how to improve the quality of breast milk

by komal

There are many articles and content to increase breast milk production, but not about how to improve the quality of breast milk, so that babies get best nutrition and gain weight fast for example preemies.

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Apr 30, 2014
improving the quality of breast milk
by: Tracy

Hi, Komal

I do have a few articles that touch on this subject, but now since you have asked, I will put a few on this page as a reference for Moms looking to improve the quality of their breast milk. ;-)

As long as you are eating a healthy, well balanced diet, your milk quality will be sufficient. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients are usually the ones that increase milk supply, therefore they can be used to increase supply and improve the vitamin and nutrients in the breast milk.

Here is a list of foods, herbs and so forth that increase the quality of breast milk:

Barley grass or barley water will increase low milk supply, as well as make the breast milk creamier and more nutrient rich. It can be taken in capsule form, or the pearled barley, (1 cup) can be simmered in a quart of water for about two hours.

Spirulina can also be used to increase breast milk production and increase the fat content of milk. Take two to three capsules daily.

Brewers yeast: Can help increase milk supply, as well as introduce essential nutrients into the breast milk, such as Vit B, Vit B12 and protein.

Coconut water is loaded with nutrients and will increase supply and quality of breast milk.

Seaweed is another one to consider.

If you already have an oversupply of milk, it would be wise to keep these foods to a limit.

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