How to Fix Inverted Nipples

Many mothers struggle with flat or inverted nipples. This can make breastfeeding more challenging than usual.

On this page, we have a few comments by other moms, followed by useful links, where you will find tips on how to deal with inverted or flat nipples while breastfeeding. 

How to fix inverted nipples? Learn more about the Avent Niplette Device. 

Inverted Nipple Treatment

by Lalitha
(Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India)

“I also have an inverted nipple. I had taken the breast bumping method to pull out the nipple.

Are there any precautions or treatments to pull out the inverted nipples as normal?”


How to Fix Inverted Nipples?

By Claire

“Hi Lalitha

I know how frustrated you feel, I too had very flat nipples (on both sides)

I struggled to breastfeed in the beginning, but as my baby breastfed, my nipples started to get larger.

I breastfed for two years, now a year after weaning, my nipples are still big!

So, just keep trying, even if you only breastfeed from one side, pump the other and then when your baby is practiced at breastfeeding, allow him/her to start feeding on that side, even if its just comfort feeding.”


Flat Nipple

by Jayesh

“What to do when your nipple is flat
What about the Niplette?”

By Anonymous

"Hi Jayesh

I had good results with Avent Niplette. It’s a little device that sucks the nipple out. You can use it while pregnant, to prepare for Baby.

You can also hold your breast like you would hold a sandwich, squish it into better shape for Baby while breastfeeding.

I have heard that your nipples do protrude after breastfeeding for a while.”


Breastfeeding with Inverted Nipples on Both Sides


My Bambino is now 2 weeks old, I'm still struggling with breastfeeding.
Both of my nipples are inverted, so my baby is finding it very difficult to latch.
This is causing me to have a low milk supply as well. This is improving though.
I have been trying to use a nipple shield, but my baby will not drink with it.
Please leave your advice. Thanks in advance.”

Nov 14, 2013
My advice
By Linda

“Hi! It can be really challenging when you breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples. I think that it
Would be a good idea to get into contact with a lactation consultant.
You can find out more about using an SNS “Supplementary nursing system”. This is a small tube, attached to a bag of milk, this way baby is nursing at the breast and getting supplemented. Giving baby some breastfeeding practice and increase your breast milk.
There are natural lactational boosting foods such as coconut water, oatmeal, seaweed and many herbs that you can try to increase your supply.
You can do it, mamma!!”


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