Exclusive pumper

My 6 weekweeks baby has had a change in his stool over the past three days. He has had consistent diareheah that is very smelly compared to the past. And today his stool is less runny but green and mucussy.

I am an exclusive pumper since my baby will not latch on and is fed his breadtmilk by bottle. I have produced a good amount since he was born and since breastmilk is good at room temperature for 4-6 hours you he feeds from the same bottle until gone or bad ehich ever comes first over a couple feedings.

He has had colic like syptoms since day one after every feeding he grunts, squirms, and brings his knees up and down for several minutes. He has even developed an umbilical hernia from his discomfort.

All though he is a happy baby for the most part he does not cry or fuss too much just after feedings. He only goes 1-2 hours before he is hungry again day and night even after eating anywhere from2-4oz a feeding.

I am not sure if foremilk imbalance has anything to to do work with this you since he my is bottlefed my breastmilk Please help with any input or advice. Thanks

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Oct 22, 2012
exclusive pumping bottle feeding
by: Anonymous

I noticed that you mentioned that you use the same milk from the bottle several times within 4-6hrs at room temperature. I have been advised not to let the milk stand more than 4hrs at daytime and nighttime its ok since it is cooler to let it stand up to 6hrs. However, once the baby has started drinking the milk, you have to finish the portion within 1hr from the first feed and discard the balance.that is why it is best to store in 2oz quantity for each bottle so that the milk won't go to waste. Did you take anything different in your meals as what we eat also will affect the milk that we pump for baby?

Oct 22, 2012
acid reflux?
by: Jaclyn Pawlowski Love

Is it acid reflux? All 3 of my boys had it and had those symptoms. We also went through that green stool phase around 4-5 weeks and our ped. Was not worried. Just wanted to make sure he was producing 4-6 wet diapers.

Oct 22, 2012
Responding to previous comments.....thanks for your input
by: Exclusive pumper

Well, I was under the impression that yes if I were to warm milk that has been refrigerated, then it is only good for an hour, so it is best to serve in 2oz portions. But if I am using freshly pumped milk that I accumulated in 6-8oz portions and have not put in the refrigerator than it is good for 4-6 hours depending on the room temp.

So it is okay to serve from the same bottle that I filled up from that pump session if he has not finished it and it has not exceeded its time limit than I thought it was okay.

I have not changed my diet at all. I don't think it is reflux because he does not spit or throw up more than usual. I am starting to think he may have an allergy because he also has a rash of tiny bumps along his neck and chest. He no longer has diarrhea but green stool with lots of mucus in it now

I am starting to get discouraged I so badly wanted to breastfeed, and it was so frustrating for both me and baby when he could not latch I wish to provide him with all the benefits of breast milk but pumping exclusively is very hard, time-consuming, and takes a lot of dedication especially since I am starting to work part time again.

Now that I am having problems with breast milk allergies having to adjust my diet like cutting out dairy seems to be another battle.

I am starting to lose hope and considering formula but feel like a bad mom. Not to mention all of the frozen milk I have stored so far...could that all go to waste if he has allergies to dairy?

Oct 24, 2012
my thoughts
by: Tracy


Yes, it could be a little bit of foremilk/hind-milk imbalance. You could start block feeding/pumping to reduce the amounts of foremilk...

Here is a page on this

Also here is a page on the safe guidelines of milk storage.

Please read the benefits of breastfeeding and the benefits for you as a mom before you make any decision.

Formula cannot come close to breast milk and may cause even more hassles for your baby's tummy. formula contains cow protein instead of lactose (which is what is in breast milk.)

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Just started EP at 11 weeks...please help!

by Emily
(Bedford, TX)

Hey Ladies, need some help/guidance/advice! I went back to work at 10 weeks and since my LO is so impatient with nursing due to getting the milk from the bottle so much easier. After 2 weeks of constant crying/screaming and an unhappy baby and mama (struggling with severe PPD), I decided to make the switch to EP instead of EBF like we were doing before. At 11 weeks I had to supplement with formula, one bottle every other day because I couldn't pump what LO was eating while at daycare. So here is my question:

I've read so many articles that say once your supply is established from 12 weeks of EP, you can often times decrease pumping sessions to 5/6 times per day. Others I've read says "while EP you need to pump 7-8 times per day". I'm wondering if I nurse my LO first thing in the morning, how many times do I need to pump during the day? She eats 6 times per day...

Thanks in advance for all your help, I have a new found respect for moms who EP.

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Jan 05, 2014
by: Lyssa

There isn't a hard and fast rule to how many times a day you have to pump. Most moms find pumping easiest in the morning and then slowly find themselves pumping less and less throughout the day.

