Breastfeeding Pillow

breastfeeding boppy pillow

These many versatile pillows are also sometimes used to help a baby sit upright, for playing or for relaxing.

The use of a nursing pillow for breastfeeding can make things so much easier in the first few weeks of a breastfeeding relationship. It can help a mother position and latch her baby easily. It will also prevent her back and arms from getting tired and sore.

Uses of Breastfeeding Pillows

  • For those parents who are bottle feeding, a pillow is an excellent tool for comfort and bonding.
  • The breastfeeding pillow is made in such a way that a mother is comfortable while breastfeeding. It helps relieve stress on the back, neck, and shoulders. Many mothers agree that the boppy is the best breastfeeding pillow.
  • Relaxing and lounging: The baby has a comfortable place to sit and does not need the mother to hold him/her constantly. Now, mom has her hands-free to do other things while her baby is watching her.
  • Playtime: It’s a great pillow for tummy time. Tummy time is recommended for at least 30 minutes every day. This helps a baby build upper body strength.
  • Sitting upright: Some pillows can help babies develop the muscles that get them sitting up straight in no time.

Tips for Using or Buying a Nursing Pillow

  • Use a pillowcase that is easy to clean or get yourself a waterproof pillowcase cover, so that you can wash it.
  • If you think your waist is going to be a little too large for the pillow, you can usually find larger sizes online.
  • If you are tall or high breasted (small breasts) then you should maybe think of using one of the other breastfeeding pillows because the boppy breastfeeding pillow® might be too low for you; otherwise, you should think of putting two of these pillows on top of each-other while nursing for extra height. Balancing the cushion against two arms of a chair can also work well.

Advantages of using Nursing Pillows

  • The baby is at a bit of an incline, which helps for a better latch and keeps the baby from moving.
  • Some breastfeeding pillows wrap snugly around the waist.
  • Most of them are small (portable) and will not draw much attention when breastfeeding in public.


  • Never allow your baby to lie face down on the pillow.
  • Do not allow your baby to fall asleep on it.
  • Do not put the pillow in a crib or playpen.
  • Always keep an eye on baby while using it.

Other Breastfeeding Support Pillows

1. My brest friend breastfeeding pillow:

  • It’s flat on top, firm and your baby won't move while nursing.
  • It has extra back support so that the mother doesn't need to use other pillows as well.
  • Fits large sizes too. Larger mothers might find this bf pillow a little easier to use.
  • This pillow can be used to try many different breastfeeding positions.
  • The surface is wider than that of the boppy and can more easily be used to breastfeed twins.
  • The firmness of the “my brest friend pillow" could provide a mother with a little bit more hands-free activity.

2. The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow:

  • This innovative Nursing Pillow is contoured to fit around a mother easily, without the use of buckles or straps.
  • It is designed to ease stress on your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • This nursing pillow lifts a baby up to the proper level, for a more relaxed feeding.
  • The unique contoured design encourages correct feeding position, by naturally rolling the baby towards the mother.

If you have tried breastfeeding with a baby nursing pillow and without and just don’t seem to find a comfortable breastfeeding position, then you should think of maybe breastfeeding your baby in a wrap or sling…the advantages of baby-wearing discussed here.

Happy pillow hunting!

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