Determined to breastfeed / Engorgement and Mastitis

by Giddy

I feel sometimes like I have breastfed forever!

When I had my eldest son there wasn't question in my mind that he would be breastfed.

All my family had done so I wasn't going to spend my time and money on formula and bottles.

Luckily he was a very easy going baby and took to feeding quickly.

I loved every minute of feeding him. After returning to work when he was 9 months old it became a logistical nightmare and I had to stop, I was gutted.

Next time round was quite different. My second son was a very demanding baby! he seemed to feed constantly, he developed thrush in his mouth at one point and made sure I didn't sleep more than an hour or two for the first few months!

Despite this I never considered not feeding and when he weaned himself at about 18 months I felt I had done well.

My daughter came along some years later and by then I had strong views on feeding I was determined that although I had to go back to work when she was 9 months I wouldn't be stopping that early, with help from my boss ( and a change in laws from when I had my first son) I was able to express while at work and feed at home, my daughter quickly realised that when I was at work (I worked nights) there was no breasts, so would sleep all night long.

If I was at home it was another matter! breasts on tap and she took full advantage. The only problem I had with her was one horrendous night I wasn't able to express, I worked 12hours and by the time I came home I knew I had mastitis.

I couldn't believe it, my daughter was well over a year but the symptoms were unmistakable. I went straight to the doctors and was given antibiotics, I was shaking with fever, one breast on fire and so sick and dizzy I could barely drive.

I spent two days lying in bed feeding my daughter and feeling sorry for myself before it got better. It left me with a new fear - what would happen when I eventually stopped feeding? would the mastitis come back? it worried me so much I decided I would take no steps to wean my daughter off and let her decide herself. She did this just before she turned three!

luckily she did it gradually and I only had slight engorgement to deal with. Since then I have trained to be a breastfeeding peer supporter and can't tell you how rewarding it is to help mums learn and get to grips with feeding their babies, anything that makes more mums choose to do it is great.

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Apr 02, 2014
your story
by: Tracy

Hi Giddy

What a great, encouraging story you have!

Thank you for sharing!

You are welcome to help us here at, we are always looking for moms like you, to help answer breastfeeding questions.

If you would be interested, please use the comment form, and we can chat about the details.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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Breastfeeding through a mastitis infection

by Terri Christle
(Holton Michigan united states)

Hello, my name is Terri, I am a 19 yr old mother of one who is almost 11 months old. He's been EBF since about a week and a half old, we started out EBF, but after a week went by my supply was so much I had to pump every hour and baby was eating every two hours in between pump sessions, so I started with supplementing then slowly went to straight formula.

I went THREE days of trying to dry up and I just continued to produce and produce until it was a non stop fountain and that's when I thought ' I obviously was meant for breastfeeding and ill start over and try again' since then he got his first two teeth at 4months and now is at 8teeth!

He got an ear infection at 9 months old and went on a nursing strike for a week solid and REFUSED the breast I called everyone, my WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, my local La Leche League leader, and finally my doctor too, in hopes get prescribed something like regular or fenugreek.

Which unsuccessful at that my doctor's nurse told me to (and I quote) "just drink a beer I know your only 19 but our ancestors did it and it will help an if it for some reason doesn't, then call us back" so I frantically called around asking for just ONE beer when finally a family member showed up and happened to have one left over so yes I drank some ONLY HALF!!

My son was out for the night so it wasn't that big, but my supply went from only a half ounce on that side to FOUR OUNCES!!!

Now a couple months later he has recently bitten me due to being irritable due to I JUST found out yesterday he has TWO ear infections :( but anyways he bit me and on the bottom of my nipple I have a sore and I've just been thinking that my breast has been hurting bc of the bite well yesterday my lymph nodes under my arm on that side were all swelled up and painful to even move my arm let alone touch them.

Then later yesterday I noticed a red streak running from my under arm down to the bottom of my nipple and that the whole underneath was red and HOT!

Right then I KNEW something wasn't right and my body was weak, hurt all over head ache nasueaus flu like symptoms, so I had to go to the doctor. I went in and yes, I found out I have mastitis!!