When I EP'ed, I pumped every two hours during the day, and four at night, as I found this worked best with my schedule.

The pump is much less effective at getting milk than a baby, which is why you supply is probably lessening. Pumping more often will help increase your supply, as well as staying adequately hydrated. Once you have established a supply, then you can lengthen the time slowly between pumping sessions, but this may decrease supply. It takes a bit of work and trial and error to figure out what works best for you, your baby, and your body.

You sound like you are doing a great job feeding your baby! Keep up the good work!

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Exlusive pumping experience

by Laura

Due to flat nipples and a baby who would latch but refused to then stay on the breast I have EPed since day two.

I have an excellent milk supply getting 6-10 oz from 10 mins pumping. It has given me the chance to feed breastmilk but also be able to leave lo with hubby for the day with more than enough milk for her with little effort.

I find ep to be easy, convenient and allow me freedom. Tbh if I have a second child this would def be my choice of feeding, I hated breastfeeding, I found it tiring and very painful. I have no guilt over ep and think its fab! :)

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Aug 30, 2012
Totally agree
by: Tracey

Agree with you there. I too have flat nipples and tried so hard with my first to breastfeed, but she wouldn't latch.

My second latched great but it was painful I was dreading every feed and would sit there crying the whole time, I eventually went to pumping and found great relief.

My third I was determined to give him breastmilk but didn't want to latch on, so I turned to exclusive pumping from day one. Best thing I could have done although I never had enough supply so was still giving formula afterward.

I do think this needs to be an option for mums who say they don't want the bf. This is a great way to give Bub still the best.

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Exclusively pumping wanting to breastfeed

by Christina
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi everyone I need some help.

Little one has been exclusively drinking pumped breast milk for 5 weeks. Baby sometimes drinks from a nipple shield but he doesn't like it very much.

I have also tried to put him on my breast but my nipples are a little flat (use to be inverted 5 weeks ago!) and he doesn't open his mouth wife enough or stay on. But for a minute on and off he will suck. I don't have milk supply issues though I wonder if the let down is too full on for him.

My lactation consultant told me to get him to suck on my nipple shield for 15-20 mins each feed but I found doing it made his feed almost an hour long and with the need to pump as well took me almost 2 hours to do one feeding. By then I had to feed again or had to feed earlier and pumping was missed out.

My milk went down as I tried this for a few days. To be honest I was too tired to continue doing it and went back to just pumping and feeding.

Now that I have a better handle on motherhood I wanted to do try again but I don't want to go through weening off a nipple shield. If rather go from bottle fed exclusively to breast fed exclusively.

Anyone know how best to do this or if there's a way to do this?

I'm dying to get this sorted as I have to return my rented pump next week. I originally was going to stop breast milk and go straight to formula when this happened. But I really want to give it another go. I'd love to breastfeed if I could for as long as possible I no longer want to go to formula.

Please help!

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Dec 18, 2013
Back to Breast
by: Lyssa

Wow, Mama! Fantastic job, pumping so much for so long already!! And great that you want to get baby back to breastfeeding! Pumping is very exhausting, indeed!

Have you heard of a Supplemental Nursing System? Your Lactation Consultant should be able to help you buy or make one. It is a bag, bottle, or syringe of breastmilk hooked up to a tube that you tape down by your breast; this helps baby a) stimulate your supply by actively nursing and b)helps baby transition from the fast and instant flow of the bottle to that of the breast.

Another thing to try is correcting baby's latch to be bigger and wider. Has baby been checked for a tongue or lip tie that can make a good latch difficult? Adjusting baby at the beginning of each feeding may take a bit of time the first day or two, but the baby should catch on quickly to a correct latch if adjusted appropriately.

A bit of nipple stimulation just before you feed can help get your nipples to stand out a bit more to help baby latch better.

Great job so far, mama! Keep it up!

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Exhausted single mom of two/pumping exclusively

by Katherine

I'm a single mom of two and currently tied to a pump, trying desperately to give my two week old daughter the little milk I make.

She couldn't latch or transfer milk, so my lactation consultants started me pumping, finger feeding, and ultimately bottle feeding. I am taking fenugreek, a milk supplement, and a tea.

My supply has doubled...to just below an ounce every three hours. I have had a breast reduction and revision and was unable to feed my first child.

He, however, latched like a pro and was fine nursing for drops then taking a bottle. I knew I would likely have a supply issue; I never ever thought about my daughter not latching.

And everyone keeps telling me to keep trying. I can't pick her up when I'm on the pump. I can't be with my son because I'm trying to sleep. And at 12 weeks I go back to work.

