is it an infection???

my baby girl is 27days old and she passes stool 15-20 times a day(stool has more liquid n little yellowish part).

She gets her body tight and fold her leg while passing the gas and some time this makes her cry.this episode happens both in day and of the pediatrician advised her neopeptine 6 dtops twice a day....i have started the dose for two days...but her problem is still there in less i just want to know is this a symptom of infection or its normal???

please advise

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Aug 08, 2012
Newborn poop
by: Anonymous

Everything sounds quite normal.

Breastfed babies have runny, mustard colored poop and they do look quite constipated when passing a stool, as their bodies are still adapting.

Some breastfed babies only have one dirty nappy in 10 days or others like mine has one every time they pass a wind or after a feed.

As long as your little one has +/- 6 wet,clear pee nappies a day she/he is not dehydrated.

Here is some more on baby poop...



The crying, sounds like baby has some gas.
Here are a few things you can do to relieve this...

-Burp baby regularly during a feed.

-Make sure baby latches properly, a bad latch can result in baby swallowing winds.

-Massage her tummy to help pass the gas.

-A warm bath can also help.

Read more on this...


Good luck.

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