Who knew! The most frightening thing I thought I was going to hear on top of hearing I had mastitis was that I'd have to stop breastfeeding, which IS NOT an option, but to my surprise the doctor said I can continue on!! Made my day happy!

So I've been put on antibiotics and am struggling throughout the excruciating pain of feeding off that side due to the bite sore and his teeth hitting it every time he eats no matter what position, but I AM STRONG is what I keep saying bc if I could handle delivering a 9lbs healthy baby boy no pain MEDs OR epidural, I can fight through having mastitis without a problem!

So please ladies until you've been through this much while breastfeeding don't just give up in the first week like I tried its so very much worth every minute you can give your child!!

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possible mastitis

by Robiya

Hi there, 43 yo mother of five children, all EBF and nursing the 5th now who is 18 months.

Suddenly a few days ago my left breast really hurt. I felt a hard area and thought it might clear overnight.

I've had mild flu symptoms the past week without congestion. Now my breast feels like it has a golf ball under the upper left side and its hot to touch with a pinkish rash over the lump.

Also lymph nodes are hard under my armpit so I'm not using deodorant. Dr put me on antibiotics called in Sunday night and they're making me sick.

Trying to nurse a toddler feeling anxious and crappy isn't easy, but its part of motherhood.

Trying to suck it up until my Dr exam. And trying not to read too much online bc its scary!

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breast mastitis twice

by Naomi Bamz
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I am 26 and not married, I have Mastitis and am not breastfeeding! Second occurence! Am so scared and worried ! Was told I have inverted nipples!! Hope it won't affect my breastfeeding later in future?

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dangle breastfeeding

No electric pump can match up with baby's sucking skills.. Using the dangle position and letting baby nurse on affected breast always sorts the problem for me :)

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soaking breast using epsom salts

I'm not sure how to go around doing this without actually killing my back trying to soak my breasts and furthermore not being able to completely submerging the breasts in the water as the lumps are at the back of the breasts.are we suppose to feel any tingling sensation or just normal? Should I soak both breasts at the same time? I still haven't found the easiest way to do it and the container that can soak them completely,thanks

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Oct 09, 2012
epsom salts soak
by: Tracy


You can have an Epsom salts bath, then you will not suffer from backache, and you can soak both breasts at once and relax!

Epsom salts are great for skin care; it can help with many things from dry skin to skin infections (I've even used it on diaper rash) So don't be scared to bath in it.

You can use a cup and a half Epsom salts in your bath water.

The tingling sensation is normal.

Hope this helps

Oct 09, 2012
epsom salts soak
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, I do not have a bathtub in my house, only showers :(

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Dark green colored!

by helpless mom

Hi! I stopped breastfeeding a year ago. Eventually, i found out that one of my nipple openings could express dark green colored milk...whilst the other nipple opening is fine, where the normal color milk comes out...

Is this infection?! Or a plugged duct?! It's a little bit painful when I poke on my breast area, but I'm not experiencing any fever, hot feeling or redness on my breast area...

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Aug 13, 2011
green milk?
by: Tracy

Is it green or green tinged?

Sometimes something in your diet can change the color of the milk, such as green drinks or large amounts of green vegetables like seaweed. It can also be caused by a multivitamin or prenatal capsule or antibiotics. Have you had a change in your diet?

The fact that it's only one breast and not the other is a little strange but not really cause for concern if it's not painful.

If it's dark green and thicker than normal and your breast is painful, I would recommend you see your doc about it.

Aug 13, 2011
yeap, it's dark green ... not green tinged
by: helpless mom

It's dark green, not tinged green...and the weird part is, only the nipple opening has encountered this condition...

I've even studied some articles...and know that it might be caused by the diet, but when I review my diet... I don't find any high iron or over intake of green colored food. This makes me doubt more.

Even Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group (Singapore) counselor couldn't consult me further about this.

Anyway, I've made an appointment with local women care consultant...hopefully they'll schedule me for an ultrasound to know what's the exact cause... till then, I'll update here to share with others

Breastfeed mom~


Aug 14, 2011
dark green?
by: Tracy


That is very strange; please do keep us updated! Thanks ;-)

Looking forward to your reply.

