Don't give up!!

by Julie
(Christchurch, NZ)

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed, and hoped while I was pregnant that I will not have too much drama with it.

I gave birth to my daughter Scarlette in France and we were going to move to New-Zealand when she was 5 weeks old. Therefore breastfeeding her was for my opinion the best way to go, as it was going to be more practical during our traveling.

Just after i gave birth, my daughter would not latch on at all. All the midwifes tried to help us but Scarlette would just not be interested. We waited 36 hours after birth and still no success.

The midwifes were concern that i will not have a proper kickstart for my milk production, so i pump and give the colostrum to my baby with a spoon. When my milk finally arrive, i got so engorged it was really painfull and Scarlette would still not latch on! Oh boy, this was not going the way i thought it was going to be! Why wasn't she breastfeeding?

So i pump and gave her milk in a bottle and i was still trying and trying to breastfeed her as it was so important to me, but each time no success.

After 4 days we try to but a nipple shield and Scarlette latch on! So here it was it look like we were going to be successful afterall but with a nipple shield. Oh well not as practical but at least it was better then nothing!

The problem that we had, was that because of the shield my breast didn't got the stimulation that they needed for a good and sturdy milk supply and after 10 days, Scarlette was losing weight and slowly starving.

My midwife notice that something was not going right and told me to give formula. She also told me that unfortunately, once you start giving the bottle to a new born it is quite hard to breastfeed exclusively after that. Babies or just human and sucking on a bottle is so much easier then sucking on a nipple!

So as the days went pass and we feed her more formula ( while i was still pumping every 2 hours to improve my milk supply) my hopes of breastfeeding we going slowly out the window.

I kept on trying thought and kept believing that we would manage, i so wanted to breastfeed!

After 3 weeks, and a lot a lot of trying and crying, Scarlette miraculously latch on directly at the breast for the first time!!!!

Now she is 10 months old, breastfeed ever since and our trip to new-zealand when really smoothly with my baby latch on to the breast anywhere anytime, just pure joy for her and I!

So for all of us that get told that we won't be able to breastfeed for any old reason ( unless medical reasons) or any king of bump along the road, and for all of us that really really want to breastfeed, i guess don't give up and keep trying and believing!

Those first 3 weeks were really hard but I'm so glad that we didn't gave up. And babies CAN learn how to breastfeed even if it is not their cup of tea at the beginning!

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