Breastfeeding Signatures

I recently started joining a lot of mommy groups online and noticed that many ladies were using precious metals as signatures in their post ( Bronze
( . Y . ) ) And so I did some research to find out what it was all about, and this is what I found...

According to the time that you have been breastfeeding your little one, you can use these as a signature or tag in blogs, groups or even your email.

I think this is great to show others that it can be done and give you something to strive towards (I’m trying to get diamond)

So hope you enjoy these and please if you know of any other signatures past the diamond stage, don’t hesitate to let me know so that I can add them to this page for those extended breastfeeding mothers.

baby breastfeeding, happy mommy

The color of award:

6 weeks – Purple

3 months – Bronze

6 months – Silver

1 year – Gold

18 months – Platinum

2 years – Diamond

Types of boobies

Fake Silicone Boobies ( + )( + )

Perky Boobies (*)(*)

Big Nipple Boobies (@)(@)

breastfeeding a toddler, breastfeeding an older child

A Cups o o

D Cups { O }{ O }

Wonderbra Boobies (oYo)

Cold Boobies ( ^ )( ^ )

Lopsided Boobies (o)(O)

Pierced Nipple Boobies (Q)(O)

Hanging Tassels Boobies  (p)(p)

Grandma's Boobies  \ o /\ o /

Against The Shower Door Boobies ( )( )

Android Boobies  | o | | o |

Deflated Boobies  V V

Uneven Boobies  (.)( . )

Cleavage Boobies  ( • Y • )

Have fun!

By Zelda Behr Bronze ( . Y . )

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