Jan 27, 2012
Please update
by: Tigger's Sister

My mom is experiencing the same thing only her true milk hasn't come in yet, but now they want her to stop breastfeeding, and that breaks her heart. Did you ever find out what was going on that it turned that color?

Sep 06, 2013
the same problem
by: helen

Dear mums,
I also have a problem with one opening on my left nipple. It started two months ago when I discovered that the milk from that opening is dark green. Sometimes it looks like it's mixed with a drop of white milk.
Like the other mum, I also didn't eat too many green vegetables, and I'm very concerned.
I have 11-months old son, whom I breastfed 5,5 months.

Jan 30, 2015
by: Punni

I have heard that there will be a small yellow tinge in the milk but a green tinge is so strange. It can be more likely some small infections or even may be due to the consumption of some particular food.

Nov 09, 2015
boobs haven't fallen off yet so..
by: Anonymous

I've had the dark green colostrum for over 13 yrs, had hysterectomy 16yrs ago. No pain Etc so no doc appt.

I think I asked a Dr about it when it first started; there's a name for it I can't recall, doc wasn't concerned and said its quite common.

My colostrum came in when I lost my kids, so I just figured it came with the territory. My boobs haven't fallen off yet, they're hanging in there.. ;)

Nov 24, 2015
Green milk
by: Anonymous

I stopped breastfeeding seven years ago, and I still have dark green milk that can be expressed from my breasts. My dr tested it, no infection, so she isn't worried. Her advice was to stop messing with it, and it will eventually dry up.

Sep 15, 2016
Dark green breast mik
by: Anonymous

I am over 60 and have had this condition ever since giving birth to my son at the age of 19.

I tried to breastfeed but had nearly flat nipple issues, and my doctor recommended that I stop and I was given some treatment to force my breast milk to stop.

That partially worked but I was left with a small ongoing discharge. About 20 years later I began to notice one nipple on my right breast had a combination of regular color milk and one single exit point that discharged green.

Sometimes it is light green sometimes dark almost like ink. It persists to this day. It was tested some years ago for possible blood, but it is strictly milk.

My doctor at that time said it is not uncommon and as long as mammogram checkups are good and there is no pain or irritation it is nothing to worry about.

Do not feel embarrassed to check with your doctor to make sure if you are concerned.

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milk from my affected breast

by Anon

I have just been to the doctors for what I thought was a clogged milk duct. Turned out, it was an pus-filled abscess which they had to drain then and there as it was quite large and I was feverish.

The doctor advised to continue to express from my affected breast, but not to give the milk to my 5 week old baby.

My question is- is the milk from my affected breast really not safe for my baby? It makes me want to cry when I have to throw out 4oz of breast milk down the drain! :(

Please help.

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Jul 23, 2012
continue breastfeeding
by: Tracy

Don’t worry about baby getting sick from the infection (even if pus is visible in the milk); moms
are always advised to continue breastfeeding…it cannot harm the baby in any way.

So you do not need to pump and dump, in fact, you could get baby to breastfeed instead of pumping if there is no incision near the nipple, this will help drain the breast more effectively and help the healing process.

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contraindication for massaging the axial lymph nodes

by Ms

The only contraindication for massaging the axial lymph nodes would be if you had any lymph nodes removed during breast cancer (or any other type of surgery), or radiation therapy in that area.

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Milk blister and nothing is working.

by Reb

I have a white spot on my nipple and am in pain, I have been dangle feeding, using heating compress and soaking in Epsom salt and self expressing but nothing is helping. I am afraid to get mstasis. Please help !!

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Mar 20, 2018
milk blisters
by: Lezel

It sounds like a nipple bleb to me. Since the heating and Epsom salts didn't work too well, maybe you can try opening it up and expressing any hardened milk that may be stuck in the area.

You can warm it in a shower/bath, then gently rub over it until it opens, or if you'd prefer the fast way, use a sterilized needle to pick it open. Once you have it open and have drained it, you can apply some coconut oil to help heal the area. Coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and will be healthier to use when compared to commercial ointments, etc.

You can rub some over the entire breast and nipple area to keep it moisturized and germfree with no adverse complications while you are nursing. Massage around the breast regularly to help prevent recurring episodes.

For more help and advice you may want to read up on nipple blebs and blisters here...

I hope the information was helpful.

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