Breastfeeding Shirts / Tops

Mothers who breastfeed, can look sexy and stylish too!

Advantages of Special Nursing Shirts for Breastfeeding

  • You do not need to lift your whole shirt when breastfeeding in public.
  • You can continue to look trendy and beautiful while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
  • Most breastfeeding tops are made from a stretchy material, which means that it will retain it's shape and style.

Types of Breastfeeding Tops

  • Some breast feeding shirts overlap in front for easy access.
  • Many nursing tops are made so that they can be worn during pregnancy too.
  • A breastfeeding shirt may have slits with layers of material that overlap each other, these a mother can just move aside whilst nursing. 
  • Some tops for breastfeeding even have little fastenings that open a separate panel, almost like the common breastfeeding bra that opens at the shoulder, in-between the breasts or under the breasts.
  • There are stylish breastfeeding tops that are made with built in nursing bras too, but these are best left for those ladies who have smaller breasts, as they do not offer as much support as a separate nursing bra.
  • Most breastfeeding tank tops are made with a stretchy material, which is easily pulled aside for breastfeeding.
  • Some tops have a low V or U neck for easier access.
  • There are mothers who prefer a breast feeding top that can be pulled up to breastfeed, they usually use a nursing cover when breastfeeding in public.

New to Breastfeeding?

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