My ob has doubled my zoloft because I'm so depressed and disappointed. I can't go anywhere or do anything because my daughter and the pump are not in sync. I am trying to convince myself 4 weeks is enough but if anything happened to her that they tie back to formula (lets face it...from SIDS to a cough they can blame not breastfeeding)

I couldn't live with myself. However, I'm not easy to live with now. I'm a mess.

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Mar 12, 2013
Your best
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hey Katherine

You have tried your best; you know its more important for the baby to have a happy mommy, even if you have to stop breastfeeding.

As a last resort, you could try keeping baby at the breast with a "supplemental nursing system" SNS. It's a little bottle that you fill with milk (preferably donor milk in your case) The bottle has a small tube attached to it that goes into the corner of baby's mouth while you breastfeed. This helps baby stay at the breast to build supply while supplementing.

You sound frustrated, and I think it would be less stressful if you just decided to stop (in my opinion). And this advice is coming from a very pro-breastfeeding advocate and someone who is studying in this field.

I would like to encourage you to find out about donor breast milk in your area.

Mar 12, 2013
Be kind to yourself
by: Anonymous

My dear you have gone above and beyond what many women would.

I am a mother of two with another due in a few weeks. I tried medication, tea, fenugreek, feeding tube, you name it we tried it.

Finally, our pediatrician told me that the girls would thrive just fine on formula after I got done crying with both of them I agreed & I now have two beautiful and healthy little girls.

My husband and I agreed we would try again with this one, I meet tomorrow to come up with a plan for nursing at the hospital, but if we have problems and struggle, I will be kind to myself & my family and stop much earlier to alleviate the unnecessary stress.

Know that you did all that you could and now take the time to enjoy your two bundles of joy at home! You will be so relieved and thankful you did.

Mar 12, 2013
by: Katherine

We saw a new lactation consultant today, who was lovely. She started us on an SNS instead of the pump. However, my daughter still isn't transferring...by dinner, I was leaking and had to pump.

I'm hoping it gets better...pumping AND an SNS don't simplify anything. But I loved the SNS...I was able to hold my baby, and she did latch while with the consultant. Home was another story. She had trouble again, and as I said, it ended with pumping.

Her pediatricians keep talking to me like if I try harder, I'll suddenly be pouring milk. The one today reluctantly said I had to take care of myself and didn't seem to get that two breast surgeries and a poor latch later, I wasn't just lazy or whiny.

After seeing an ob for postpartum depression today and finding out I have lost 30 lbs in two weeks, my ob was the first to say do what you can, but if you can't, you're still a great mom.

So I'm giving it two weeks. I have every tool. I am hoping the SNS somehow works, but if not...I will give her a month and mourn that I couldn't do more.

I'm mourning now. But my girl has gained 2 oz a day since I started supplementing and pumping and is healthy and beautiful. That will have to be enough.

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exclusively pumping

by my boys3

I have been exclusively pumping for almost 7 months now and I am so happy I stuck with it. I was very difficult and tiresome in the beginning but you can do it!

It does get a lot easier and my son is happy and healthy. I am going for a full year!

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Nov 10, 2011
Why? Trouble Breastfeeding?
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

Hello there

Can I ask why you are exclusively pumping and not breastfeeding directly? I admire you in your efforts in wanting to give your child the best. I had trouble breastfeeding in that I did not make enough milk no matter what I did and I am curious why you are not breastfeeding so I can learn for my next child. Thank you and well done.

Nov 28, 2011
by: Ayo

Seven months?? I've been expressing for 9wks now, and I'm getting tired.....and exclusive! Wow, I do mixed.......well done.

Feb 27, 2012
my boys 3
by: Anonymous

then after 7months, you gave formula to your son?

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I'm an exclusively pumping mom

Hi moms, my name is Michelle Ngo and I'm a mom of four. I'm a mom who has always been an exclusive pumper.

It was a difficult journey for me but I went as far as I could. What made it especially hard was the time that it took to pump, wash bottles, feed my babies and still keep my sanity.

I decided to set out to find a solution for at least one of my issues. So, I designed a product that aids in washing the bottles faster, easier and more effectively.

I am trying to gain awareness for the product so that I can bring it to all moms who share the same frustrations. Can you help me or give me advice on how I can get my message out there because I am having a hard time getting my voice heard. From one mom to another, thank you so very kindly for your time and help.

Michelle Ngo

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Thinking of exclusively pumping

by Victoria

Thank you for the great information. My son is three weeks old and I have problems breastfeeding. I am thinking about exclusively pumping.

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Minimizing pumping... Help

My son decided around 9.5 months he was done nursing at the breast.

