hypotonia (low muscle tone)

by Paula
(Clermont Florida)

Hypotonia is technically a neurological condition interestingly it is associated with willi prader syndrome (the kids that eat and eat).

In my case that is not the problem, however it did cause an inefficient suck because she would tire easily (imagine eating a steak and stopping because it is too chewy...same thing).

This was probably due to her been 4 weeks early (babies termed late pre term are the ones that have the most issues).

The trick is to pump, hard to do with a baby that is at the breast every 45 minutes. She always latched on well, but it was not a very deep latch didn't find any of this out until she was 16 months.

She has other issues too, but we are still nursing at 25 months old, if it wasn't for me fighting for it she would not be as big as she is now..amazingly. Sometimes doctors are not the best at breastfeeding and frequently give poor advice...sometimes you just have to keep on trucking.

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