Even when it doesn't work... don't give up!

by Helen Sweeney
(Brooklyn, NY)

My husband and I have been waiting for our child for a long time. I got pregnant right away but miscarried our first, and we couldn't seem to get pregnant since then.

When I finally found out I was pregnant - I was thrilled. I got all these nifty little things - like a baby sling and a nursing cover. I asked my best friend to buy me nursing bras when she asked what I wanted. I was preparing myself for a lifetime of breastfeeding bliss.

Sadly, it has not worked out like that.

I had my daughter in November 2011. She had a severe tongue-tie and would not latch on. I did not have enough colostrum to express either so while in the hospital we gave in and had to formula feed her.

We went to a specialist to fix her tongue tie - and she still did not latch on. I bought nipple shields, sippie cups, supplemental feeder and every other breast gadget known to me to help my daughter latch on - and she still did not latch on.

I paid for private consultations with lactation consultants and went to breastfeeding support groups and got tons of healthy advice - and she still did not latch on. She is seven weeks at the time I am typing this, and she still refuses to breastfeed.

Knowing the benefits of breastfeeding - I decided to pump and offer breast milk to her in a bottle. And that's what we have been doing. Yes, it takes a lot more of my time. Yes, I have to be super creative on how to pump when we're out in the city running errands or when I have classes at the university.

Yes, giving her formula and just letting my milk dry up would've been a lot more convenient for us at this point. But you can't go against the fact that breast milk is better for her than formula - and I do want the very best for my daughter.

So for those of you who feel like you've tried everything and it didn't work - don't give up! Do the best for your children that you can, and you will live with no regrets.

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