Dark green colored milk....help!

by helpless mom

Hi! I stopped breastfeeding a year ago. Eventually, i found out that one of my nipple openings could express dark green colored milk...whilst the other nipple opening is fine, where the normal color milk comes out...

Is this infection?! Or a plugged duct?! It's a little bit painful when I poke on my breast area, but I'm not experiencing any fever, hot feeling or redness on my breast area...

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Aug 13, 2011
green milk?
by: Tracy

Is it green or green tinged?

Sometimes something in your diet can change the color of the milk, such as green drinks or large amounts of green vegetables like seaweed. It can also be caused by a multivitamin or prenatal capsule or antibiotics. Have you had a change in your diet?

The fact that it's only one breast and not the other is a little strange but not really cause for concern if it's not painful.

If it's dark green and thicker than normal and your breast is painful, I would recommend you see your doc about it.

Aug 13, 2011
yeap, it's dark green ... not green tinged
by: helpless mom

It's dark green, not tinged green...and the weird part is, only the nipple opening has encountered this condition...

I've even studied some articles...and know that it might be caused by the diet, but when I review my diet...i don't found any high iron or over intake of green colored food. This makes me doubt more.

Even Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group (Singapore) counselor couldn't consult me further about this.

Anyway, I've made an appointment with local women care consultant...hopefully they'll schedule me for ultrasound to know what's the exact cause... till then, I'll update here to share with others

Breastfeed mom~


Aug 14, 2011
dark green?
by: Tracy


That is very strange, please do keep us updated! Thanks ;-)

Looking forward to your reply.

Jan 27, 2012
Please update
by: Tigger's Sister

My mom is experiencing the same thing only her true milk hasn't come in yet but now they want her to stop breast feeding and that breaks her heart. Did you ever find out what was going on that it turned that color?

Sep 06, 2013
the same problem
by: helen

Dear mums,
I have also problem with one opening on my left nipple. It started 2 months ago, when I discovered that the milk from that opening is dark green. Sometimes it looks like it's mixed with a drop of white milk.
Like the other mum, I also didn't eat to much green vegetables, and I'm very concerned.
I have 11-months old son, whom I breastfeeded 5,5 months.
P. S. My english is not so good, because it's not my mothers tonge.

Jan 30, 2015
by: Punni

I have heard that there will be a small yellow tinge in the milk but a green tinge is so strange. It can be more likely some small infections or even may be due to consumption of some particular food.

Nov 09, 2015
boobs haven't fallen off yet so..
by: Anonymous

I've had the dark green colostrum for over 13 yrs, had historectomy 16yrs ago.. No pain Etc so no doc appt.

I think I asked a Dr about it when it first started, there's a name for it i can't recall, doc wasn't concerned and said its quite common.

My colostrum came in when I lost my kids so I just figured it came with the territory. My boobs haven't fallen off yet, they're hangin in there.. ;)

Nov 24, 2015
Green milk
by: Anonymous

I stopped breastfeeding 7 years ago and I still have a dark green milk that can be expressed from my breasts. My dr tested it, no infection, so she isn't worried. Her advice was to stop messing with it and it will eventually dry up.

Sep 15, 2016
Dark green breast mik
by: Anonymous

I am over 60 and have had this condition ever since giving birth to my son at the age of 19.

I tried to breast feed, but had nearly flat nipple issues and my doctor recommended that I stop and I was given some treatment to force my breast milk to stop.

That partially worked but I was left with a small ongoing discharge. About 20 years later I began to notice one nipple on my right breast had a combination of regular color milk and one single exit point that discharged green.

Sometimes it is light green sometimes dark almost like ink. It persists to this day. It was tested some years ago for possible blood but it is strictly milk.

My doctor at that time said it is not uncommon and as long as mammogram checkups are good and there is no pain or irritation it is nothing to worry about.

Do not feel embarrassed to check with your doctor to make sure if you are concerned.

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