How to Breastfeed a Colicky Baby

How do you breastfeed a colicky baby? Breastfeeding a colicky baby can be a nightmare, if you are not informed, educated and prepared.

Did you know that the way you change your baby's diaper could be causing his/her colic symptoms? Read more about the diaper changing method that prevents colic

When trying to understand how to deal with and breastfeed colicky babies, you need to know:

Should you Breastfeed Your Colicky Baby? 

Is your Diet Causing Colic in Your Breastfed Baby? 

How to Breastfeed a Fussy Baby? 

Should you Breastfeed your Colicky Baby?

Yes, breast milk is the best thing you can give your baby, even if your baby is sensitive to certain foods. Breast milk not only protects your baby's immune system, but it protects the lining of the gut, this prevents/heals most conditions that cause colic symptoms. 

Watch Your Diet

To begin with, milk and milk products, such as yoghurt, milk and cheese is the most common culprit in newborns, since their tummy lining is not developed fully yet.

Try to eliminate all milk products in the first few weeks of your baby's life. If the colic subsides, slowly introduce them back into your diet after a few weeks.

Try and identify the food group and eliminate it from your diet for some time. If your fussy baby has now calmed down, you can safely assume that the eliminated food group was the cause. Try to keep its intake as low as possible, until the entire episode of colic has subsided. However, be careful not to eliminate too many food groups, since you do not want to starve yourself of the essential nutrients.

Read more about culprit foods while breastfeeding.

Read more about food sensitivities in breastfed babies. 

How to Breastfeed a Colicky Baby

Apart from what mothers eat, they might also need to modify the way they breastfeed their crying, colicky babies.

In this section, we’ll tell you all about breastfeeding a colicky baby and the modifications you might have to make in your existing routine.

  • Is your baby fussy when latching on? If your colicky infant is being fussy, he/she is refusing to breastfeed, or is showing any such signs, make sure that he/she is latched on properly. Read more on latching on.
  • When breastfeeding a colicky baby, try to find the most comfortable breastfeeding position. You can try to breastfeed in a lying down position.
  • When calming fussy babies, mothers need to make sure that the flow of the milk is not a concern. A fast flow of breast milk, is likely going to fluster the child, while a slower pace may frustrate. Read let down reflex tips.
  • A colicky baby or for that matter, any infant, should not be made to wait for a breastfeeding session until they are ravenous. This will cause a baby to gulp down milk and swallow air.
  • Burp your baby more often. Breastfed babies do also need to be burped! Read more about burping your breastfed baby
  • Try Dr Harvey's Cuddle Cure to calm your baby. Watch the video here

By Jasmin Pannu

Breastfeeding The Colicky Baby

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