How to Stop Breastfeeding

Stop Breastfeeding

stopped breastfeeding breast engorge, after stopping breastfeeding mastitis.

We hope that on this page “how to stop breastfeeding," you will find all the information you will need for a smooth, stress-free weaning process for you and your baby!

To all you new mammas out there, I would like to introduce you to a few facts before you look at the information on how to quit breastfeeding:

  • First of all, you are all looking for weaning information, for different reasons, in your unique circumstances, I hope there are some of you who will discover that you don’t need to stop breastfeeding after all. Breastfeeding under standard conditions (if mom still wants to breastfeed) does not need to end at a specific time period. Like for example, some mothers are under the impression that they need to wean when their baby becomes a certain age or starts to teethe. This is not necessary, as baby can benefit from breastfeeding until any age, and may benefit from breastfeeding even more while teething. This is because breast milk contains pain-relieving substances and comfort to your baby. You might just be having a hard time breastfeeding, and might just need some good advice and breastfeeding support.
  • Please don’t feel alone, there are mothers all over the world, who are going through something similar to you. Feel free to leave your thoughts here, to discuss and find the perfect solution and peace of mind that you need.

When you stop breastfeeding, it can be extremely emotional for you as a mother as well, especially if your circumstances are forcing you into this direction.

We hope that reading this page will make the process of weaning and ending your breastfeeding relationship, just a little bit more pleasant. 

When to Stop Breastfeeding

In normal circumstances, it is recommended that a baby is exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months. 

You never need to feel pressurized into quitting breastfeeding, it is perfectly okay to continue to breastfeed until your baby decides to self-wean from the breast.

If you feel forced to wean, please read the following article first. When should I stop breastfeeding?

stopped breastfeeding breast engorge, after stopping breastfeeding mastitis.

When is Baby Ready to Wean?

When he/she starts dropping a few feeds by themselves. Baby led weaning is always recommended. 

You do not need to wean baby (unless you want to) when:

•    Baby starts to teethe.
•    You get mastitis. 
•    You return to work.
•    You or baby are ill.
•    When you become pregnant.

Okay, so “how do I stop breastfeeding?"

Tips for Stopping Breastfeeding

  • The best way to stop breastfeeding is to wean gradually. This will prevent mastitis. The less you breastfeed, the less milk you will produce. So in other words, just start skipping feeds slowly until you completely stop producing breast milk. A rapid stop to breastfeeding can be emotionally stressful on you and your baby. 
  • If you are weaning your baby before the age of one, you will need to supplement with formula. 
  • Now that baby is breastfeeding less, he/she will surely be missing your attention. Be sure to spend just as much or even more time with baby while weaning. 
  • To get baby to take a different form of milk, it might be a good idea to let someone else give the supplement to your baby (other than Mom). It is recommended to provide your baby donor breast milk instead of formula if your baby is under a year old. 
  • Drop the before-bed feedings last. This will comfort your baby and ensure a longer, better nights sleep
  • Other feeding methods such as a sippy cup, is always better than introducing an artificial nipple. 
  • Use expressed breast milk in the beginning transitional days. Your baby will be more likely to accept the bottle or sippy cup if it contains breast milk. 
  • Do not offer out of your own to breastfeed, instead, let your baby come to you. 
  • Try to distract your baby with something else.
  • Shorten nursing sessions (duration of feeds), if your baby is older than 6 months. 

Weaning made Easy for Mom.

  • Do not stop breastfeeding cold turkey; instead, give your body time to transition by stopping breastfeeding gradually. 
  • Decrease any swelling with a cold compress or cabbage leaves. 
  • Herbs that can be taken to decrease milk supply include Oregano, Parsley, Peppermint, Menthol and Spearmint, Sage, Sorrel, Thyme, Chickweed, Periwinkle, Cocoa.

Things NOT to do

  • Never try to keep your baby from the breast, by putting nasty tasting things on the breast. 
  • Do not bind your breasts to stop milk production. This could cause a breast infection or blocked milk ducts. 

I wish you all the best on your journey!  Share your experience or ask a question on how to quit breastfeeding…

How to Stop Breastfeeding, but Get my Baby to Sleep!!

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