Breastfeeding with Small Breasts

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Small Breasts and Breastfeeding…

Size has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to breastfeed!

No matter what the size or shape of your breasts, the ability to produce breast milk lies in the presence of breast tissue.

Women with large breasts, often have the same amount of breast tissue “milk-producing cells" as smaller breasted women. What makes their breasts so much larger you ask? FAT. (This is not always the case though, some women do have more breast tissue than others)

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Even the flattest chested women can breastfeed. Also, remember that a woman’s breasts will mature and grow during pregnancy; you only know your true bra size after having your first baby.

Overall, women with smaller breasts usually find latching on and positioning a lot easier than women with large breasts.

The only thing that may make a difference is that a small breasted woman may have a lower storage capacity, which means that she may need to breastfeed more often than a larger breasted mother.

Breastfeeding on demand will be especially important, as to make sure that the baby (of a smaller breasted mom) is drinking enough during the day.

The anatomy of the lactating breast and how breast milk production works.

Under Normal Circumstances 

You will make enough Breast Milk if…

These points are true for all mothers who breastfeed…not just ones with small breasts.

  • You eat well (for the extra calories needed), drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.
  • Breastfeed as often as possible, and if you find that your milk supply is a little low, you can pump in-between feedings. Breastfeed on demand and with skin to skin contact
  • Relax while breastfeeding: Stress can decrease let down and milk supply.
  • Do not give your baby any other fluids to drink, let him/her breastfeed exclusively; this will ensure that you have enough milk. 
  • Try breast massage for increased milk production and healthy lymph drainage. Mothers who struggle with the flow of milk can use breast compression during feedings. 
  • Use natural herbs to increase breast milk supply, if necessary.

Breastfeeding with Small Breasts

Is Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?

How do you know if your baby is drinking enough?

Wondering if your baby is drinking enough while breastfeeding? 

Hang in there, as your baby becomes confident and increases in skill, breastfeeding becomes easier.

It’s really worth it in the long run!

Breastfeeding with tubular hypoplastic breasts

Small Breasts Lots of Milk

by Kendall's mommy

"I was 34A before I was pregnant, I am currently 36b while breastfeeding. Even though my breast are very small, I was surprised at the amount of milk I was producing.

I was producing so much milk that I had to constantly pump every 2-3 hrs because I would get so engorged. Now my daughter is 8 months and I am still pumping but only every 6-8 hours and still am producing anywhere from 8-15 ounce with each pumping session. So small breasts can definitely produce enough milk!"

Small and Successful

by Lee-Ann

"Ever since the 10th grade, when a classmate told me I "better not have twins or they'll starve,"

I was concerned that I was not equipped to breastfeed. I was so hoping my breasts would fill out during pregnancy, but they never did.

I wore my same, 32AA bras through all three of my pregnancies.

But two or three days after giving birth, my milk would come in, and all three of my children were exclusively breastfed. My chubby second child was 8 months old before he would accept ANY other nourishment besides breast milk.

Also, my nursing bra was too big, but a 34B was the smallest size I could find. When my children were weaned, I packed away my nursing bras and went back to my 32AAs.

According to most websites, especially cosmetic surgery sites, my breasts are "deformed." They are tiny, far apart, and kind-of coned shaped.

Basically, I look very similar to the pictures for hypoplastic breasts. I'm not saying there is never a reason for concern, but don't listen to every website that tells you your breasts are underdeveloped and deformed because they are "not normal in size and shape." Maybe my breasts don't meet the standards of "normal," but I have three healthy teenagers who tower over their momma (and daddy)."

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