Breast Engorgement Management

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On this page, you will find a few great comments and answers from other mothers on the subject of breastfeeding engorgement.

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Breast is Hard, Baby Can't Latch on

by Lisa Tang

"Hi. I just had a baby and I'm trying to breastfeed my baby. But however my breast is hard as a rock, so it's painful, and it's hard for my baby to latch on my breast.
What can I do to make my breast soften?

Best regards"

Apr 10, 2011   
Help for engorged breasts...

by: Tracy

"Hi Lisa

Breast compressions will help to get the milk flowing, which will also relieve engorgement...

Warm showers helped get my milk to flow with my first Baby, and breast massage.
I also use to pump a little milk, just before I breastfed, just to soften the breasts a little.

I hope it helps.

I'm having a little baby in June, and my husband chose the name Lisa if it’s a girl ;-)

Hope this helps
Kind regards"


Hard breast, little milk lump

by Mary
(Lake Forest, CA)

"I get plenty of milk from one breast, but minimal from the right side. It is hard, and there is a lump also."

Aug 24, 2012
Hard lumps in breast engorged
by: Zelda Behr

"It sounds like you have a plugged milk duct.

Firstly don't stop breastfeeding!!!

When your baby does not drain a breast properly, some of the milk dries up, and this creates a blockage.

Your breast may have a hard, red and swollen knob that might feel tender.

Things that may cause engorgement include:

* Not giving baby enough time to finish the breast.

* Tight bras.

* Sleeping on your stomach.

Some easy ways to treat this is...

* Breastfeeding and pumping every 2 hours.

* Warm cloth applied to the area.

* Try dangle feeding. This is when you allow your breast to hang while breastfeeding.

* In a warm bath or shower you can try hand expressing.

* If there is a small white blister on your nipple, pierce it with a sterilized needle and let baby drain the duct. 

You can take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.

Remember, if the symptoms persist, it could turn into mastitis.

If you start getting flu-like symptoms and a fever it means you have mastitis.

If this does not help, consult your doctor as untreated mastitis can cause a breast abscess."


Breast hardness

by Junaid



My 1 breast so hard and milk not squirting.

Help me.

What I can do?"

Jan 20, 2014
Breast engorgement
by: Lyssa

"Especially during the first few months, while our breasts are learning to regulate our supply, woman are prone to engorgement of their breasts.

This can be caused by a missed or delayed feeding or a sudden increase in supply. This is normal, but can sometimes be troublesome and painful.

Pumping a bit before offering the breast to the baby can help, as well as hand expressing if you prefer. After a few minutes, the breast should become softer and the baby more easily able to breastfeed."


Natural Remedies for Plugged Ducts

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