Breastfeeding Vitamin and Nutrient Intake

Should I be Taking a Supplement for Breastfeeding?

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For a mother who is breastfeeding, vitamin and nutrient intake is essential. With the right proportions of vitamins, you will feel good and then breastfeeding can become one of the most memorable and rewarding times in a mother’s life.

When breastfeeding, nutrients play an important role in ensuring the quality of your milk and also how healthy you remain yourself. For example, when breastfeeding, vitamin D and its deficiency can be a significant concern for the mother’s health, which might further necessitate the need for adequate supplements while breastfeeding.
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Breastfeeding Vitamins Needed

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You can combine various options and food groups to derive optimum nutrition:

• 3 servings each of meat, poultry, fish eggs, nuts, and dry beans every day.

• 2-4 servings of fruits and 3 to 5 servings of vegetables a day. These are a high source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

• 3 servings of carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe, for a good dose of vitamin A.

• 3 or more servings of milk and dairy products.

• 2-3 servings of fish a week (read more about eating fish and breastfeeding here).

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• 2-3 servings of citrus fruits such as oranges, for a good source of vitamin c.

• Around 7 servings a day of legumes.

• At least 1 egg yolk a day that is very high in vitamin D.

• At least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.

A mother is often advised to take special supplements for lactation if her diet is not sufficient. In fact, in some cases, doctors might also encourage you to continue to take your prenatal vitamins.

You can use a nutrition calculator to ascertain the number of nutrients you typically consume in a day. From here, you can decide whether breastfeeding supplements are something you need to take.

By Jasmin Pannu

What lactation supplement do you use? Or do you take any supplements to increase breast milk supply?

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