I'm assuming my hormones are still whacky

by breastfeeding baby #3

Baby number 2 breastfed exclusively until 9 months. I got pregnant when she was 7 months. What can I say?, I'm super fertile. I got 2 periods, then nothing. Took a test. BAM, positive. Number 3, breastfed, started baby food around 8months, got a period when she was 4 months and had 1 a month since. 28-30days. Today is day 31 and no blood, but my ol'man had a vasectomy.

WTF? I'm assuming my hormones are still whacky and hoping his vas deferens didn't mystically rejoin. I've never wanted to cramp and bleed so much in my life.

Brittany 25, mother of 3.

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