Large Breasts Breastfeeding Problems

Having large breasts and nipples can cause frustration. Some mothers with extra large breasts might experience bleeding, blistering and mastitis.

Here are some breastfeeding tips and tricks for those fuller breasted moms…

Tips for Breast Feeding with Large Breasts or Nipples

breastfeeding with large breasts, football breastfeeding hold, breastfeeding position
  • As a mother with large breasts, you might find it easier to lay down while breastfeeding. Lay on your side with your arm and hand supporting your baby’s neck and back.
  • The football hold position, as shown in the picture, has been used successfully by mothers with bigger breasts. The baby is held under the arm.
  • Get a lactation consultant to help you with the first few latches.
  • A rolled towel underneath the breast, can support it and keep it up when you are sitting while breastfeeding.
  • If your baby struggles to latch, milk can be pumped in the first few weeks, while your baby is learning to latch onto the breast.
  • Support your breast with your hand, by forming a C hold. With the palm of your hand under your breast and your thumb on top. Make sure that your fingers are not touching your areola.
u hold breastfeeding, breast compression
  • Gently massage your breasts before and during breastfeeding, this will ensure that all milk ducts are drained; this will minimize breastfeeding lumps, which most larger breasted women struggle with. 
  • When using a pump, make sure that the flanges fit properly. Most pumps are not sold with a larger flange. Medela makes a PersonalFit flange kit that comes with two special size flanges for larger breasts.

Does a Woman Nursing with Large Breasts Produce more Milk?

Not necessarily, irrespective of breast size, what really counts is the number of mammary glands present. Some women may have large breasts, but the breasts may contain more fat than breast tissue. 

A large breasted woman has a large volume of breast tissue and will, therefore, have a large storage capacity. She would feed her baby a lot of milk at one time. Mothers with small breasts would need to nurse often, to keep up with the baby's needs.

Help and advise for mother with oversupply issues. 

Problems that occur as a Result of Breastfeeding with Large Breasts or Breastfeeding with Large Nipples

Large Breasts Breastfeeding
Helpful Breastfeeding Videos  

With perseverance and practice, there is no reason why a fuller breasted mom cannot breastfeed and enjoy it too. Just hang in there, it gets easier as a baby gets older and stronger.

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