Lactation Rooms

Law Governing Lactation Rooms

A lactation room at work, also called a nursing mothers room, is unfortunately not required by law in all countries but is now a requirement in the USA.

Read the lactation accommodation requirements here. Employer lactation room guidelines etc. (external link)

If you are trying to set up lactation rooms for your employees, here are the basic things needed…

Lactation room requirements:

  • A private room that has been given access to only the mothers who use it.
  • A nearby basin, either in the room or next door.
  • A few comfortable chairs (number depending on how many mothers will be using the room.) The chairs should be low enough to the ground so that a mother’s feet can touch the ground for comfort.
  • A few good power outlets.
  • A flat surface for working on.


  • A double action, electric, hospital grade breast pump. Mothers must each provide their own breast pump attachments.
  • A small refrigerator will be needed for employee’s milk storage.
  • A pad of sticky notes and a pen for marking milk containers.
  • A footstool may be needed for shorter mothers.
  • Magazines or books for reading.
  • A lactation room sign on the door.
  • A few pillows for comfort.
  • A CD player.
  • A wall clock.

Lactation room design is essential to ladies that are pumping, as it facilitates faster and more efficient milk flow.

Once all these things are in place in the workplace, you can rest assured that most nursing mothers will need minimal time off at work because their babies are healthy, this is because you have provided a way for them to receive the immune booster they need…liquid gold (breast milk)!

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