not sure. Make sure you are asking somebody who has actually breastfed themselves; a breastfeeding consultant is obviously the best choice.
  • Take a breastfeeding class if you are experiencing problems, or feeling insecure about your breastfeeding relationship.
  • Get as much info as you can about breastfeeding. 
  • Don’t give up, it gets easier as you go along and it is so worth it in the end.
  • Last, but most important is to remember to make it clear at the hospital that you intend to breastfeed exclusively. Do not let the nurses give your baby formula, this will just delay your milk supply. Here below, is a letter you can copy and print to attach to your baby’s crib in the hospital.

Some medical interventions that should be avoided

Print the following to use in hospital on your baby's bed. Right click and "save picture as" save it and then print it. ;-)

Right-click to download the crib note as a pdf document.

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