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Boobies for Babies

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You've seen your breasts just grow and grow; they're filled with mother's milk, don't you know. The best food for your newborn child -boobies drive those babies wild.

Those first few days colostrum flows - thick yellow stuff your body knows. Baby needs this healthy stuff...and milk will follow soon enough.

Please feed your baby on demand. Those boobs should be at his command. Boobies are his milk-filled vat...fill his belly nice and fat.

The more your baby suckles you, the more the milk comes flowing through. Boobies make what baby needs, milk will flow when baby feeds.

No need to heat your boobies up - you're ready when babe wakes up. Hold your baby tenderly...bonding is security.

Breastfeeding helps a mommy too: you're out of shape, with what you've been through. Suckling shrinks you back to size...just one special boob surprise.

Your bond with baby grows strong. Give him your boobs for 6 months long. Watch him grow to a healthy tot...if you breastfeed him a lot.

It's really not that hard to do - breastfeeding is so good for you. For your tiny little one...boobies are a lot of fun.

Fussy Baby

If breastfeeding time

Starts to feel like a test

You may now be wondering.

If breastfeeding, really is best?!


If your fussy breastfed baby

Is driving you up the wall

You may feel as if, it's not worth it at all!


Your little one needs the immunity.

And protection,

That comes with God’s

Awesome design and all-knowing direction.


It could be that your milk is flowing

Too fast or way too slow

And fussing is the only way

For your baby to let you know


It could be that your baby

Is growing so fast

That he feels miserable

Just wait for the growth spurt to pass


So try to explore

The reasons for the fuss

Breastfeeding is quite rewarding

It really is a must

In the end

It will be worth all the fuss



Tit for Tat ~ Breastfeeding in Public

She's always hungry when you're in public places

With all unfamiliar and judgmental faces

But without a doubt

You whip them out

And smuggle your baby some milk

But now they're looking

At what you're cooking

And you feel a wave of guilt

But stop right there

They can gawk and stare

It's ignorance at its best

Because one look at that tiny soothed little face

Will make you forget the rest

So look the onlookers right in the eye

And give them a pitiful grin

They'll never understand the perfect bond

That they consider to be a sin

I feel bad for all you noobs

Who fear the boobs

My baby's hunger pangs come first

What I hear is a plea from my child

That she's suffering from thirst

Would you deny your child a drink

If he/she was crying for one?

Of course, you wouldn't

In turn, I shouldn't

Since we acknowledge our children's needs

And if you have a problem with that

Well, tit for tat! 

Sustainer of Life

Tired eyes, up at three,

Breastfeeding session, baby and me,

Whether early morning or late at night,

He wants the milk that tastes just right:

Natural enzymes keep him on track,

Free reserves keep me in the black,

No matter the time or sort of day,

He need only cry, and I’m on my way,

Everything in nature has its place,

From my abundant milk to his radiant face,

I hold my son close to my heart,

To seal a bond, no man can part,

Society doesn’t want to see,

What is natural, loving, caring and free:

Rather than from the body taking heed,

I should rush to the store to see what I need,

Everything I require is deep within,

No need to search in a bargain bin,

No outside voice must impart,

Artificial wisdom to my seasoned heart,

I’m not just a sister, a lover or wife,

I am a mother; a sustainer of life. 

All that's needed is You!

It’s time to feed your little one,

Daddy carries baby to you,

Just think - the only one in the world

Who can provide this, is you!


No worries about the nutrients

That may not be there,

Just feeding your baby

Without a care.


No washing of bottles

Or formula mixing anywhere,

Just nursing your baby

In a cozy rocking chair.


First trip to the zoo,

When baby gets hungry,

All that's needed is you.


No rushing about the house

With so much to do,

Just cuddling your baby,

And getting a little rest too.


No diets - you're burning more calories

Than most in a day,

Just by nursing your baby,

Losing weight the easy way.


To feed your baby best,

Only one person will do, to provide

The perfect liquid gold…

Only mother’s milk will do.

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