Breastfeeding Stool

The Nursing Stool

A good breastfeeding cushion in combination with a breastfeeding stool can help a mother position her baby at the breast and can prevent neck, shoulder, arm and back pain. A stool for nursing will help bring the baby up to a comfortable level for nursing, it prevents a mother from leaning forward to nurse.

What are the differences between breastfeeding stools or any other foot stools or ottomans?

The breast feeding stool is tilted at an angle, so that you can rest your feet and have your knees positioned up higher. The nursing stool is also much lower than most other nursery gliders and ottomans.

Some mothers who breastfeed like to get a special nursing chair “breastfeeding chair”, these are a lot more expensive, but can be used by others for many years after it has served it's purpose for breastfeeding.

Advantages of using a Nursing Stool when Breastfeeding

  • The stools for nursing give your legs much needed support, especially for those mothers who are a little on the shorter side.
  • It positions your legs higher to prevent your baby from sliding downwards, providing a supportive, comfortable position whilst breastfeeding.
  • These small stools can help keep your posture correct and will prevent backache, neck ache. It can also prevent the pain whilst breastfeeding after a c-section delivery.
  • The nursing foot stool can usually be used as a step stool after nursing and can be found in many different styles and designs to fit in with any decor.
  • It is less expensive than a nursing glider chair.

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