Jackson 6 weeks old

by Francis
(melbourne )

For the past 24 hours Jackson has been on a frenzy and feeding nearly every hour.

We try to feed, play and sleep, or just feed and sleep etc. But at the moment he has only one thing on his mind and thats "Boobie" He is fine weight wise etc, but sleeps very little, even after a big feed.

If we dont feed him, he cries and once he commences feeding, he is happy. Its exhausting. Not to mention he takes too much and he does vomit.

How do we all get through this? We have told the doctors and they say do not deprive him.

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Mar 20, 2018
Feeding habits and routines
by: Lezel

Hi there. Your baby is healthy from what I can gather on your comment.

I would not worry too much about his feeding habits or routine, or lack thereof at this point. If the frequency is too exhausting, you can always try expression with a breast pump or express and store milk in breastmilk bags. That way you can have his supply ready when you need a break from nursing without depriving baby Jack, and mommy gets to de-stress.

You can introduce a bottle and store milk in the quantities you feel should be adequate for him, but not so much that he vomits it out. There is no such thing as a fixed nursing routine or schedule for breastfed babies. These are mostly just guidelines and recorded assumptions based on information obtained from limited studies. Not all babies will adhere to this or fall into the same categories. Keep this in mind. If the baby is healthy and thriving, then he should continue as usual. Try storing away a few of his feeds to heat when you're tired, or you need a breather. That way you and baby will be happy 😊.

I wish you the best.

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