I tried to offer breast first for the next three weeks and he still refused and it took its toll on me so I decided to pump exclusively.

He will be a year old in less than 2 weeks and I've stared to decline the amount of pumping sessions per day from 5 down to 3.

I've started to mix in a bit of whole milk in with breastmilk to start his transition.. I'm not really sure how soon I should go down to 2 and then to 1 pumping session a day and eventually stop.

I thought about trying to go on for another 6 months of pumping but its just my time to be done I gave it the best I could for my first baby and I never supplemented with formula. If anyone has any insight please let me know!

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Exclusively pumping - a longer then 7 days period

Baby is almost a year.

Got a period at 11 months post baby, is it normal to have a longer than 7 days period, and it was a lot heavier then it use to be also?

With exclusively pumping?? This is my second period and it seems to be the same as the first one was never bleed longer then 7 days till now so I'm getting really worried

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Jun 16, 2017
a few months to adjust.
by: Tracy


I think it's your body's way of regulating itself. I remember my first few periods after my babies were also heavier and longer than usual.

I would not worry about it. Give your body at least a few months to adjust to all the hormonal changes taking place. To put your mind at ease, you could always give your doctor a call.

Hope this helps

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Single Working Mom Exclusively Pumps

by anon


My DD is almost 9 weeks old, but I had to return to work when she turned 4-5 weeks old, because bills wouldn't get paid otherwise. I exclusively pump since she has troubles latching, and when she does latch, she detaches almost immediately after latching.

I feel like my supply has been decreasing since returning to work. Especially because I can only get 4-5 pumping sessions in a day, 6 if I'm lucky enough to have the time.

I also have had a lot of stress to deal with since returning to work since I never got to practice balancing work and school with taking care of a LO, along with applying for assistance.

I'm pretty much on my own when I'm at home. I was able to take my DD to my university class this last semester, but I need someone to watch her while I work during the break and my last semester.

I need some help figuring out how to keep my supply up without quitting my job and dropping out of school.

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Jan 11, 2018
a few tips
by: Tracy

Here are a few pages that will help:

You could power pump when you do get a chance in the evenings after trying to breastfeed...

Power pumping

Lactogenic foods that might help

Lactogenic foods

I use to make my herbal tea to increase supply, here is the recipe.

Make your own Tea

A list of a few things that helped me personally:

Massaging my breasts while breastfeeding (breast compression)
Oatmeal in the mornings.
Nori (seaweed they use around sushi) I use to eat these sheets with vegetables and dip them in avo. Three sheets are enough to more than double your supply.

I suggest you see someone about the latch issues, and it could be something simple to rectify like a tongue tie.

Hope this helps

Mar 19, 2018
my advice
by: Lezel

Hi there. I feel like you’ve just spoken back my words to me. I had the same situation when my daughter was born.

Went back to work almost immediately, found out my breastmilk supply seemed insufficient, had to introduce bottles/breast pump and even tried lactation medication prescribed by my doctor.

The medication helped so much, but due to work stress and home stress the supply would run low again shortly after. It felt like a see-saw experience, and I was a wreck.

I ended up looking for answers online as I felt I did not get sufficient help from professionals.

Your baby is still wholly dependent on the breastmilk at nine weeks. It’s a rock and a hard place it seems.

I noticed two articles on this site regarding herbal medication that may assist with the breastmilk supply concern. It might be safer than chemical options, but you can always get a script written by your doctor.

The medication will help increase your supply, but you may have to do something about the high-stress factor. Getting a sitter or caregiver is always an option or a caregiver close to work.

They say babies are well in tuned to a mother’s stress levels. They sense it and get restless, cranky. I hope not, but you never know! There’s probably research about it online which may go deeper into the truth of it. The stress could be a good reason why your milk supply is affected. (This was my main reason for breastmilk supply problems).

Latching assistance might be another solution. You mentioned baby detaches almost instantly. Try putting a few drops of milk over the areola and see if that helps. Otherwise, you can also use your pinkie to widen baby’s jaw (on the sides of the mouth) and curl bottom lip over to get an accurate latch.

Trying different feeding positions can help too, keeping the baby’s head as close to the nipple as possible in a firm position.
There are great articles on this site especially for latching-problems, they are more in-depth and specific. There are great tips and techniques on it. You might want to go over them as well, but I hope my advice helps in the meantime. It’s hard not being able to breastfeed successfully. I felt like such a failure as a mom, but I am trying to educate myself, so I can make better choices next time around, and possibly feel more in control of my fears and worries when baby 2 comes around. My thoughts are with you and your baby — good luck momma.

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