by Mommy

My eight week old is only breastfed (including bottle-fed with my expressed milk).
The baby is low on his weight gain (getting a home scale today to keep a better weight log).
The baby was 7lb 12 oz at birth ... and gained only a bit in his first six weeks and no gain (and no loss) over the last 2-3 weeks.
He was jaundice when we left the hospital.
One of my concerns is his brown poop (looks like mud) instead of the nice mustard, spinach, green, yellow, seedy poop like is normal.
Please help!
Oh - also - our second concern is over his very “smelly” passing gas.
None of this ever happened with our other six children when they were babies (and all were solely breastfed).
Thank you.

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Dec 23, 2013
Slow gain
by: Lyssa

The hardest part about having more than one child is remembering how different they can all be!

Unless the baby is losing weight or shows signs of dehydration, I wouldn't be too worried. Is there something in your diet that makes YOU gassy that could also be affecting your baby? Does it seem the gas is bothered, baby? You can do bicycles with baby's legs or rub baby's belly to help pass it.

Poop can change color depending on your and baby's diet. If this seems to be baby's "normal" color, I wouldn't be too concerned.

If baby delayed in hitting milestones? Dehydrated? If not...and baby doesn't have any other signs of failure to thrive...I'd think this baby's different!

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windy baby

by sumiyah james

If your baby is curving up his belly and making himself stiff, does it mean that the baby has wind?

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Oct 02, 2012
Baby gas pains
by: Zelda Behr

How to know if your baby has gas.

* Baby pulls his legs up towards his tummy.

* Your little one will cry after feeds.

* He will spit up more.

* Baby will form fists with his hands most of the time.

* Baby's tummy is bloated and tight.

* He passes a lot of gas.

* Baby struggles to sleep.

* Baby might have diarrhea or constipation.

What causes it?

* Excessive crying can cause a baby to swallow air.

* Babies that use dummies can swallow air.

* A food allergy caused by the food you eat.
Read more on food allergies here...

* The lactose in formula can cause gas.

* Overstimulation.

* If you have a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance, it can cause the baby to drink too much watery for-milk and not enough fatty hindmilk.
More on fore milk hind milk imbalance...

* A bad latch can cause the baby to swallow air.

What can you do to help?

* Give it time to pass, most newborns digestive systems are still adapting to the milk.

* Burp your little one on a regular basis while feeding.

* Carry baby in a baby sling, the walking motion will help relieve the gas.

* Give baby a tummy massage.

* Warm bath can help.

* Swaddling the baby can help relieve the pain.

* Try feeding baby in a reclined position.

More on baby gas...

Happy breastfeeding.

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