Male's an experience worth having.

After realizing that Breast Milk is the best superfood (Breast milk contains many vitamins, minerals and hormones that pass into it from the body), especially oxytocin,...I decided to give it a try.

My journey began with herbs (Dong Quai, Kwao Krua, fenugreek, and dandelion root) which quickly established some breast tissue (<3 months). Went from a Tanner 0 to a 2,...and this peaked around 3 months (a good thing considering I didn't want large breast, nor am into presenting other than male).

Also began focusing on breast foods (watercress, red clover, carrots, avocados, alfalfa, walnuts, etc). Then began using a Medela pump, which wasn't consistant at first, but after 2 months began getting oxytocin release from the stimulation and got addicted. Use the pump twice a day.

Breast have swelled to 4" greater than band size,...but found these awesome t-shirts for gynecomastia compression t-shirts which hides the bulge.

Considering what I'm doing, my diet has become very important,...Fast Food restaurants are a thing of the past, and have lost unwanted weight. Another side-effect is that some weight shifted to my butt,...not alot,...but no longer boney.


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