Drinking while Breastfeeding

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Can you Drink Alcohol while Breastfeeding?

Alcohol is generally safe in moderation, but should be avoided until your baby is at least three months old.

Pumping and dumping will not remove alcohol from the milk. Alcohol will be present in your milk at the same level as in your blood. If you know what your blood alcohol level is, you will know your milk alcohol level. The only difference is that your baby cannot metabolize alcohol as efficiently as you can.

Most times if a mother has alcohol in her milk, the baby will drink less. Drinking alcohol while breastfeeding will also decrease the flow of milk (let down) and this combined with less milk removed from the breast may decrease your milk supply and effect your baby’s growth rate. This is only true if the alcohol intake is in large amounts and on a regular basis.

To minimise the amount of alcohol that your baby receives via the breast milk, you can breastfeed your baby right before you have a drink (don’t overdo it – one drink). Your milk should be alcohol free within two to three hours.

Drinking wine while breastfeeding

The same rules above apply to wine consumption while breastfeeding.

What about drinking beer while breastfeeding?

Beer has been used traditionally to increase milk supply, but what about the alcohol content? On the following page we discuss this issue and provide a safer beer alternative as well as a few other tips.

Things you should know

More detailed article on the effects of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.

What about Drinking Coffee while Breastfeeding?

Drinking too much coffee has been known to cause excessive spitting up in infants among other things. But you can continue to enjoy coffee in moderation. Read more about drinking coffee and caffeine consumption during breastfeeding. 

Can I Drink Green Tea while Breastfeeding?

Most green teas contain caffeine, but some are caffeine-free. Drinking large amounts of green tea is not recommended for nursing mothers. This herb has not been tested for safety while breastfeeding. For more information about the safety of other teas while breastfeeding, click here.

Can you Drink Energy Drinks while Breastfeeding?

Always check the sugar and caffeine content on energy drink labels. These will make your baby restless. A baby with acid reflux may suffer from increased symptoms, if their mother consumes excessive amounts of caffeine.  

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